diy simple gold triangle garland

December 9, 2013

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diy gold triangle garland

in my opinion, there’s a fine line between tacky and modern when it comes to christmas decorating. so i always err on the simple side. shocker. so here is a VERY simple and of course, very easy diy decoration you can make in a few minutes!

diy gold garland

all you need is a large piece of gold scrapbook paper (or two depending on how long you’d like it). i attached the triangles with scotch tape, but you could glue also.

cut out a zillion triangles from your paper. this is the boring part, but i did it while i watched netflix.

diy gold triangle garland

tape your piece of string on one side of a long table, tighten the string and tape the other side down. slide your triangles under the string and tape! i did it in a 2 x 3 pattern, but there are obviously a bunch of variating patterns you could try. they kind of look like modern little christmas trees right?!

diy gold garland

and duh – that’s it! hang across your mantle, over a door frame or just along your wall for a little touch of festive decor.

diy triangle gold garlanddiy triangle garlanddiy triangle garland

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  20. Amy

    Hey! Trying to make this now but I can’t get the triangles to all face the same direction when it’s hanging. They just flip and turn all around. Do you have any tips to keep this from happening?

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  24. Jessie

    Ok, so when my boss found out that I cut all those triangles by hand he actually asked me, “…what’s wrong with you??” But I feel it was totally worth it. Thanks for the super cute idea!

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  34. Christina

    Oh I just made this in navy and bright blue for a bday mantle garland for my husband tomorrow! Yay! Thank you! It will then go in my son’s room! BONUS!

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