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hi 2015

January 6, 2015



the holiday break was soooo nice. i’ve had a long break from my day job and i had nothing to do but just relax. we just got back from hawaii, so i’m now adjusting back to reality, but i still haven’t taken a lot of time to reflect on 2014 or resolutions. i usually skip resolutions because i don’t keep them and they feel like a waste of time when i should just focus on doing my best — but decided to lay out a couple really doable general life ones because i’m feeling motivated right now.

2014 was obviously a pretty important year for me. getting married really triggered the fact that i’m somewhat of a grownup now and i should at least pretend to act like it.

we have a tendency to sit around a lot watching hulu and eating in bed. this is bad i know. on our guest book advice cards at the wedding, my brother even suggested “don’t eat in bed”. we’ve agreed we’re going to try to do a weekly date night – even if it isn’t going out to dinner, but just even taking more walks or picnics or trips to the farmers market. or going to museum exhibits before we realize it’s too late and they’ve closed. another idea we’ve had is to hire a housekeeper. we’re both pretty slobby, so we realized how much happier we’d be if our apartment was just cleaned and we didn’t have to live in shambles. i think it might be really worth the money.

as i just said, i sit around and watch tv a lot. i haven’t worked out since before the wedding – sorry dad. so i’d love to even just get up and walk around our cute neighborhood more. but besides being lazy with my body – i can also be super lazy with the blog. i will get on a super kick with project brainstorming, buy supplies and then sit on them. and then sometimes i’ll see a project on another blog with the same idea as mine before i had a chance to make it. this has happened a lot actually. so when i come up with an idea, i should just do it. the same goes for focusing more energy on expanding blogzilla. and to get super shallow : i also want to do laser hair removal. anyone done it before? how much does it hurt?


for christmas, we got a cat toilet training kit. i cannot seem to muster up the courage or nose for cleaning the litterbox, so my husband does it. we are really hoping they can poop where we poop because never buying 15 lb litter tubs would be super nice for us. plus i’m sure photos will be hilar. wish us luck!

i’ve been really getting into practicing lettering, while i don’t think my technique is that good – i enjoy it which is what matters. and i’m even doing my brothers wedding invites with watercolor. i also really want to get better at photography and i’d love to learn how to weave. and i want to learn how to keep plants alive. but even if i don’t do all those things in 2015 – i’ll just know that i wanted to and that’s what really matters, right?

in 2015, i will turn 30. my husband always says 29 is harder because all you do is focus on how you’re 30 and then once you turn 30, you’re used to it. it’s a little daunting, but i’m hoping some things will happen this year that will make me feel like we’re on the right track to our future — mainly seeing if we can buy a house. also i need to be better at paying bills. that’s what adults do right?

do you make resolutions? do you feel good about them in january and then not do them?

from the weekend

June 30, 2014

blogzilla / me

flower crowns

it’s been a while since i’ve shared my weekend on the blog — but i had a really lovely one so i wanted to! my friend (and bridesmaid) had her birthday on saturday – so before her sunset picnic, she had all the girls over on friday night to make flower crowns. it was such a fun way to theme up the party, and i just can’t stop looking at this photo. i highly recommend making flower crowns for every party.

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a little makeover

June 25, 2014


blog makeover

well looky here! you might notice the blog looks pretty different – a huge thank you to my blogzilla partner natalie for putting up with my million requests. the blog is now a little more spacious and minimal, and i just can’t stop looking at it. hope you guys love it as much as i do!

we’ve been working on getting a bunch of new themes ready for the shop – which will all be available this summer, so if you like mine — you can get yours looking like it too!


what’s been up

January 13, 2014


sorry for the radio silence last week… last weekend i went to the walk in clinic for what i thought was maybe an ear infection. the doctor said i was fine, but the next day – came down with the flu. yes i am of the strong belief that going to the clinic got me sick (the waiting room was full of people coughing). so while i brought gideon to vegas for his christmas present of penn and teller – i got sick during dinner and coming down with the flu in a vegas casino is probably the least ideal place to be. btw i made those vintage style tickets for him, and i highly recommend designing the tickets if you get someone them for a gift. way more exciting a reveal than ticket master.

i spent the rest of the week in bed – and besides getting sick over and over, i’m in the midst of wedding venue scouting. which is much harder than it seems like it would be before you get engaged. by the end of my research, maybe i’ll do a post on all the pros and cons of the places we’ve found. we drove to joshua tree to check out 29 palms – and it would be a really cool wedding with everyone staying on the commune, but overall it just wasn’t totally right (and we didn’t like the food)

whats been up

trying to stay sane while juggling being sick, going back to work, getting back into DIY mode and finding a place to get married. so far, not doing so well on the sane part.

all photos are from my instagram // follow along @almostmakesperfect

we’re engaged!

