getting me some bridesmaids

January 15, 2014

our wedding

will you be my bridesmaid cards

i have three girlfriends that i knew i wanted to be my bridesmaids right away. so the other night when we went out for champagne to celebrate the engagement, i made each one of them a simple little card with my favorite photo of the two of us, a personalized “trait” that i need for the wedding — and gifted them each a simple little brass ring.

will you be my bridesmaid cardsimple will you be my bridesmaid cards

they loved the cards, the rings, me asking so officially — and saying YES. and now i have my three adorable bridesmaids.

13 comments on “getting me some bridesmaids

  1. sue

    This is super sweet! One of my best friends did something similar and mail us personalized cards asking us to be her bridesmaid, I loved it and cried… I saved my card!

  2. Marlene

    This is so sweet! I love the idea of making the bridesmaid invitation a special occasion in and of itself. And of course the notes are super stylish too.

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  4. Sabrina

    So happy to have found your blog. I love your consistently inspiring, beautifully photographed, and fun posts. Your page will definitely be a new regular stop.

  5. jessica

    love this idea! I was wondering, what is the easiest way to make custom photo note cards online? I would like to do something like this but am having trouble finding site that will print individual custom cards.



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