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almost makes mixtape ⋅ xmas 2015

December 17, 2015

almost makes mixtape / xmas

almost makes mixtape | xmas 2015
as i’ve said many many times, i’m so freaking into christmas — just the fun stuff like the presents and the music and the decorating and the eating (i mean, i’m still jewish). i’ve made an annual christmas mixtape but this year, i’ve made it longer. this one is over an hour so will for sure last well through present opening or christmas dinner. i skipped some of my favorites that i’ve already included because i like to mix things up.

almost makes mixtape ⋅ 90’s edition

March 30, 2015

almost makes mixtape

almost makes mixtape | 90s edition
happy monday, it’s another mixtape for you guys today — but today is the 90’S EDITION! i have sirius in my car, and i only listen to howard stern. but when stern is on vacation or the wrap up show is on (i hate the wrap up show), i always have the 90s station on. always. i might never stop loving 90s music – so i decided to make a playlist of all my favorite 90s hip hop and r&b songs! they’re probably your favorites too, i mean they’re famous. enjoy!


almost makes mixtape ⋅ vday makeout mix 2015

February 12, 2015

almost makes mixtape / valentines day

i’m pretty excited that we have a long weekend + valentines day in one. gid and i are making plans for going out during the daytime, and then as i said — we’re going to stay in and cook ourselves dinner. so i made a mix for us to listen to. but also for you.

btw… track #1 was our processional song at the wedding (so now i can’t listen to it without getting super sappy)

valentines makeout mix 2015 | almost makes perfect