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oscar party / best picture themed menu

February 17, 2015

entertaining / movies

hosting an oscar party? we decided to come up with a very festive menu to serve — best picture nominee themed dishes!

oscar party themed dishes | almost makes perfect

THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING : the theory of everything bagel crackers
THE IMITATION GAME : the imitation crab dip (you can use real crab, but for the first time ever, say it’s imitation) (alt : crab ragoon, crab salad, california rolls)
AMERICAN SNIPER : american sliders
WHIPLASH : whiplashed sweet potatoes
BIRDMAN : buffalo birdwings (alt : you could also just pick up KFC)
THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL : courtesan au chocolat (alt: just buy some french pastries)
SELMA : i have a dreamsicles
BOYHOOD : boyhoodsen berry spritzers (sub the blackberry for boysenberry) (alt : boysenberry crumble)

+ ps. don’t forget to download the printable ballots!

how we spend valentines day

February 5, 2015

entertaining / valentines day


when gid and i first started dating, we would get dressed up and go out to dinner, like most people do – on valentines day. but then we decided we were never doing that again. those crazy expensive prefixes and the huge crowds of people is just not our thing. so we made a new tradition a few years ago that we’d stay in and cook ourselves a fancy dinner in our pajamas. this year we decided on mussels. they’re so easy to make and they’re also really hard to screw up. want the recipe? ok i’ll post that too!

our valentines date night

urban outfitters asked us to show how we celebrate our love on valentines day, and i was so excited because i love UO as you guys know from years of wish lists. they have a pretty dope curated gift guide for valentines day this year, whether it be romantic records or gifts for him or gifts for you (you can just send it to your guy and let him choose)

i was also excited to have the excuse to clean up and show you a lot more of our apartment than you’ve ever seen.

valentines date night #loveuo our valentines date night valentines day night #loveuo our valentines date night vday date night in #loveuo vday date night in | #loveuo

in case you and your valentine aren’t big on cooking — our other favorite valentines day date to avoid the crowds at restaurants… the early bird specials. no seriously. we went to a fancy restaurant one year at 5pm and not only was the prefixe menu like 50% cheaper, but we had the place to ourselves and every waiter was there for us, along with our own live music. (sadly, the restaurant was red o and they don’t seem to be doing early bird specials anymore)

valentines day night #loveuo valentines day night #loveuo vday date night #loveuo vday date night in #loveuo valentines day night | #loveuo



last minute thanksgiving inspo + happy thanksgiving

November 26, 2014

entertaining / thanksgiving

it’s another year, and another time i’ll apologize to all of you that don’t celebrate thanksgiving having to deal with all the blogs posting about thanksgiving. but at least there’s a lot of pretty tables for you to get inspired to host some autumnal dinner parties!

i’m signing off for the week, but wanted to share some inspiration to help you set your table or pretty up your guests leftovers.

thanksgiving table inspo  | almost makes perfect

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a summer dinner party

June 23, 2014

entertaining / roundup

it’s officially summer now! hope you had a warm weekend outside — i spent almost all of last week being sick and working, but i’m feeling better now and a tiny bit ready to get back into the swing of things.

we had a yard sale on saturday and our apartment feels so much emptier. i’ve been a hoarder for about 10 years now so i’ve been really trying to be better and only buy things i really love, but it would be so much easier to just start over. every closet and corner is stuffed to the brim with things. but the yard sale helped! and we’re putting the money we made towards the honeymoon.

with our tiny patio, all i can do is daydream about al fresco dinner parties, which i do every summer.

a summer dinner party

01 | these diy gold leaf terracotta pots would look amazing scattered around the table
02 | my all time favorite modern beverage dispenser, who doesn’t want a big vat of spiked punch
03 | a rad serving tray that every food i’m currently thinking of would look amazing on
04 | a pineapple citronella candle? i mean. these would totally double duty as decor and skin savers
05 | someday when i have room, i’m buying a couple of these chairs
06 | cute patterned throws for when it cools down
07 | plastic cups that don’t look plastic, so in.
08 | i’m obsessed with these bamboo plates – we used them for the shower and they are amazing quality and amazing looking for disposables, i’m now never not going to use them.

oscar party

February 28, 2014


oscar party

better late than two days prior. i’m just going to my moms house for the oscars this year (she totally has cable), but if i do throw an oscar party NEXT year (which i won’t because we refuse to pay for cable) here is what i’d host that shit with.

everyone loves alphabet balloons. they’re cheap and you can spell out anything. here are some examples : BEST PICTURE. BEST PARTY. CHIWITEL. (i just like his name)

don’t forget to print out the oscar ballots i shared last week! put money on it. or dares.