January 2, 2014


were engaged

hope you had a great holiday! well! life changed a lot over the past week and a half. gideon proposed five days before christmas so we had a lot to celebrate during the holidays. the hardest part though, we decided to wait to tell my family until my dad and sister arrived, so we kept it a secret for three days. if you’re a blabber mouth like i am – that. is. torture. but it was worth it in the end, getting to tell my parents at the same time and doing a toast and watching them cry.

and now, i might as well get personal. if you want to know our story. my boyfriend fiance and i have been together for three years next month. three and a half years ago, i got laid off from my job. not knowing what to do with myself and basically having a quarter life crisis, i decided to go stay with my dad in boston. i stupidly packed up my entire apartment and moved it across the country to put all my stuff in a storage locker. why i didn’t do that in la, i have no idea. i soon found out that it snows a lot in boston, and was miserable. i then started corresponding with a really cute boy i knew from college who wrote me out of the blue to tell me i was cute and he liked my blog (my old blog.) we started writing and then talking on the phone and then spending all day every day talking until he came to visit me. we took the bus to new york for the weekend and had a 4 day date and fell madly in love. well, he told me he loved me that weekend. i played it cool and didn’t say it back. he’s still mad about it.

i decided to go visit him after a trip to see family in indiana. my mom thought i was staying with them, but i stayed with gideon. and i never left. i never asked him if it was ok for me to move in, i just had my stuff sent back to la and we lived together. yep, right off the bat. so basically, we’ve never dated. most people find it weird.

over these past three years, we’ve moved three times, been through very rough times, traveled all over, adopted kittens, and i’ve been hoping he’d ask me pretty much since day one. he’s always been my person.

i always hear it doesn’t feel different — but so far, it feels VERY different. he now really feels like my family.

to wrap this up, i just want to say that i really hope you all are ok with the blog becoming a little more wedding themed this year. i definitely can’t resist a little wedding DIY!

happy xmas and bye

December 23, 2013


it’s finally here! i hope you’re celebrating this week, and if you’re celebrating, i hope you’re as excited as i am to be celebrating. ok anyway, this year has been amazing and stressful and enlightening — and i spend almost every waking moment brainstorming and planning and making for this blog so i’m really excited to take a few days off and shut off my computer for a change.

my family is all going to be together for the entire week starting today and we’re going to HANG OUT and i can’t wait!

lucy xmas

holiday lucy says happy holidays. and omg. when i took this photo i couldn’t stop smiling.

and because i can’t let the new year start without one last DIY — come back on thursday for a fun NEW YEARS EVE DIY!

PS – don’t you dare forget about the christmas playlist!

happy thanksgiving

November 27, 2013


ginny branch

i’m taking off for the rest of the week to celebrate and eat. we’re having thanksgiving at my moms, who lives very close by, so firstly i’m thankful for almost never having to go on an airplane for the holiday. today we’re cooking some side dishes to bring over (my boyfriend makes the best stuffing ever).

and for the cheesy portion : i just wanted to also say that while i’m obviously very thankful for the people and cats in my life and all the love, support and laughs they provide me. but this year i’m also really thankful for this blog and you, the readers. having this space has done so much for me, developing my skills, challenging myself to the point of many a tantrum, being comfortable with who i am, and hopefully inspiring others. its the feedback that makes me feel like i do all this work for a reason. and if i can make people feel happy and motivated, i’m happy and motivated too.

ok ok enough. have a great holiday if you’re in the states, and if you’re elsewhere — sorry for all the boring thanksgiving posts.

photo by ginny branch