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diy modern and very cool cooler

July 16, 2014


diy modern and very cool cooler  | almost makes perfect

well, just like last year, and the year before that — we’re throwing ourselves a little birthday picnic for our shared birthday week. so of course i have to make a thing or two. (last year i made the picnic blanket)

we decided a drugstore cooler is something in desperate need of a makeover – so cher and i got together, i mean gideon and i got together to do that. (that’s a really dumb clueless joke. i think you know that.)

diy modern and very cool cooler


modern cool cooler

01 | unless you get a white cooler, you’ll want to spray paint away the bright blue. do plenty of coats until you’re happy with the color.

02 | once it’s the color you want, spray it with like half of a dozen light coats of fixative. like until you feel like you’ve gone insane.

03 | cut a template out of the contact paper for the top, gently fold corners and secure all edges with super glue. do a couple thin layers of mod podge over the entire surface.

04 | spray your top with a ton of shellac too. we wanna protect this thing right?!

05 | once your handle is spray painted and fixed (unless it came in white you lucky sob), you can tie a canvas rope around to make it extra pretty and handle-y. i wanted to do some sort of fancy braiding, but i also didn’t know how. so we tied it around and secured the edges with super glue. clamp the end after gluing for 20 minutes to get it nice and tight. then wrap it as tightly as you can all the way down the other side, and glue and clamp again. the edges are pretty hidden on ours since they’re on the bottom.

diy modern and very cool cooler

disclaimer : i don’t really know how long it will hold up for, but i can let you guys know if you wanna know. because the top is contact paper, it might not be the most waterproof thing in the world, but i just don’t recommend sitting drinks on top of it is all. if you use your cooler like a normal person and not a wild animal, you should be a-okay!

diy modern and very cool cooler  | almost makes perfect diy modern and cool cooler diy modern and very cool cooler diy modern and very cool cooler | almost makes perfect

that’s the first time i’ve shown my crazy knee on the blog. i ran a moped into a car on my birthday 10 years ago and still have that gnarly scar. but enough about me – go have a picnic!

printable july 4th ice cream cup wrappers

July 1, 2014

diy / downloads / holiday

printable july 4th ice cream cup wrappers | almost makes perfect

FIRST OF ALL, HAPPY JULY! with july fourth coming up this week, i wanted to share a printable that you can use for the occasion. who doesn’t want to eat ice cream all day?! (well, i’m lactose intolerant, but i do it on special occasions) so if you’re eating ice cream – festive. it. up.

july 4 printable ice cream cups

if you’re following me on instagram, you might know i’ve been getting obsessed with hand lettering – i wouldn’t say i’m good at it, but i do think i’ve improved a lot from the first day i was sick in bed to the last. 10,000 hours you guys. so i wanted to incorporate some into the printable. plus i was stoked with how “july” came out.


printable july 4th ice cream cups  | almost makes perfect

all you have to do is print the label on standard sized 8.5 x 11″ paper, carefully cut around the edges, wrap around your cup and secure with tape or glue.

printable july 4th ice cream wrappers | almost makes perfect printable july 4th ice cream cups | almost makes perfect

see how well the labels coordinator with the watercolor napkins from last week? yeah, maybe not a total accident at all. do both projects and you can have a july 4th watercolor party!

diy watercolor striped napkins

June 26, 2014

diy / holiday

diy watercolor striped napkins | almost makes perfect

so if you like being festive for the fourth of july, but still have a hard time incorporating colors like deep reds and blues into your party color palette, here’s a good compromise. because i know i don’t want deep red anywhere.

these napkins were actually not the original plan, i was planning on just striped painted napkins but i hated them so i started playing around and loved the effect of the really wet brush. and because the colors aren’t so straight up july 4th – i think these napkins could work all summer long.

diy watercolor striped napkins diy watercolor striped napkins

all you’ll need is some plain white napkins, fabric paint of your choice, a brush and a lot of water.


tape down your napkins flat onto your working surface. get your brush pretty saturated but then immerse it in water until there’s practically no paint on the brush. use a test surface or scrap to get the feel of it, and then go ahead and wing it, because that’s the fun part.

all of my napkins ended up looking a little different than one another because the brush starts the change the dirtier your water gets, so if you want to avoid that, keep your brush and your water clean. but who has time for that!?

diy watercolor napkins diy watercolor striped napkins

btw – i ate two corn dogs while photographing this project. two. it was all for you guys, so you’re welcome.

diy watercolor striped napkins | almost makes perfect

gold flatware from west elm / ketchup nesting bowl c/o red envelope

diy macrame plant hangers

June 24, 2014


while i’ve been seeing macrame plant hangings for quite a while around the internet now — i’ve been wanting to make some but looking at all those tying tutorials seems so daunting. until i realized beads could replace knots. which is what these hangings are totally based on.

macrame plant hanging | almost makes perfect

these super simple plant hangers only require THREE KNOTS. just THREE KNOTS (plus a little tie off on the top and bottom) and you’re done. how easy is that?!

cotton filler cord 6/32″
wood beads
gold key ring
a cute plant
a drill *

diy macrame plant hangers  | almost makes perfect


01 | depending on your desired length, cut your cord into six pieces. my longer hanging had pieces around 4.5 feet long, the shorter one was about 2. line up your pieces, and tie an additional piece of cord around to secure them and make a tight knot.

