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how to purge your closet

January 19, 2016

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how to purge your closet | almost makes perfect

in true january spirit, i wanted to do some posts this week on resolutions you may have made and are maybe even hoping to keep.

i think we all could use a lot less clutter in our closets (and everywhere else), and after our recent move – i purged a LOT of belongings, but i’m still so far away from being a minimalist. either way, i wanted to share my own personal tips for where to even begin.


you can totally skip this step, but i am a full believer in the fact that it works. if you have all sorts of mismatched hangers, pick up a bunch of nice new matching hangers that will make your closet a way nicer place. it’ll not only inspire you to get organized, but if you only allow yourself to buy so many – you have a hard excuse to purge more if you don’t have a hanger for it.


its gonna be a pain in the ass, but just get it all out and get ready to devote a weekend to a big ol’ mess. apologize to anyone living with you.


you can get really specific with this. organize piles for jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, tank tops, sweatshirts, t-shirts, blouses, sweaters, jackets… it’ll also really help you determine the quantity of everything, especially when you know you wear one pair of jeans daily, yet you own 14 pairs.


have a box for keeping, a box for donating, and a box for selling (the lightly used, expensive items you’ve got). even if you’re going to put off the pain of trying to clothes for quite a while, put the box away somewhere far, far away from the closet for now.


any nostalgic shirt that you clearly need to retire should obviously go into your pajama shirt. not! this is the logic that caused me to have a pajama drawer that i couldn’t close. i told gid for christmas i just wanted nice fancy grown up pajama sets and he gave me a bunch, so in return i got rid of all the old shirts that weren’t my dads from the 80s and i couldn’t be happier with the way my drawer finally closes.


just because you bought a kate spade purse in 2002 with your own money and it felt so dope at the time, does not mean you’ve worn it in the past 5 years — meaning you don’t need it.

i personally only need one small daytime purse, one large daytime purse, a backpack, a weekender, and a clutch for fancy occasions. i think you probably only need the same.

same goes for shoes, think about what you really wear and what you really need, and get rid of the rest. none of us actually need 19 pairs of sandals.

you can even go really hard and do the same with your bathing suits, bras and underwear. another luxurious thing i’m doing in my 30s is throwing away pairs of underwear from college that are disgusting, and buying only quality underwear — which makes you feel so much better when you get dressed. i’m obsessed with cosabella now, and I’ve decided i really only need a weeks worth of underwear for that time of the month… ok now I’m just getting tmi.


you know what you wear the most, and your own signature style. i know i wear black jeans, sandals, loose tank tops, etc. i would be perfectly fine with just owning a few of each of those items and i wouldn’t notice the difference.

from my own personal experience, there was a period of a few months where i didn’t have my whole wardrobe and was living out of a suitcase (long story thats irrelevant). but at that time i noticed how incredibly fine i was with just having a few things to wear. i never, ever agonized over what to wear. then i got all my things back and i went back to only wearing about 25% of the items i own, and agonizing all the time.

how to purge your wardrobe | almost makes perfecthow to purge your closet | almost makes perfect


we all know the simple method, but in case we don’t — if you have a bad memory, hang your clothes in the closet backwards. once you’ve worn it, you can hang it correctly. after a year, remove everything you have hanging backwards.


it’s so easy to get that cheapy dress from forever 21 because you’re going to a party that weekend and have nothing to wear. but if you don’t shop impulsively, you’ll end up with a closet full of things that mean a lot more to you.

i myself was a forever 21 addict, so i know how easy it is. but i’ve made a real effort this year to not only not look at their website, but to shop more thoughtfully. i invest in more quality pieces, and i think long and hard about whether or not its a good purchase that ill get a lot of wear out of. be realistic and honest with yourself.


its so easy to order online, but i have a really bad habit of forgetting to return things. i can honestly say the items that i love and wear the most are the ones i’ve bought in person. when you’re in a store and can see the quality and fit of an item, it makes it a lot easier to evaluate your level of love for it.


