egg salmon and avocado toast

October 9, 2012

brunch / recipes

Having been inspired and in love with this pin, I really wanted to eat this for breakfast this weekend. But unfortunately couldn’t find the source/recipe of it. So I just made it my way, the easy way. (i know i know it’s not as pretty)

Egg, Salmon, and Avocado Toast

fresh eggs
one avocado
one package of smoked salmon
good bread
kosher salt and fresh ground pepper

Now, I went with old eggs and regular grocery store lox. If I was doing this the right way, I’d go pick up a dozen fresh eggs and some salmon belly lox from Canter’s. And my guests would be like “hey – you fancy.” But instead I went with a package of smoked salmon and my eggs were too old. The whites kept separating.

Toast, broil, or grill a piece of bread. Liberally spread a ripe avocado all over it. Sprinkle with kosher salt. Top with lox. GENTLY place a poached egg on top  (or you could always just scramble some eggs and top with another piece of bread for a delish sandwich). Grind pepper on top. Devour. Get back in bed.

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