diy color block clock

October 29, 2013


color block clock diy

the other day i picked up one of these wood clock faces at the craft store with no idea of what to do with it – so i just decided to paint half! i’d mention the functionality of having a clock nearby too — but who am i kidding, i’ll never look at it for the time.

color block clock diy materials

a clock kit (i bought this one, but it’s pretty cheap and crappy and protrudes a lot in the back)
wood clock base
acrylic paint of your choice
painters tape

not pictured
a small paint brush
a pencil
sand paper
anything with a circular shape to trace around

color-block-clock diy


step one : sand your clock to get a smooth texture. then tape off half the wood with your painters tape and burnish it by smoothing with your nails.

step two : using anything that has a round shape and is smaller than your clock, trace around the shape for a semi – circle (i used an old trash bin that was sized just right)

step three : mix your paint with a bunch of water so it’s more of a wash rather than a thick layer of paint. i would have preferred my paint to look thinner than it does actually.

step four : paint the center and then carefully free hand around your circular shape. make sure you dont have much paint on the brush when you do the edges or it’ll bleed.

step five : once your paint is dry, slowly remove the tape and assemble your clock kit as instructed.

color block clock by almost makes perfectdiy color block clock

wouldn’t these make great holiday gifts?!

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    1. admin Post author

      thanks hannah! i think it’s a standard size, i got it at michaels. i’m sure all craft stores will sell them in the clock section. good luck!

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  17. Maggie

    What colour paint did you use? and how much water would you suggest adding? We are using your colour block idea to paint a box that we will be suspending pendant lights from for a chandelier in our dining room. I’m trying to bring more colour into the room and love the teal-ish colour you used! Thanks!!!

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  26. Tanja

    I’d love to do this. It looks so clean and would fit perfectly to the style of my flat. Where did you get your wood clock base? I found one in a local store here, but it wasn’t as pretty.

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