diy drugstore candle makeover (with printable labels)

April 22, 2014

diy drugstore candle makeover | almost makes perfect if you’re anything like me, there’s a huge difference between products with good packaging and products without it. there honestly might be a psychological reaction to good packaging, because i think a pretty candle just smells better. and that’s insane, i know.

but seeing as how much you guys liked the diy pretty shampoo bottles, i think you are just like me!

how to makeover drugstore candles

chances are, you might have a couple tackier looking candles around your house. whether you just like the smell, or you got it as a gift, or you can’t imagine spending more than $15 on a candle — then pretty up your candles using the labels i’ve designed! also, today is earth day. and this post is totally about recycling. i planned that so well!

it was actually harder than i thought to find decent shaped / smelling candles in the drugstore. i ended up picking them all up from different stores to find a good variety (these are from target, walgreens, cvs & rite aid)

the labels say different ounces, just because i couldn’t figure out what minimal candle labels should say, and everything in french sounds fancy, therefore … bougie.

drugstore candle makeover


full sheet label paper
an xacto
cutting board
washi tape

diy drug store candle makeover how to makeover drugstore candles


01. remove the labels from your candles. if they’re being jerks, soak in warm water and/or use goo gone to remove residue.

02. print out the labels below. they don’t have any guides or borders because the shape and size of your candle can dictate how big or small your label can be. for instance, i decided on a small square shape for the small white candle. use your best judgment!

03. using your t-square, lightly mark the shape you want to cut on each label. make sure you cut as straight as you can.

04. once you have your labels cut out, use your washi tape as a guide to where you want to place your label. try to get the washi tape as straight as possible onto your candle, because it’s pretty hard to apply these on straight without a guide.

drugstore candle makeover | almost makes perfect

yay. you now have MUCH better looking candles without spending hundreds of dollars.

diy drugstore candles makeover | almost makes perfect diy drug store candle makeover via almost makes perfect diy drug store candles makeover


wedding stuff : modern floral centerpieces

April 21, 2014

modern wedding florals | almost makes perfect

so this week i’m having a meeting about florals — like everything else in the budget, we’re not really sure how we can afford a normal floral budget. did you know how much wedding florals cost?! i’d like flowers on the tables and scattered around the property, but i’d also like to spend thousands of dollars on vacations over flowers.

i’m going into the meeting with low expectations for what we can accomplish with our tiny budget, but i’m still bringing lots of ideas.

01. we’ve talked about having vintage bottles scattered around the tables with various flowers and heights, a look that i love but i’m not 100% sure that’s what we should go with yet.

02. another idea i love but not sure i can afford it is wooden box planters. i could for sure DIY them, but then we’re left having to fill boxes with probably more flowers than other options.

03. simple pots stuffed with flowers and greens has such a modern feel and shape and i’m assuming all the greenery and filler keeps the prices down, right? is that even what is in this photo? i’m clearly no expert.

04. i am obsessed with the look of a crazy amount of simple terracotta pots filled with cacti and succulents. this would definitely work around the estate, but would this be pretty as centerpieces!?

05. now if i’m reaaaaally saving money, i could simplify the bottle idea and just have two or three little ones next to the water and wine and spread them out and call it a day. super super minimal.

06. i am just in love with a wild and organic bouquet like this – a couple of these spread out on the table and wowwww.

what’s your favorite look / idea? and if you have any tips for how to keep your floral budget down, please share!

anthropologie event!

April 18, 2014

VERY VERY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE that i’ll be hosting a diy workshop at anthropologie for mother’s day! i love the brand and store so much, and was beyond ecstatic when they asked me to host (i may have made a dozen “guess what!!!” phone calls).

we’ll be making scarves that you can keep for yourself or give to yo mama! so please come, i’d love for you to come!

mothers day diy event at anthropologie

if you live in southern california and you’d like to attend, make sure to RSVP as soon as you can!

payday wishlist

friday came fast this week WHOA. i’m trying to go to this place tonight, but i never end up going to places that don’t reservations. but i’m going to attempt to! we’re also trying to pretty ourselves up because we’re doing our engagement photos next week! we’re both really bad at having our picture taken but apparently this is great practice for the big day. and i’m going to make these fantastic and easy cookies to share with you guys. hope you have a great weekend and for those of you celebrating, happy easter!

oh also — have you watched silicon valley on hbo? it might seem too nerdy for some people, but totally my new favorite show.

payday wishlist

01. i really want to fill the apartment with plants. as soon as i’m actually focusing on the apartment i’m buying like 20 succulents and 20 airplants. and maybe this hanging planter.
02. sadly, i’ve lost my watch. maybe it’s somewhere in the apartment or in a jewelry travel case somewhere? or it’s been stolen. going to assume it’s been stolen. very sad. i guess i need a new one.
03. i cannot get enough of indigo and nude leather combos like this amazing tote. sooo pretty.
04. i’m sure you’ve seen herbivore botanical products everywhere because they’re designed so so well. our bathtub has been filled with stuff we want to sell for about 6 months now. after a trip to israel when i was 10 i was hooked on dead sea masks. and now i really want to take a bath with these salts.
05. the perfect simple leather sandals that you can wear at all times. i bought them last night in black, but i want them in brown too.
06. this beach towel makes me want to actually drive an hour to go the beach. it’s the best.

diy leather handled cutting board

April 16, 2014

diy leather handled cutting board | almost makes perfect now that we’ve started using my stepdads tools for projects, all i want to do is wood projects. so sorry for them not being the simplest if you don’t have a saw, but don’t worry because next weeks project is BEYOND easy. to make your own cutting board, you essentially just need some wood and mineral oil. they say that certain types of wood are better for food, and others are more prone to bacteria — and i’m no expert, but i say just cover the thing in food safe mineral oil and you’re probably fine. but i live life on the edge clearly.

diy cutting board

a piece of wood
sand paper
* jigsaw
food safe mineral oil
coffee grounds for staining (optional)
awl or leather punch
2 brass screws & 2 brass washers

* if you don’t have access to a saw, you can always make the board without the inwards cut and just do a rectangular board with a leather strap too!

01. measure and mark how you want to cut your board. using your saw, cut your board. duh.

02. sand like a maniac without rounding the edges. clean off all dust.

diy wood cutting board  |  almost makes perfect

03. if you want to darken or richen the color of your wood, mix together some coffee grounds and water and apply with a cloth or paper towel. it works surprisingly well and you can do a couple of coats, but i actually wish i hadn’t stained mine because i now prefer the original color. but i’m also cray.

04. apply your mineral oil liberally and let dry. i believe you’re supposed to do another coat the next day to make it extra food safe.

05. to make your leather strap, cut a piece of leather to the size you’d like. once you have it centered in place, poke small holes through the leather into the wood to mark them. drill pilot holes into the wood. get your screws all the way into the holes to ensure your leather won’t spin around a ton.

06. put your leather strap in place, beneath the washers and screws.

xxx diy cutting board  | almost makes perfect diy wood cutting board by almost makes perfect