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help me pick out dining chairs?

May 21, 2015


it’s been a long while since i’ve done any home stuff, but now that we’ve been married a tiny bit, we are wanting a house real bad. before the new house though, i got us a new dining table with all the gift cards we registered for (!!). unfortunately, our wishbone chairs are really short with the table, and now i’m thinking we need to sell our wishbones and replace with some taller chairs.

dining chairs | almost makes perfect

but i’m super indecisive, so help me and tell me which ones would look the best?!

01. kind of obsessed with these, BUT someday i kinda want a brown leather couch, and that sounds like a lot of brown leather.
02. black shaker chairs are totally in right now. and i love jumping on trends.
03. these might be just as short as our current chairs, but i love them. and i’m currently too lazy to measure.
04. the white + wood could look real good? understood?
05. we had these at our wedding, so they’d be a nostalgia chair for us. but they could also work outside someday.
06. lastly, my dad has four of these. i’ve claimed them as my own and been considering paying to have them shipped from boston for a few years, should i just do that?! (it’ll prob end up costing the same as a new set)

help! what’s your favorite?

six spring cleaning + organizing DIYs

May 19, 2015


this year we made one of the best decisions of our lives — to hire a cleaning lady. she comes every other week, and while it’s an expense we didn’t have before, i seriously don’t know how we survived in the apartment before. the toilets are clean. there’s much less fur everywhere. the stove isn’t covered in gunk. it’s amazing. but she isn’t a miracle worker — so the apartment is still cluttered to shit. now that it’s spring, we’re all kind of thinking about how we could be more organized, right? here are six DIYs to make you feel just a tad bit cleaner.

6 spring cleaning + organizing DIYs | almost makes perfect

01. this diy dustpan looks like something i’d try to spend $60 on gid would say no.
02. we use laundry bags, but they are NEVER organized by lights and darks.
03. prettying up our shampoo bottles was one of the most visually satisfying things ever.
04. everyone needs an easy place to corral their mail + crap.
05. and speaking of corralling, there is nothing better than a bunch of cute bowls for that,
06. but nothing makes me feel more organized than making lists (even if i don’t accomplish all the things on said list)

iphone cases

April 8, 2015


iphone cases | almost makes perfect

you know that totally blissful feeling when you have a clean + sparkly new phone? before you’ve dropped it or scratched it and you feel on top of the world? i feel like that right now. i switched providers and got a new iphone 6 and i just am obsessed. so naturally… GIMME ALL THE PRETTY IPHONE CASES.


six easter egg DIYS

March 26, 2015

holiday / roundup

6 easter egg DIYS to do | almost makes perfect

i am not huge into easter for two reasons.

one : i am jewish. that’s the big one.
two : because there is no way i would ever consider making a perfectly perfect egg inedible. like no way. when i have kids, we’re using fake eggs. i refuse to not eat the egg.

next week i’ll have one easter project for you guys, but it won’t be an egg project. don’t get me wrong though, i still admire beautiful easter egg projects, so here are my favorites!


baba souk gift guide ( + a discount )

December 8, 2014


baba souk is one of those online shops where if you go to find a gift for one lady in your life, you’ll definitely end up finding something for every lady in your life. their shop is full of gorgeous patterns and one of a kind objects — and it’s seriously hard to not want to get something yourself. i’ve rounded up some of my favorite items from their shop – and i’m sharing a discount code with you guys that will last today through december 10th! use code ALMOSTMAKESPERFECT for 15% off! now go and get your holiday shopping done already, sheesh.

baba souk gift guide

01. for the friend or coworker : anti evil eye bracelet
02. for the entertainer : graphic cheese plates
03. for the crafter : twig pencils
04. for the jewelry lover : raw quatz earrings
05. for the decorator : striped moroccan pillow
06. for the green thumb : cacti planter
07. for you : thank you cards for post – holiday gratitude

shopping for coats

November 12, 2014

roundup / style

i think it might be finally cooling down in LA, and not just for a few days but maybe for the whole winter! although i really love the weather here, last winter was pretty warm the entire season – and i really miss wearing sweaters and jackets. so now it’s time to daydream about what i’ll wear, when i can believe it’s actually cold. jacket weather | almost makes perfect


give better gifts

September 23, 2014

gift guide / roundup

i’m super into giving people gifts they won’t throw into a closet and i’m also super into curating boards full of gift ideas (as you probably know) — so today i’m sharing with you guys this new website i’ve teamed up with called giftry. it’s the easiest way to find the perfect gift for whatever occasion comes up.

giftry lists

along with some of my favorite bloggers, i’m an influencer on the site – so we have compiled different boards of gift ideas. if you like someone’s aesthetic or pinterest, then that’s a really helpful resource when you’re looking for gifts online. and just like you get addicted to pinning, i started getting a little into making boards and doing some virtual shopping, mostly for myself. but maybe for you too.

you can start a board for the said-gift getter. so like : if gideon has a birthday coming up, i can create a board for gifts ideas for him. then i can share it with our friends and family and make sure he gets gifts he actually likes rather than add to a pile of gifts to give away when it’s someones birthday.

he actually got me in the habit of immediately writing down when he mentions he wants or needs something – so now i do it with everyone. i have countless text notes in my phone of gift ideas for all my relatives. it’s kind of the best way ever to keep track of good present ideas, so i highly recommend starting. and it works for non-material gifts too – i am always checking the performers at our nearby indian casino — because if someone good plays there, surprise tickets and a night at the hotel are the best gift ever. but that’s just one idea. i’ve also gotten my parents cooking classes, which they loved. we once got my little sister a beef jerky of the month membership. i really hate it when i get my mom the wrong gift and i see it with the tags on years later. so you can totally avoid this with giftry YAY!


i don’t know about you, but giving someone things they might actually want is way more exciting to me than giving them an itunes gift card. and you make sure your loved ones are on the same track for gift ideas can avoid the said closet toss.

anyway — you can sign up for giftry, check out my gift ideas and the rest of the influencers’, and maybe create some gift lists for yourself or someone real lucky.