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diy cat scratcher

April 28, 2015

diy / pets

diy cat scratcher | almost makes perfect diy cat scratcher | almost makes perfect

if you follow me on instagram — you know i like my cats. i like them like they’re my babies. fyi their names are bodhi and lucy, and they’re brother and sister. i even assisted in their birth (from a pregnant street cat that my friend had taken in). i was there the day they were born and they just celebrated their third birthdays on saturday! i’ve never actually had cats before — i grew up in a dog family, and always believed all the stigmas about cats being weird. but when i met these kittens, things changed. i love that i don’t have to go out to walk them and we take full responsibility for having raised them to be total cuddlers.

so when fancy feast approached me to partner with them to promote their #WaysToWOW campaign to feature their new chicken broths, i thought it was the perfect timing to celebrate their birthdays — because we pretty much only feed them wet food on their birthdays. and bodhi doesn’t even like wet food normally, but they went CRAZY for this stuff.

along with giving them some celebratory grub, i also decided to make them a birthday present. we usually use the cardboard scratchers from the grocery store, but the cardboard gets EVERYWHERE when they go to town on it — so i wanted to see if they’d like sisal as much and i wouldn’t have to clean up after them as much. lucy loves it. bodhi is not so sure yet. keep reading

everything else we made for our wedding

April 16, 2015

diy / our wedding

diy wood plant hangers diy wood plant hangers

because i didn’t have process shots for the remaining things i made, i decided to round everything up in one post (with as much detail as i can tell you)! we were at my moms house working on all of the projects, because no cats and waaay more space to make + store things. (we actually had an entire closet full of all the wedding stuff, which we still haven’t cleared out — sorry mom.)

wood plant hangers
i had wood cut in various sizes : square and rectangle and got some simple woven rope. using my stepdads drill press (you can also just use a regular drill), we just cut four holes in each piece of wood and tied big enough knots on the underside to hold in place. we mixed it up in terms of sizes and layers, and added a large metal ring to the top of each hanger. we made these last minute just to hang at the bar during cocktail hour, because we are cray. and thank you to my brother who helped hold while i tied.

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diy wood wedding signs

April 13, 2015

diy / our wedding

painting signs

now that the wedding has been posted on green wedding shoes, i’ve been getting emails from you guys asking how i did a few things. so although i don’t have a ton of process shots due to doing 400 DIYs at once, i’m going to do some posts on some of the projects we did for the wedding this week! it also seemed fitting, because i’m out of town this week on my way to my brothers wedding this weekend!

first up is how we did our wedding signs! if you saw the wedding photos, then you know there were a shit ton of them. honestly, these weren’t easy. gideon did the painting and i did the tracing because he has a much steadier hand than i do, and when i did the painting they looked way less perfect. so obviously, he wasn’t happy when i came up with long sayings for each sign. but i wanted to inject our personalities into everything!

here’s how we did ‘em!

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diy leather luggage tags (2.0)

April 7, 2015


diy leather luggage tag | almost makes perfect diy leather luggage tag | almost makes perfect

you may remember i’ve already made a leather luggage tag here on the blog — but i decided to revamp. in fact, i’m considering revamping a few older DIYs because honestly — sometimes i run out of ideas, and i never really love old posts.

anyway! i saw these tags months ago on pinterest (they seem to not exist for sale anymore) and i’ve been wanting to create luggage tags in the same style forever. so i finally buckled down and made them! also – now that i’m in the mindset that i’m going to be changing my last name – i decided to incorporate my new name onto the tags as well. yes, my new name will be BOOMER. MOLLY BOOMER. is it crazy sounding?

btw – anyone know how to officially change your last name? it seems like suuuuch a thing.

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diy easter treat bags + free printables

March 31, 2015

diy / downloads / holiday

diy easter treat bags | almost makes perfect diy easter treat bags | almost makes perfect

like i said last week, i won’t be decorating any eggs this year — but i DID design a printable treat bag topper for your candy bags! these are so easy to put together and not too pastel / easter-y for my taste!

diy easter treat bag | almost makes perfect


diy easter treat bags | almost makes perfect

print the toppers on standard sized card stock, cut out. fold in half. fill your bags with filler + candies, trim off the top edge depending on how full your bag is (aka how generous you are with candy). use double sided tape or a stapler to secure!

diy easter treat bags | almost makes perfect diy easter treat bag  | almost makes perfect