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July 15, 2013

hope you had a good weekend. the other day i got home from work and my boyfriend had a plate of freshly shucked oysters sitting in the fridge for me. it was my favorite surprise. and my dad and sister came for the week to visit colleges for her. so around their tours, we took them all over, we went to leo carillo beach, which is BEAUTIFUL but really far away from la and really windy. the summer sunsets have been looking good. we took them to our favorite restaurant, son of a gun and had an amazing meal. and to the huntington botanical gardens for an afternoon (may i suggest you skip this activity if its 90 degrees out). we had lunch at umami burger and my dad declared it was the best burger he’s ever had. we also went to see the gary baseman exhibit at the skirball. i highly recommend it. and now they’ve left so i’m back to finally unpacking from france. how come it takes so much longer to unpack?!

happy monday.


what’s been up

June 18, 2013

i posted the other day about getting bangs so went ahead and did that. so happy i did. there’s something about having a big chunk of hair in front of your face that makes you feel so much cuter / part of the reason i got the bangs was for our trip to france … it’s only a few short days away now, so i’ve been trying to make a zillion lists of everything i can’t forget. oh boy there’s a lot of lists going / it’s summery everywhere in la and the bougainvillea at my moms house is as red as ever / like i mentioned – we got a new sofa! we haven’t gotten to fully enjoy it because it’s been covered in ten blankets until the cats get used to it. so i’m thinking in about a year we can remove those! / i bought the best (and biggest) toothbrushes online for $5 each at swissco - i am really enjoying dental hygiene more now / i’m dying thinking about leaving my cat models for two weeks / amidst my upcoming taco tour, we’ve been actually eating at the taco places rather than taking out… so luckily i got to see this cholo claw machine / bought the cutest bikini at target – which i now know is for juniors… speaking of which, i’m always wondering what’s the cutoff age for being obsessed with forever 21?

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what’s been up

April 24, 2013

spring has totally sprung. it’s been super warm out and the flowers are pretty and the produce tastes good. we went to this really strange glow in the dark mini golf course on the westside a few weeks ago. it’s weird but totally peak if you live in la. also, the brioche donuts at lamill. now that it’s warm out, we’ve been frequenting our nearby taco truck even more than we were before. it’s totally unhealthy. and did you see the old herbal essences came back? i picked these up immediately when i heard. not really sure, but i think it’s making my hair feel even thicker – i don’t care. it smells just like it used to. and did i mention we’re going to france in june!? we’ve been using this app duolingo to learn a little french before the trip, it actually makes it pretty fun and competitive. also, been spending the last few nights watching breaking bad. we’re now on season three and i think it should be called breaking bald. how many bald actors can be on one show?


what’s been up

March 27, 2013

so it’s kind of almost summer but i refuse to not eat sweets everyday. if you live in la, go to gjelina and have the butterscotch pot de creme. if you don’t want to drive to venice, i don’t blame you. so go to mozza and have the butterscotch budino instead. i’ve been really wanting to try to make it at home, but the serving size is like 10. when the hell am i having 10 people over for dinner?! also, eating tacos almost everyday. it’s bad.

anyway, buying some stuff for the place like this fake eames hang-it-all. also that rug. that beautiful beni rug. i have been looking for the perfect one that i can actually afford for five years now. now that they’re super trendy, they’re much easier to find. the first time i saw one was my first visit to the parker palm springs where i called and asked if i could buy it and they said it was $5k. well it’s been years but i have my own now (and it was half off!!!!)

we painted our chalkboard wall in the kitchen. will take photos when we are allowed to chalk it. and i am loving living in a more natural setting with leaves and trees and it’s inspired us to garden on our balcony. we had a front yard at the old place and never bothered. i love echo park a lot.


oh… and forgot to mention i met SNOOP [dogg] LION!!!!!!!!!!!


what’s been up

February 19, 2013

did you have a good valentines day? yeah, i know it was many days ago now, but mine was fantastic. we saw boyz ii men perform at morongo casino. it was ridiculous and amazing. we had ceviche and margaritas at one of our favorites, red o. we went to the lacma for the stanley kubrick exhibit (which in my opinion was underwhelming… tim burtons was way better). gideon skipped the flowers this year and got me a vintage leather wallet which i LOVE and russian nesting dolls. he’s good at presents. so i made him the girliest cutiest breakfast i could. i found this midcentury bench ON SALE at a thrift store and knew the cats would claim it for themselves. they love it. they also love this $10 tapestry art i found which so seems like it would be hanging in a hotel room in a howard johnsons in the 70s. we also went to the atwater farmers market and can’t seem to ever stop eating tacos now.

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