diy dip dyed candlesticks

April 1, 2014


diy dip dyed candlesticks | almost makes perfect

i’ve got wedding on the brain so i’ve been brainstorming easy little projects that could work for it. i definitely want to incorporate a bunch of wood and watercolor elements — so here we are. it takes about 15 mins hands on to make these, and you’ll be happy you did — they add so much to the table. passover and easter are coming up soon, you’re welcome!

diy dip dyed candlesticksdip dyed candle sticks how to


whittling kit (available at any craft store)
drill & drill paddle bit in whatever size you’d like. we tried a few but i liked the snug fit of the 3/4″
dye (i used a combo of teal & royal blue)

dip dyed candle sticks how to

01. measure the center of your wood blocks and drill about an inch and a half down. we clamped ours to the door. sand the edges.

02. fill a non-food pan or bucket with warm water and your dye, and stir. i heavily saturated mine because i didn’t want to wait for very long. you can also add way less dye and have them marinade longer. i also decided i wanted the tallest block to have a higher dye, so i poured the remainder of dye into an empty tea can and dyed the tall one for about 7 more minutes. if you plan to do this too, think ahead unlike me and don’t dye it twice. i wasn’t planning on the dark ombre line.

03. take them out when you’re happy with them, let dry for a day.

dip dyed candle sticks how todiy dip dyed candlesticks

and that’s it. these would also be super fun in an array of colors, which if i do them for the wedding — i will most likely try some peaches and greys too.

diy dip dyed candlesticks

29 comments on “diy dip dyed candlesticks

  1. Amy @ Homey Oh My!

    These are gorgeous! And l actually like the dark ombre line on the tall one! I guess that means plan on not planning ahead when I dye my tall one 😉
    Beautiful work as always, Molly!

  2. Joanna @ thenestbook

    Just found your blog… I love all of your DIYs!! Such great ideas! And these candlesticks are now at the top of my list to try out!

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  6. Christine

    Love this! One question… was thinking about making these to add to my wedding reception tables. Do you think they are sturdy enough for such a use? It is hard to tell how top heavy they might be, and I probably don’t want to start a bonfire at my party :)

    Thank you!

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