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just essentials

March 24, 2014

just essentials

bracelet | sunglasses | tote | sweater | chambray | jeans | shoes

i have this horrible habit of shopping at forever 21. i’ve been addicted since high school. but the other day when we did a load of laundry and noticed just how many clothes sitting out that weren’t dryer safe — i decided to try to call it quits. i’m an adult.

i am no longer buying stuff at forever 21 and h&m … ok that’s a lie. i will probably still buy certain things for last minute occasions. but i have another bad habit of wearing the same thing over and over. back when i was really going hard on f21 – i was in my early 20s and went out all the time and cared about having new clothes. well i’m almost 30. i no longer need disposable clothes, right?

i’ve decided to purge hard and only buy items that i truly love and that i can hopefully wear for many years. that’s the only way i can reason with myself to spend the extra money. i’ve decided that if i have a steady rotation, i really only need like :

– a half dozen nice tees
– 2 pairs of jeans
– a couple of button downs and sweaters
– a daytime bag
– a nighttime bag
– a couple of dresses (gonna just stick with black)
– a few favorite accessories that don’t turn my skin blue

btw – i bought that cuyana leather tote and am SO happy with it. i use it everyday. do you spend more on nicer items or buy disposables?


wedding stuff : floral crowns

February 26, 2014

wedding floral crowns roundup // almost makes perfect

i’ve got some BIG WEDDING NEWS! i’ve bought my dress! it only took three stores and about 30 dresses – but i found one that i love and decided to just go for it rather than prolong this process that i hate.

did / do most people hate wedding dress shopping? my first trip was with my mom and all my bridesmaids and i thought it would be this exciting fun experience, but it was mostly 5 different opinions. so i went again just with my mom and found something right away. it makes me feel like a pretty bride, but is also unique enough to make me feel like it’s me.

i did mention the theme is desert boho – and it’s not the most bohemian or laid back dress i’ve seen (it’s actually pretty “bridal” for me) so i’ve decided i’m just going to style it up (down) with some simple accessories and i’m really thinking of floral crowns. i definitely don’t want a HUGE bouquet on my head so as usual — i’d probably veer on the side of simpler.

i’d want my bridesmaids and the flower girls in them too – could make for fun DIYing!?

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six favorite valentines diys

February 4, 2014

while i’m not super into pink and red under normal circumstances, valentines day is the one exception i’ll make. here are six of my favorite valentines projects that are beautiful, simple & way girly.

favorite valentines diys

printable donut boxes by sugar and charm / mylar treat bags by paper & stitch
XO gift wrap by sugar & cloth / heart cake – source unknown
heart garland by 52 weeks project / conversation heart donuts by studio diy

getting organized

January 14, 2014

like i said, being sick when the new year starts really makes you feel like you’re behind on all aspects of life. we were wanting to move pretty badly, but now that we’re engaged, we’re going to hold off on moving. and because i’ve been in the “i’m moving at some point” mindset, our apartment is just littered with trash, empty boxes, craft supplies… it’s time to try to get organized around here. also thinking of hiring a cleaning lady to bring me some sanity. that works for most people, right?

getting organized

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winter coats

November 12, 2013

it’s in the 80s this week in la — but i know i’m going to need a winter coat (or maybe an autumn coat) at SOME point… here are some of my favorites. oh and they’re all under $200. of course.

winter coats -- almost makes perfect

O N E     /     T W O     /     T H R E E     /     F O U R     /     F I V E