diy no-sew stamped scarf

May 7, 2014

diy / mother's day

diy stamped scarf | almost makes perfect

i wanted to share the DIY project that i chose for the anthropologie event this past weekend : stamped scarves! these are so easy and it might be one of the most fun diys ever, actually. you know, because you get in the zone.

also, jersey knit makes for the perfect lightweight summer scarf, so i don’t have to tell you this would make a great mothers day present. do i? ok, well it would.

diy stamped scarf | almost makes perfect

making your own stamps is insanely easy, so now that i’ve “mastered” it, i’m making a new stamp for everything.

diy stamps


craft foam with adhesive backing *
wood block (we had these cut from scrap wood at the hardware store)
jersey knit fabric
fabric paint
foam brush

* to make sure the stamps were thick enough, i doubled each piece of craft foam by simply sticking one piece to another.

diy stamp

step one | trace your block onto the back of your craft foam to get an accurate size. you can also skip this step if you’re impulsive.

step two | draw out your desired shape. i went with a striped pattern so just cut out a ton of lines. they’re definitely not perfect, but i think all the imperfections add to the charm of these.

step three | remove the backing and stick your foam onto your wood block.

step four | cut out a piece of fabric that seems like a good size scarf. this one measures at about 13.5″ x 65″. because it’s jersey, the raw edge is pretty unnoticeable and the edges roll nicely.

diy stamp

step five | lay your fabric down flat on a work surface and tape down to secure.

step six | brush paint onto your stamp and stamp away!

diy stampingdiy stamped scarf  |  almost makes perfectdiy stamped scarf | almost makes perfectdiy stamped scarf

because i was so into the block pattern this stamp made, i wanted to show you yet ANOTHER easy diy you can make with it, just in time for mother’s day. i’ll be sharing part 2 tomorrow!

diy stamped scarf

45 comments on “diy no-sew stamped scarf

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  6. megamindy

    I love this scarf. So easy to make and great effect. Love and grtz from a big fan from Belgium!

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  14. Doug

    I have used basically a similar process to print on paper and fabric. Rather than using the foam core board you have to double now for the right depth, go to any hardware store and get the foam tape meant for weatherstripping. Comes in many widths, easy to store roll, self stick and the rubber can be cleaned easily. Plus, it’s usually cheaper than an art supply store for foam core.

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  17. Aisha

    Hii. I love this and your blog SO MUCH <3 3
    All your pictures and posts are so gorgeous.
    Hahah I'm only 16 and I've just recently started blogging so I don't know much. I'd love if you could give me some tips on blogging like that camera you use, what are some good editing programs to use to add texts, time management, organization etc.
    Thank you so much ♥

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  19. Kay

    I love this idea Molly, may I ask what the dimensions are for the block of wood that you used to make the stamp?
    My grandson & I always make a Mother’s Day gift for his mom and this looks like such a cool idea.

    1. molly Post author

      thanks kay! i’m not exactly sure, i just had the hardware store cut me up a bunch of wood into smaller pieces — they were probably around 3×3″ / 3×4″ ish?

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