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wanting / home items

April 7, 2014

interiors / wish list

wanting / home items

i ALWAYS want new stuff for the house, i don’t think there will ever be a point in my life where i wouldn’t be totally willing to purge everything and have a shopping spree at west elm. but right now with the wedding looming, it seems wrong to buy anything new for the apartment. but i want to so badly. here’s everything that i think about pretty regularly.

01. as comfortable as our office chairs are, i really hate that they’re black for the most part. it was my bad. the office would look so much cleaner with white shell chairs (or these if i’m feeling nice to our butts). and when i say cleaner, i mean cleaner because there is crap everywhere.

02. i reeeally want a new rug for the bedroom. right now we have a cowhide that doesn’t reach our feet, i’d love for the room to feel a little warmer with a big chunky simple rug.

03. i’ve been saying we need lamps/sconces for a while now. still haven’t done it.  and every time these onefortythree sconces come back in stock, i debate it until they sell back out. maybe i need to just DIY, right?

04. we have a docksta table, which i am ok with, but it barely fits four peoples plates. i’d love a big dining table for sprawling out my craft projects – because honestly that’s all i use the dining table for.

05. i’ve always wanted a butterfly chair, and i’ve never gotten a butterfly chair. not sure why. just one of those things.

06. you’ve seen our shelving unit, but you don’t know that it’s a pretty big eye sore at this point. i mean, i still like it, but i do kinda miss the bare walls. we want to move after the wedding, so it’s not worth taking down probably, although i mean, we’ll have to take it down at some point anyway, right? would be so nice to just see a simple cabinet with the tv at this point.

kitchen makeover on manhattan nest

August 27, 2013

interiors / kitchen

i love daniel’s style and blog so much – but after recently buying an old fixer upper, i had no idea he could make the kitchen this good this fast. i am swooning over every element in this room!

check out the huge transformation.

manhattan nest before

manhattan nest after

manhattan nest

he DIYed the butcher block counters (they’re not really functional to chop on but still look amaze), he did all the subway tiling himself, fixed the ceiling, and used cheap pegs as hardware to save money. oh man i want to own a house and not do anything nearly as good as this. check out the full process here.


our office sucks.

August 13, 2013

interiors / wish list / workspaces

for some reason, i am always unhappy with the state of my workspace. ALWAYS. because i am a packrat. and i have crap everywhere. and the room never looks filled with plants and cute desk accessories ever. it’s full of cat hair and opened envelopes and amazon boxes.

did i mention i am really getting over the vintage shop? i was so into it when i started it up that i overlooked how much space it would take up – there is inventory everywhere and boxes and popcorn and tape and i hate it. now that i’m done with summer trips, i am going to focus on getting the room that i’m too embarrassed to even show you into better shape. starting with … getting rid of the etsy shop. i’m going to do some sort of sale to try to clear everything out and if you live in LA and would be interested in purchasing vintage home decor, let me know and i’ll plan this for real.

until then – here are some perfect workspaces.

images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

and if money were no object, i’d buy all of these items right now and be super happy.

one . the chair i will never buy but always lust after
two . these collapsable trash bins are space saving and so pretty
three . a leather hanging plant holder? so in
fourit always helps to organize in pretty containers
five . this simple white file cabinet is nice enough to not hide in the closet
six . lovely headphones for when gideon doesn’t want to listen to the dirty dancing soundtrack with me
seven . an exit sign at the door would help remind me i can leave 
eight . it gets crazy hot in our apartment and we’re always fighting over the oscillation on our little fan
nine . cords are everywhere in the office. i wish they made usb versions of these.

jessie websters house

May 14, 2013

elsewhere / interiors

you know you love a house tour when you look at it four times. jessie webster of the blog sweet things house in silverlake is really pretty perfect to me. and basically exactly what i want my place to look like. ( i have a few of the same items including the midnight farm cookbook – which made me love her house even more )

take a look…

so simple and effortless while being perfectly styled. LOVE. see the rest of the tour on designsponge.

bench it

May 6, 2013


i’ve been looking around for a bench for a big empty wall in our bedroom. the cats could sleep on it and / or we could stick the fan on it. here is some really good bench inspiration.

perfect bench, perfect styling i could never emulate. via old brand new.

hairpin legs feel like they’re everywhere. but they do look super good. ( one | two )

maria of hickory and juniper DIYed this very lovely vintage army cot.

i love this bench by the brick house made from reclaimed wood from her fence and eames LTR bases.

wood bench via sarah thomas interiors / vintage bamboo ottoman from ethanolly

chalkboard kitchen question mark

March 19, 2013

interiors / kitchen / the apartment

so yesterday i posted our kitchen. well, here is the other wall. we added EVEN MORE storage with this ikea billy bookcase with doors. its worked out pretty well because we keep all the ugly cooking stuff below. but there’s a big ol empty wall that’s been bothering me now.

not to mention the elbow height outlet. um why? why?!

i was thinking of a rail for pots and pans or some sort of pegboard ala julia child but that all sounds pretty clanky with the location of the fridge door.

maybe what it needs is… SOME CONTRAST!

you can see the wall from most of the living room, so i think a chalkboard wall would really pop in a nice way. and here is my deceivingly real chalkboard photoshopping.

now for some inspiration…

(images 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 )

so go for it? don’t do it? cute? yes?

xmas decorating

December 13, 2012

holiday / interiors

Even though I’m a [very unreligious] jew, I LOVE christmas! Not the jesus part or anything, but the tree and the stockings and all of it. The presents are fun too. I stupidly thought moving right before xmas would be ok because we’d have 10 days in the new place before to decorate up. But we have 10 days to unpack / decorate up. This might suck. So now I’m envious of all the lights I see outside of other apartments and houses. They all suck.

You know when you see someone decorate and you’re like “oh man you really went for it”? Well as much as I like decorating, I hate OVERdecorating. Here’s some decorating that probably took place prior to 10 days before the holiday but doesn’t look all xmas on crack like.

And please remind me never to move on December 15 again.

images: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven