ginger shandy

August 11, 2014

happy hour

ginger shandy | almost makes perfect

where have i been?! i know, right. with about a month to go before the wedding — i’ve found planning and making almost everything for a wedding is kind of too much for a person. i’m feeling good about what we’ve accomplished but there’s so so much more to do – so that’s where i’ve been. and i’m sorry. i’ll do a wedding update post to fill you in all those details – but for now, HAPPY MONDAY. mondays suck so how about you make the easiest summer drink tonight after work?!

i love a good cold shandy (which is usually just beer and lemonade) but i am a HUGE fan of orangina because i’ve been drinking it since i was a tiny little orangina drinking child. all you have to do is mix together the ingredients till you see fit and drink up.

2 parts pale ale IPA
1 part orangina or lemonade
1 part ginger beer

(i tested it out with ginger ale, but the ginger beer tasted a lot better)

ginger shandy | almost makes perfect

do you have your own version of an easy beer cocktail or shandy?! please share, i love things that require no real effort.

5 comments on “ginger shandy

  1. Marlene

    These photos are too cute, loving the new background! Also this shandy sounds delicious. Another easy beer cocktail is half beer, half lemon-lime soda (like Sprite)–the Germans call it a Radler and it is very refreshing! Good luck with all your wedding prep!

    1. Skadi

      True! Germans love Radler! If you need an isotonic Refresher after a workout, try a Hefeweizen (Hefeweizen is a cloudy wheat ale that originated in Germany. The direct translation is hefe-yeast weizen-wheat. Yeast in the name refers to the fact that this beer is unfiltered and remains cloudy thanks to the suspended yeast) – most famous ones are “Erdinger Weißbier” or “Paulaner” , you can get them all over the world – and add banana juice. Thats the classic. Or do it really germangirlie with maracuja, passionfruit ;) Love your blog!!! I see your joy, making it. Thank you!

  2. Tahlia

    Not sure if its exactly a cocktail but sometimes a glass of nice white wine with a little bit of creaming soda or another equally as sweet syrup is amazing!


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