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our birthday week. yes i said week.

July 30, 2013

gideon and i share a birthday week, so while i dread the constant celebrating prior to it happening, the entire week of birthday is actually pretty fun. i’m on hiatus from work right now so we had nothing to do but party.

on my birthday, we went to my favorite spot figaro bistrot where most of the food is just … fine, but i’ve been going since i was a kid and love it. we had croissants (which are the closest to french ones in my opinion) and huge cafes.

we then spent the day finishing orange is the new black. if you haven’t watched it yet – it’s amazing. watch it right now! then we went to the movies to see the conjuring (meh) and had oysters and dinner at another favorite, the hungry cat. we tried something new there – the lamb and clams. omg good.

next we celebrated with my family at my moms house for dinner and had a great cake from lark bakery.

any cat lady would be ecstatic to have their cats being in the spotlight, a friend of a friend is starting up a cat photography business so he came over to shoot ours. i was loving it.

oh bodhi. his face makes me so happy.

for gideon’s birthday we went to dave and busters and drank beer and played a ton of games.

we then cooked for our weekend picnic. i made pasta salad and he made cole slaw.

unfortunately – i was way too busy having a blast during our picnic to remember to take photos. there was a TON of food. i wish you could see it.

we played wiffle ball and charades and ate and drank and didn’t go home until 830pm. we didn’t even pack up until the sprinklers went off and everyone had to run.

oh – and we went to a wedding at the la arboretum and saw a million peacocks up close.

+ BTW thank you for the birthday comments last week. i had a really hard time responding to them because they were so thoughtful. they really meant a lot to me.

la taco tour

May 17, 2013

you may notice i mention tacos a lot. that’s because i eat tacos many many times per week. because i essentially live in little mexico ( echo park ), i’ve decided to do a tour of all our favorite places to go and the best things to order at them.

+ SO STAY TUNED. i can’t do this quickly or i’ll have a heart attack.

what’s been up

April 24, 2013

spring has totally sprung. it’s been super warm out and the flowers are pretty and the produce tastes good. we went to this really strange glow in the dark mini golf course on the westside a few weeks ago. it’s weird but totally peak if you live in la. also, the brioche donuts at lamill. now that it’s warm out, we’ve been frequenting our nearby taco truck even more than we were before. it’s totally unhealthy. and did you see the old herbal essences came back? i picked these up immediately when i heard. not really sure, but i think it’s making my hair feel even thicker – i don’t care. it smells just like it used to. and did i mention we’re going to france in june!? we’ve been using this app duolingo to learn a little french before the trip, it actually makes it pretty fun and competitive. also, been spending the last few nights watching breaking bad. we’re now on season three and i think it should be called breaking bald. how many bald actors can be on one show?


hey we went to palm springs

January 21, 2013

two years after going to the exact same hotels, we went back and did the same trip.

here is me and my boy, two years ago.

and here is us now.

we took the same photo. what dorks.

there was a ton of sunlight.

a ton of things i wanted to steal.

a ton of ping pong.

a ton of admiring the parker. it’s so so so so good looking.

and mostly, a ton of cards at the pool and fish tacos.

i love palm springs.