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the jumbokitten print shop

May 8, 2013

internet shopping / pets

i am so happy to announce that my boyfriend gideon has opened up an etsy shop for custom portraits!

he can do people and pets or people with pets or just pets or whatever. and he’s awesome. so if you are looking for the perfect gift for basically any occasion, check out his shop and buy yourself a custom portrait why don’t you.

JUMBOkitten print shop.

you might recognize the cutest cats in the world?

or chris farley?

hey who’s that. that’s me. and him too.

and that’s sophie and her beloved tennis ball.

now go buy one!


the coffee table of my dreams or : how i learned to hate rugsusa

April 8, 2013

internet shopping / living rooms

once upon a time, i saw this table on pinterest. the mirac modern coffee table. in sand. at the time, we had a coffee table. but i kept going back and looking at it and trying to convince the boyfriend and the price was so good and it looked so good. i finally convinced him. i ordered it online from rugsusa and sold ours on craigslist the next day.

then… we didn’t have a coffee table for a month. we drink coffee on the couch. and we rest our feet on our coffee table when we have one. not having a coffee table is harder than it seems. 

rugsusa confirmed my order. then, days later, i saw it was out of stock on their site. because i was looking at it again. i called and asked if mine was still coming. they said they would get in touch with the warehouse and let me know. apparently they deal with a warehouse on certain items and have no immediate contact with this so called warehouse. so i called a lot more. i thought it wasn’t coming. i was really upset. like… really upset. i know it’s just things, but i fell in love with this coffee table from the one simple little photograph and my heart was broken.

then about two and half weeks later, they emailed me with a shipping confirmation. i may have jumped up and down in joy.

two more weeks go by… i obsessively checked the ups tracking page every few hours for these two weeks. the item had not been shipped. they had printed a shipping label, but that was it. i hardly think that entails a “shipping confirmation”. i called and called and got the same story. they’d get in touch with the warehouse. i was back to that dark place. it wasn’t coming.

and then… i got the notification. my order was cancelled. wait. first i got an email saying my order was cancelled due to the item being damaged. then minutes later, another email saying my order was cancelled due to the item being out of stock.

after a month of dozens of calls and the ultimate test of my patience, they refunded my money and didn’t even offer me a discount on a future order. so even though i bought my favorite new rug from rugsusa also, i am really mad at them. i could even say i hate them. i did say that in the title of this post, so there. and that was a long winded story for an out of stock coffee table.

with my heart set on a geometric based table like this one, i started my new search. i tried figuring out who manufactured this table to no avail. somehow this is totally confidential information and the warehouse has now discontinued the item. i’d like to assume that’s because it’s really shitty. i also contacted many welders and custom furniture makers. did you know custom coffee tables cost a lot? now i do.

i’ve had like 45 coffee tables in my life and for some reason, i have a REALLY hard time finding a coffee table that i find to be perfect. is it just me? most coffee tables suck.

so then i found this from wayfair. but like – what is this? what the hell angle is that photo taken at? it makes me dizzy. and it costs $728!?!?!! (and is now out of stock somehow anyway) i’m guessing everyone who bought this had the same disappointment with rugsusa?

this one was on the right track from amsterdam modern. the price isn’t. i don’t care how many billions of dollars, i will never be spending $1250 on a coffee table base.

so that pretty much rules out a milo baughman coffee table. pssh. i don’t even like glass coffee tables. i always hate the feeling of putting glass on glass.

i love love the origami coffee table from west elm, but really didn’t want a round one.

i really feel like the goldilocks of coffee tables. once we bought a blu dot strut coffee table off craiglist, and i posted it on craigslist the next day. um. i’m nuts.

anyway. we DIYed one. and i’ll be posting it tomorrow with more pictures and less complaining.

pasta dinner party

April 4, 2013

entertaining / internet shopping / roundup

there’s something super elegant about serving a simple pasta dish for a dinner party. maybe it stems from something’s gotta give (nancy meyers knows how to do a fucking dinner)…

does that shot / scene not make you want to eat a big bowl of pasta every night? that’s what i thought. ok i’m throwing myself a dinner party tonight and eating a ton of buttered noodles.

ONE cantina tile large jug TWO target threshold pasta bowl THREE vera wang wedgwood graphite serving bowl FOUR world market sheesham oval salad servers FIVE terrain salt and pepper cellars SIX world market cress green hemstitch napkins SEVEN cb2 chaser glass EIGHT dean & deluca pesto with fresh basil NINE west elm french bread tray

some new bulbs

March 5, 2013

home / inspiration / internet shopping

if you’ve stayed at the ace hotel in palm springs (and maybe the other locations), you may have noticed / fallen in lust with their super simple huge light bulb fixtures in the rooms. so naturally, i had to find out exactly what type of bulb it was and the staff was super helpful about it.

the bulbs are a 60 watt g40 clear bulb, i found them on clearance for $1.98 on lamps plus and bought ten and have put them everywhere. i love these!