this is something that gid also made me do, because our closet was filling up a little too fast. its a good rule to follow — because it really makes you consider your purchases.

how to purge your closet | almost makes perfect

hope this helped! now go purge away!

f21 faves

August 27, 2015

f21 faves / style

f21 faves | almost makes perfect

so i guess it’s almost fall. are we buying things for fall yet? here’s a mix of the two, because i’m not ready for it to be straight up sweater buying time yet.

hat / chambray shirt / crop top / weekender / sunglasses / romper / boots / pouch

f21 faves

July 13, 2015

f21 faves / style

f21 roundup | almost makes perfect

another batch of favorites, clearly i’m feeling a little monochromatic right now. i’m stoked on literally all of these picks, and seriously about to buy that perfectly simple LBD — but my absolute favorite is the purse. i bought it for our trip to paris because my bucket bag gets super heavy and i knew i wouldn’t want to walk around with it all day. so i got this simple little bag and i am obsessed. not only is it the perfect size, but it doesn’t get heavy feeling and it’s also so cute and really doesn’t look at all cheap. i bought it like three weeks ago and have had a dozen compliments followed by “that’s from forever 21?! i want” so go buy it right now if you trust me.

purse / crop top / skirt / loafers / anorak / shift dress / bra / necklace

heading to paris (!!!)

June 23, 2015


paris | almost makes perfect

eeee. i am so excited to be leaving for paris today! i’m getting ready to eat as much unpasterized butter as i can hold in my stomach and walk and drink and take lots of photos and clearly i’m thrilled. if you guys have any can’t miss spots in paris, let me know!

…here’s what i’m [fantasy] packing.

01. hell yeah a selfie stick. no shame. ok probably a lot of shame, but it was super hard to get a good eiffel tower shot last time i was in paris (we were literally trying for an hour) so this time i’m coming prepared.
02. i always end up throwing on the same things on vacations, this simple blousey white tank is a perfect easy staple.
03. i don’t know… to me, these sunglasses look hot french girl. am i totally wrong on this?
04. because when in paris, eat lots and lots of croissants.
05. i always prefer a backpack when i’m walking around on trips, love how this doubles as a purse.
06. and when you’re walking, you need some walking shoes.

f21 faves

June 15, 2015

f21 faves / style

f21 faves | almost makes perfect

ok so while i usually wear black, it’s warm outside, so i’m ok wearing lighter colors. well, neutrals. the word color is a stretch, but this will do! here are some neutral faves to complete your summer wardrobe.

gauze dress / backpack / dress / linen tank / cuff / shorts / kimono / sandals

f21 faves

May 26, 2015

f21 faves / style

f21 roundup | almost makes perfect

so like, spring is here. yeah yeah i suppose it’s been here, but it seems like the time we should stock up on summer stuff, right? ok. good. i’m glad we’re all in agreement on this. and most importantly… how cute is the swimsuit? it might look horrible on my larger chest but i am buying it anyway because yolo.

swimsuit / blouse / sandals / hat / crop top / tote / cuff set / shift dress

f21 faves

April 23, 2015

f21 faves / style

f21 roundup | almost makes perfect

with the summer coming — i’m thinking all my clothes are too confining and tight and black. so if i’m buying clothes for the new season, i’m going to focus on loose and lightweight materials. you can kind of see that’s where my head is at with these picks.

boxy blouse / cotton shirt dressromper / clutch / backpack / sandals / linen pants / crop top

f21 faves

March 23, 2015

f21 faves / style

f21 roundup | almost makes perfect

as promised, i’m going to start doing semi regular roundups of my favorite items at forever 21!

i want to start this column by saying i am not associated with the store, i just have an addiction. i also want to say that i am aware that there are many options for shopping small, sustainably + ethically. but i enjoy F21 and that’s about it. this blog is about fun + pretty things. and not much more than that. real talk!

muscle tank
/ sandals / sunglasses / denim shirt / overalls / boots / linen button down / maxi dress