diy copper bar earrings

May 21, 2014


diy copper bar earrings | almost makes perfect

i loooove those modern bar earrings i feel like i’m seeing everywhere lately — so decided to make my own using some super tiny copper pipe i’ve had sitting around for a while. just like last week, this is another DIY that takes only a few minutes!

diy earrings | almost makes perfect


super super tiny piping : this comes in all metallics at my hardware store
earring posts and closures
needle nose pliers
super glue

diy bar earrings | almost makes perfect


01 | cut down your earring posts to be as tiny as possible, do this by holding onto one with your pliers and snipping.

02 | cut down your pipe to whatever size you want, i just eyeballed it!

03 | glue together! let dry overnight.

04 | if you’re making as a gift, to make a paper backing for your earrings, just cut out a piece of card stock and poke holes with your studs. i prettied mine up by sloppily stamping before cutting!

diy bar stud earring | almost makes perfectdiy copper stick earrings | almost makes perfect

32 comments on “diy copper bar earrings

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  11. Sharon

    Hi Molly, great earrings :) I would imagine that the edges of the copper tube as well as the earring posts will be quite sharp (where they have been trimmed). Would that cause the wearer any discomfort? And if so, would you just file the edges slightly? Thanks :)

  12. Sonja

    very nice … one can always file the sharp edges, but well, I love copper & have turned green. Which is a nice variation, you can do so much w/copper … verdigris, torch it

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  15. Melissa Page

    I love minimalist jewelry – so elegant! The only problem I might have with this is lose it because it’s small and can hardly be seen when it falls to the floor

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