gold paper straws will make any drink look festive.

i’m all about the retro popcorn boxes — and they’re available at most restaurant supply stores.

you could use this DIY to gold dip all of your glasses, or if you’re not into that – how about paper cups?!

we love playing the leonard maltin game, and having the book around is the perfect commercial past time.

these gold block-printed napkins are oscars festive, but definitely cute enough to use all the time.

game night with homemade pictionary

August 28, 2013

diy / entertaining

diy pictionary | almost makes perfect

we’ve started doing a game night twice a month with friends – and for our turn hosting, we chose pictionary as the game. then i looked in the closet and realized we didn’t own pictionary. OOPS.

since we had two large teams, we didn’t actually need a physical board. we just needed to draw somewhere big and we had everyone write clues down.

diy pictionary
if you want to host a game night and play pictionary, it’s SUPER easy to DIY.

using a large roll of paper and a dowel, i tied twine to either side of the paper to hang it. i then wrapped a sharpie in washi tape and hung it to the dowel using elastic cord.

pictionary diy

i cut up printer paper and tossed the pieces into a bowl a long with a jar full of pens and we were ready to play.

pens and paper

we made a couple of appetizers.

fig and brie bites

these fig and brie bites are my new go – to snack. they’re super easy to make, look pretty, and taste so good.


i also made mini versions of my bruschetta recipe which surprisingly didn’t make a big mess.
(we also had guacamole and donuts)

diy pictionary happy game night

oh and after all that … our team lost in sudden death.

[ the ice ice baby clue was drawn by gideon. see his illustration work here ]

breaking bad “walteritas”

August 8, 2013

entertaining / happy hour / recipes

if you watch breaking bad – then you know it’s coming back on sunday. what better way to watch the premiere than with celebratory themed drinks!?

hank loves making margaritas and walt jr. vomited from drinking tequila so it seemed like the natural choice.

margarita … walter … WALTERita?! yes. it’s stupid in a good way right?

adapted from’s perfect margarita


1 1/2 ounces blanco 100% agave tequila
1/2 ounce cointreau
1 ounce freshly squeeze lime juice
kosher salt for rimming glasses
blue food coloring
blue rock candy for garnish (you can find for $1 at any candy store)


01. first make and freeze the blue crystal meth ice. fill a small baking sheet with water and stir in a few drops of your food coloring. leave in freezer for a couple of hours.

02. dye the salt by putting two drops of the food coloring into a spoon and mixing it around in your shallow bowl full of salt until you’re happy with the color.

03. using a lime or a damp paper towel, wet the rims of the glasses and dip into the salt.

04. when the ice is fully frozen, take a knife and smash it up into pieces.

05. with the glass full of ice, pour tequila, lime juice, and cointreau; and stir a few times until chilled. add more ice after pouring for the full crystal meth effect. i did NOT food color the drink, the second it was stirred it turned this blue.

06. garnish with rock candy.  i also happened to have blue straws that i cut down to fit. serve with chicken or funyons.

diy patterned picnic blanket

July 22, 2013

diy / entertaining

i’ve been wanting to try out making a potato stamp since i love stamping and i eat potatoes! like i said, we’re throwing ourselves a little summer picnic party for our birthdays this weekend, so a big picnic blanket seemed like the perfect thing to make.


a big canvas drop cloth from any home improvement store ( mine is 6 x9 and seems huge )
a potato ( and maybe a second in case of mess-up )
a knife
acrylic paint of your choice ( you could mix it up and do different colors obviously but i kept mine simple )
a paint brush

STEP ONE cut your potato in half. careful to do this as straight down as possible. now carve your design. i love a simple triangle pattern and it seemed very easy for me to not fuck up. although i did on the first half of course.

STEP TWO using your paintbrush, put some paint on the stamp and test it on a piece of paper. when i first tried it, the surface didn’t turn out flat enough so i started over after trying to salvage it. the second half of the potato worked better, but i had to do a back to forth motion to get it to print properly. also, i recommend cutting deeper than i did off of the sides. the potato would get clumped up with paint because of the depth, so to make the process easier, just cut it deeper. test it enough to figure out your stamping pattern and how much paint looks good.

STEP THREE find a workspace and start stamping! i used a paper plate and a $1 paintbrush so i could throw them away and be done with it. i convinced my boyfriend the paint wouldn’t seep through onto the hardwood floor. i was wrong, it did. you should probably work on a surface. i sat on the drop cloth and worked my way all the way down, complaining about my back the whole time.

now take that baby out for a picnic!

all together this DIY took me about an hour. it’s certainly not perfect, and of course there’s one triangle that’s upside down. classic me move. but i love it and will use it for all future picnic-ing.