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May 28, 2013

bedrooms / roundup

our bed is on the floor.

see? we got rid of our old bedframe because i didn’t want the cats to hide from us underneath. and while it’s fine having the bed right on the floor, i have been thinking a headboard or bedframe might make the room a little more finished looking.

the usual dilemma, i don’t want to spend any money on it. and beds are expensive! here are a few modern ones low to high. ( ikea is really the only place with cheap beds i could find )

one / two / three / four / five / six

the cats were posing. i had to take a photo.

+ our really damaged blanket is from joinery and unfortunately out of stock. i wanted a new one in a new color since the cats have ruined it. very sad.

making this: rub ‘n buff gold lamps

March 7, 2013

bedrooms / diy / home

the other day when i did this bedside lamps under $100 post, i realized that buying TWO lamps is expensive. i really was thinking of sconces, but i figured some cheap lamps would be much easier. the next day i happened to be shopping at target and found these $20 lamps. they’re kind of a cute color, but i have a hard time living with bright colors, so i bought them with the intention of changing the color since they were sooo cheap. (i also skipped that heinous lampshade and got the white ones)

instead of spray painting them, i bought some rub ‘n buff to give it more of a bronzed finish.

i don’t have many process shots, but it took about two hours and tons of strength and energy. and i used my bare hands, so they looked like this.

basically, you need to apply very thinly. NO. even thinner than that. use all your wrist power to buff and spread it all over to try to get it as even as you can. which is pretty hard, especially when you’re working with a glossy finish like the lamp. it’s blotchier than i hoped in some spots, but i’m pretty happy with the finish.

if you do it thicker than you like, gently sand down thick spots and try to fix with thin coats.

here’s what it looks like up close:

nice texture!

they work WAY better in our room than the teal. and i think i love them a lot.

(nightstand is vintage, clock is vintage for sale in the shop here, diamond blanket from joinery nyc)

roundup : bedside lighting ⋅ under $100

February 20, 2013

bedrooms / internet shopping / roundup

now that we have nice matching nightstands, i’ve been searching for nice matching lighting! i love the idea of sconces because i love all the space it leaves on the nightstand, but i’m thinking we need lamps to kind of… ground the nightstands? or something? i have no idea what i’m talking about. anyway, i did a roundup of bedroom lighting – and everything is under $100! (don’t be mad, some are $99. sorry.)


ROW ONE land of nod isosceles table lamp / ikea tisdag sconce / target gourd shaped lamp
ROW TWO home depot chrome accordian swing arm lamp / lampsplus possini gold leaf obelisk table lamp / cb2 ada white lamp
ROW THREE west elm orb table lamp / urban outfitters industrial sconce / target owl perch lamp

making this: ikea hacked nightstands

July 12, 2012

bedrooms / diy / home

Literally hours after seeing this ikea hack (and I don’t use the word literally lightly), I forced my boyfriend to go to ikea with me to make these. Our nightstands were in dire need of retirement because of my lack of coaster usage. (Why I did this coaster DIY at the same time we built these new nightstands.)

We bought two of these Antonius laundry stands. I’m pretty sure they were even less than $12.99 because we didn’t buy the bag. Like $7?! I think!? Anyway, putting these things together sucks. If you’re me. It’s really really loud and you hammer and hammer away and they don’t seem to budge. But after they were assembled I had a very excited feeling inside.

I went and got 2 pieces of 2 inch thick wood cut at home depot and wood stain. I went by the ikea website measurements. THOSE ARE WRONG. Measure them yourself and THEN get the wood cut so you don’t have to go back and pay for double the amount of wood. UGH. My bad. Anyway, I stained the wood and let it dry.

I promptly painted the for no reason silver edges white. Why are those silver? Very odd. Then we put so so much glue on the top (Gideon did it because I’m too clumsy).

Drop some weights (and books) on top and let it dry for a day. Yes. I have both the Sex and the City book and the Sex and the City Movie book. The movie book was a mistake impulse buy.

Yes. They’re super modern. Yes, they have no drawers. Yes, they are made from cheap ikea laundry stands so obviously they’re not the most stable. When I showed my mom she said “oh. they’re okay.” But I don’t care I LOVE THEM!

before and after: bedroom sconces

July 11, 2012

bedrooms / before and afters

Yet another thing we bought for our house that I haven’t been super happy with was the sconces for our bedroom. The reason was the shades that they came with, which I could never find the right size to replace them with. Buying lamp shades online seems way too confusing.

Ugly before? As hipster as it is, I really like exposed edison bulbs, so decided to just buy the bulbs and remove the shade. I’m so so happy with them now. And because the wattage on them looks much darker than of a normal light bulb, our room has become a dark romantic dungeon. OOooooooo!


fixing up flea market art

June 28, 2012


When I moved in with Gideon, this was pretty much the only art he owned (besides his own). I was like yeah, ok that’s kinda cool. It’s all washed out and – vintagey.

But after a year of it on our bedroom dresser plus our lack of color in the room, I started asking him if we could color it up a little.

He covered the thing in matte medium. Then he slowly added washed out blue.

Then he went to bed and I went BLUE CA-RAZY on it. I don’t think he was as happy with the results but look how vibrant it is now! I am noticing now we covered the mountain horizon lines. I promise, I didn’t see those in person.

So did we mess it up or what?