02 | separate your pieces into pairs, and tie a knot at the same height on each pair.

03 * | if your bead holes are too small to fit onto the cord, drill larger holes in each bead. then thread the cord into three beads, dividing each pair. so that the two pieces on the ends are now beaded together. is that worded correctly?

04 | place your plant into the cradle of the hanging, and if all is well, line up your pieces over your key ring. use an additional piece of cord to tie it in place, snip off the ends.

diy macrame plant hangers  | almost makes perfect

and that’s it! make 10 and hang them all over your house.

diy macrame plant hangers | almost makes perfect macrame plant hanging   | almost makes perfect

and good news for all you cat parents who love cacti — hang it and you can have cacti in your house!

diy macrame plant hangers | almost makes perfect

diy geo cufflinks

June 10, 2014

diy / holiday

diy geo cufflinks  |  almost makes perfect

father’s day is fast approaching — and even though cufflinks are pretty passé, they’re an easy little gift you can make for your dad or baby daddy this year. they must have ONE shirt that needs ‘em right?! these little babies are so easy to make that i’m posting a whole other cufflink DIY tomorrow!

geo clay cufflinks


tacky glue
polymer clay
xacto knife
gold cufflinks

diy geo cufflinks


01 | preheat oven to 275°. cut your clay into small squares or circles and hold up to your cufflinks to make sure they’re a little bigger than the cufflink surface to make sure you can trim down.

02 | keep your clay cold, so try not to condition it or rub your hands on it too much. as long as it’s cold – you can use your xacto blade to make small slices all around in every direction to create an organic geo shape.

03 | bake for about 10 – 15 minutes and let cool. once cooled, glue onto your cufflinks and let dry for a few hours!

diy geo cufflinks

and come back tomorrow for one more DIY cufflink project!


diy modern pet bowl stand

June 3, 2014


strangely enough, this is my first DIY for the cats ever. i guess i’m NOT that obsessed with them — AM I, DAD!? my cats have a tendency of knocking all their food onto the floor and spilling the water everywhere, so i was determined to try to get that to stop a little by raising their bowls up higher. and let’s be real, i also wanted something a little more chic… so we built this stand for their food bowls!

diy modern pet bowl stand  |  almost makes perfect

bodhi seems to be ok with it.

diy wood pet bowl stand | almost makes perfect

now our stand is built specifically for our cat bowls, which are actually small dog bowls. if you have different sized bowls or different sized pets, you can easily just remeasure for your bowls. (and duh, you could make a two bowl version if you have a lone pet)

diy wood pet bowl stand


food bowls
square wooden dowels cut down to :
— four 5″ pieces (length)
— four 18.75″ pieces (height)
— six 5.25″ pieces (depth)
2 packs of 1″ #3 wood screws
wood glue
a drill

diy wood pet bowl stand

now it was pretty hard to capture the actual process of this in photos, so instead i did something i’ve never done — make a guide. not sure if it helps or is just crazy confusing.


– once you have your pieces cut down at your hardware store (or you can do it yourself if you really want to), sand the edges to all be as even as possible. it never ceases to upset me when the cuts done aren’t robot perfect.

wood pet bowl stand guide

01 | build out your top and bottom first. attach one length piece to a depth piece, by gluing and clamping and letting dry. once dry, drill a hole. 

02 | once all of the depth pieces are attached and secure, clamp, glue and screw your opposite end on.

03 + 04 | do the same on the bottom.

05 | once both the top and bottom are completed, attach your height pieces.

diy modern pet bowl stand

now let your cats or dogs HAVE AT IT and make it all gross right away like mine did. i mean right away.

diy modern pet bowl stand | almost makes perfect diy modern pet bowl stand diy modern pet bowl stand

diy watercolor table numbers

May 28, 2014

diy / our wedding

diy watercolor table numbers | almost makes perfect

with the shower invites yesterday and this today, i decided it’s going to be wedding week on the blog! now that’s its summer, i need to buckle down and start checking DIYs off my list for the wedding in four months. so i started with something i’d thought of a few months ago and decided to make some prototypes. we have a lot of watercolor and ombre elements in the wedding, so i wanted to incorporate that into the tables. i originally was going to make these with wood blocks, but decided that glass water bottles can serve as functional as well.

these are so easy to make, but the best part is the rewarding feeling of removing the sticker.

diy glass bottle table numbers


glass water bottles (the cheapest i found were ikea)
vinyl number stickers (mine measure at 4″)
spray paint

diy table numbers diy glass bottle table numbers


01 | after removing stickers and cleaning your bottles, dry them thoroughly. place a number onto the bottle as straight as you can. burnish it with your fingernail.

02 | in order to hang my bottle upside down to spray, i cut a hole into a cardboard box and placed the bottle in at an angle.

03 | lightly spray paint in a small spraying motions from far away, stop and check every few seconds to make sure you don’t overspray. i stayed at the bottom mostly and did just enough of the center to surround the number

04 | once dry, carefully and slowly remove the sticker.

diy watercolor bottle table numbers

i am so excited to have something done now! although after the RSVPs are returned, i’ll actually know how many tables we’ll have and will be creating a factory to make the remaining bottles. i’m also going to get some additional spray paint colors, and decide if i want to stick with multiple colors or just do one.

diy watercolor table numbers  |  almost makes perfect diy watercolor table numbers  | almost makes perfect diy watercolor table numbers

and lastly, 143.