happy weekend

July 31, 2015

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daniel wellington | almost makes perfect

struggled a little this week — i’m on a summer hiatus from my day job, which happens every year and i always think oh man i’m gonna be so productive when i’m not working those two days a week! but it doesn’t usually end up happening, and with a few DIY fails in a row, i’m having a little lack of inspiration. i go through lulls like this and snap out of them, so hopefully leaving this weekend will help inspire me.

as i said yesterday — gid, my brother, sister-in-law and i are heading to malibu for the weekend for a little getaway, and some much needed beach time. we’re staying in the raddest airbnb which i’ll show you guys on instagram if you’re following along! hope you all have a lovely weekend!

how to eat sushi like a pro sushi eater
⋅ we all use gmail and we all need this
⋅ cutest free printables to wrap up goodies
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how to be polite (or some refreshers for you polite people)
a simple + genius + gorgeous diy!
⋅ come check out fran’s amazing new venture
⋅ i know i’m addicted to bubbly water, had no idea everyone else was too!
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DIY wood cake stand

July 29, 2015


diy wood cake stand | almost makes perfect diy wood cake stand | almost makes perfect

ok you guys — this might be my easiest DIY to date. and it might be one of my favorites. i love simple wood cake stands, so i decided to make this by essentially just gluing wood together. does it still count as a DIY?!

cake stands are one of those things i like to have to feel like a real grownup, but i’m not usually playing hostess while serving various cakes. for those few rare occasions when i do throw a little party, pretty cake stands make everything look cute, you know – like donuts. or toast. whatever.

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my favorite daily makeup essentials

July 28, 2015


my favorite daily makeup essentials | almost makes perfect

when i got married, i decided to skip booking a makeup artist and instead have my maid of honor do my makeup for the wedding (didn’t hurt that she used to do makeup professionally). because i had her do it, i bought some fancy makeup which i never did ever, and got to keep it! buying a few fancy items really taught me how fancy items are actually pretty nice to have around — and i’ve really started figuring out which products are worth splurging on and which ones aren’t.

btw — i know this is a different type of post than normal. i always find reading about other womens beauty regimens super fun, so i thought you might too. if you guys like this type of post, i have more where this came from (how about favorite skin care products, hair products, nail polishes!?)

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thirty, flirty and thriving

July 23, 2015

yada yada

thirty flirty and thriving

today i am 30! i know i know, enough birthday talk already — but this one is a big milestone for me. i have been dreading turning 30 for about 3 years now, and my husband (who is 5 years older) has repeatedly told me that 29 is way worse than 30 because all you do is dread 30, so by the time you turn 30 – you’re just used to the idea. and now i totally get it. i think everyone turning 30 just questions all those things like have i accomplished enough, am i where i want to be, what’s gonna happen in the next 5 years, etc. and while i’m doing that – i’m also trying not to. when i see people younger than me that are way more accomplished or successful or famous – i always think hmm… they’re younger than me, boo. but maybe being a legit adult means you kind of get rid of that envy and jealousy and start getting inspired by it instead. had i started this blog sooner, maybe i’d be further along in the game than i am now (instead i had a weird comedy movie blog for about 2 years before this one where i did posts like “the top 10 scenes in movies where people eat lobsters”). despite all the things i haven’t done yet, i’m super lucky to be where i am in my life and that’s what matters. and i am waaaaay nicer, kinder, and wiser than i was at 25. well i think so anyway.

i’m stoked for the future and the next chapter and the babies and the house and all that. so 30 is cool with me. i still am gonna shop at forever 21 and i’m still gonna watch the real world.

so how was it for you?

oh and PS, my birthday celebration last week turned out to be an amazing surprise party with a video of my friends and family along with a day on a boat with lobster rolls. it was perfect. i’m saying bye early this week to celebrate just a little more (along with celebrating gideons birthday on sunday). bye!

printable donut favor boxes

July 22, 2015

diy / downloads / entertaining

printable donut favor boxes | almost makes perfect printable donut favor boxes | almost makes perfect

been meaning to share these printables i made with you for a few weeks now! and today is the day! my real life friends know that if i’m a guest at a party, often times i will bring a box of donuts — they’re cheap, everyone likes them, and most times there are leftovers (a day old old-fashioned donut is basically the best thing ever). so i decided for those of you who feel the same way, and like to pick up a dozen donuts for guests, here’s an easy way to turn them into a instant party favor as well — put them in a cute box!

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our wedding video

July 21, 2015

our wedding

so excited to share our wedding video with you guys today, i’ve been waiting patiently for 297 days — but my brother came through with the video as my birthday gift. i mentioned during the wedding planning posts that we couldn’t afford a videographer in our budget, so instead we had my brothers co-worker come and shoot footage. my wedding photographer insisted that even if we didn’t do video of the wedding, we’d at least want the ceremony shot. that didn’t work out so well as we forgot to use the microphone for the ceremony, so the audio is pretty bad. but this is the kind of shit that happens when you have a wedding – and i’m just so happy to have this.

i’ve since watched it 5 times and cried during each viewing. the video really does bring me right back to those moments that feel like they happened so long ago. hope you guys enjoy it as much as i do!

dream house : the bathtub

July 20, 2015

dream house / interiors

dream house | the bathtub | almost makes perfect

i’m sure for some of you, a bathtub just sounds like a given, but for someone who hasn’t had one for years — that little corner of a bathroom where you can actually use all those bath soaks you got for christmas sounds so appealing.

we actually have a bathtub in our apartment, but we’ve been using it for storage almost ever since we moved in. right now it’s housing all of our wedding gifts. before that it housed everything we wanted to sell in a yard sale. totally not trying to sound woe is me – we have to use our extra tub for storing nice things! but i’m just excited to maybe take a semi-annual bath ok?! also, we want babies, so i know the importance of bathtubs for real life and not just to use said gifted bath soaks too.

[image above]

dream house | the bathtub | almost makes perfect

love the modern shape of this tub. [image]

dream house | the bathtub | almost makes perfect

and love every detail of this one. [image]

dream house | the bathtub

although i feel like i’d forget to water it, look how warm a little green makes the space. [left image / right image]

dream house | the bathtub

i have a real thing for this tub shape that i’m seeing everywhere lately. [image]

dream house | the bathtub dream house ~ the bathtub | almost makes perfect

double swoon. [top image / bottom image]

dream house  |  the bathtub

like, come on. i feel like i’d be so much more inspired to clean myself if this was where i did it. [image]

dream house | the bathtub | almost makes perfect

i’m not usually a huge fan of dark grout, but i am loving all the contrast in this perfect bathroom. [image]

so, you got a bathtub? do you use it or does it just look pretty?