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an office update

August 22, 2013

the apartment / workspaces

like i was saying last week – i’ve spent almost zero time fixing up or organizing the office since we moved in. but last weekend, i bought a bulletin board from target and it already makes a huge difference.

office snippit

i’ve been having so much fun pinning up memories and inspiration. like too much fun.


and speaking of too much, you know you’re a huge dork when you are ecstatic about your new screensaver. OMG. i love my new screensaver you guys.

new screensaver

our office sucks.

August 13, 2013

interiors / wish list / workspaces

for some reason, i am always unhappy with the state of my workspace. ALWAYS. because i am a packrat. and i have crap everywhere. and the room never looks filled with plants and cute desk accessories ever. it’s full of cat hair and opened envelopes and amazon boxes.

did i mention i am really getting over the vintage shop? i was so into it when i started it up that i overlooked how much space it would take up – there is inventory everywhere and boxes and popcorn and tape and i hate it. now that i’m done with summer trips, i am going to focus on getting the room that i’m too embarrassed to even show you into better shape. starting with … getting rid of the etsy shop. i’m going to do some sort of sale to try to clear everything out and if you live in LA and would be interested in purchasing vintage home decor, let me know and i’ll plan this for real.

until then – here are some perfect workspaces.

images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

and if money were no object, i’d buy all of these items right now and be super happy.

one . the chair i will never buy but always lust after
two . these collapsable trash bins are space saving and so pretty
three . a leather hanging plant holder? so in
fourit always helps to organize in pretty containers
five . this simple white file cabinet is nice enough to not hide in the closet
six . lovely headphones for when gideon doesn’t want to listen to the dirty dancing soundtrack with me
seven . an exit sign at the door would help remind me i can leave 
eight . it gets crazy hot in our apartment and we’re always fighting over the oscillation on our little fan
nine . cords are everywhere in the office. i wish they made usb versions of these.

new desk chairs

May 13, 2013

the apartment / workspaces

oooo i am so excited about the new office chairs we got. they’re padded and comfy and i’ve got lumbar support and the whole thing. and they cost like nothing.

we got them half priced for $79 each at staples. now they’re up to $99, but they seem like they’re staying on sale. staples?! staples.

i can’t tell if they look way too pleathery, but for the price and the comfort and now that we FINALLY have matching office chairs – i am very content with them. they are by far the cheapest eames management chair replica i’d found.

wow look what an executive i look like now. it’s like working in an important conference room.

i like them so much, i chose it over my vintage pollock chair. weird choice maybe? if you like it so much, then why don’t YOU buy it.

want to? if you’re interested and in southern california – let me know!

payday wishlist: desk accessories

September 28, 2012

wish list / workspaces

top hat paperclips / lucite tape dispenser / acrylic card system / striped magazine file
black pencilsleather mousepad / letter opener / stapler / ikat pencil cup

I’ve been saying for a while that I’m going to fix up our office, it’s been piles of art and crap everywhere and makes it very hard to feel at peace while working. Well I finally started and am close to being done (photos real soon!)

Speaking of crap everywhere, who doesn’t want to cover their clean desktop in beautiful accessories and office supplies containing their crap.

ps – You could always go the cheap route like I did and just use spray paint!

a workspace i could call my own

June 5, 2012

interiors / workspaces

Apparently I am obsessed with our office. It’s the room I post about the most and the room I am least content with. Maybe it’s because I spend such a large amount of time in there and mostly look at wires and clutter.

( 1 / 2 / 3 )

I have been obsessed with the idea of moving for a month or so. We have neighbors from hell. But we’ve decided to stay put for a while longer so now I have decided I need to make the office a place I want to spend all day in. Now it’s time to start planning how to fix the room without really spending money and doing anything too permanent for when we do decide to move. I’m thinking dark walls (like I’ve posted about before) and staining (and trimming) our desktops.

( 1 / 2 / 3 )

These three workspaces have an order to the clutter. It makes work seem so much more relaxing. Also, the pipe shelving is so good. Is that a challenge to build and then bring with us when we move? I’m guessing yes but I’m going to look into it.


the perfect office chair

May 1, 2012

interiors / internet shopping / wish list / workspaces

Months ago I bought a vintage steelcase task chair from Craigslist for my desk. But Gideon has slowly started using it more and more and it’s now basically become his chair. So now it’s time for me to get another. I could probably find another like it at some point, but I’ve been doing research to find one that is not only pretty, but actually comfortable, you know, since I’ll sit in it.

(clockwise) one – a reupholstered generic office chair like this is what I’ve been considering most, but you’d be surprised how much shitty chairs from Staples actually cost. I’d have to find one on craigslist for this project. two – i love love love bamboo chippendale chairs at a desk, but worried my back might be covered in that pattern at all times. three – an upholstered dining chair in the office adds some class and feels comfy, love the ikat. four – it looks like a reupholstered vintage desk chair, but the wood and the casters look perfect. this one is my favorite.

So then I looked for what was available online – should I just go for ergonomics and buy a straight office chair? 

items: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7