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tulum honeymoon

September 26, 2014

style / wish list

while the wedding is TOMORROW — a lot of my excitement is building up for the honeymoon. in a few days, we’ll be sitting on the beach drinking margaritas and i cannot wait! the biggest problem with planning our trip is that i should have shopped for beach wear before the fall season started. i’ve been looking for a swimsuit in stores and it feels impossible.

we’re staying at two hotels and i’ll be instagramming away i’m sure. so follow me there and i’ll be back with a travel post when i’m home!

tulum honeymoon  | almost makes perfect



payday [ + bday ] wishlist

July 18, 2014

wish list

my birthday is next week, so while every wish list is things i want – this one’s different because it’s like more real. or something.

this weekend, i’m going to try and finally tackle down at least one wedding DIY and hopefully address all of our wedding envelopes if they actually arrive in the mail! hope you have a great weekend!

payday [& bday] wishlist

01 | anyone have a problem with gold watches fading?! i need a replacement that doesn’t wear so hard.
02 | i have no need for more stuff unless it’s super good looking like this lamp. (that’s a good rule, right?)
03 | obsessed with this cactus print by polly rowan
04 | is this not the perfect casual summertime daytime dress ?!
05 | my headphones broke, and while i really want a fancy pair, i’m not spending $$. these would do.
06 | i need a new wallet, and i’m thinking a zipper pouch is the best way to make me actually throw away receipts and dentist appointment reminder cards

payday wishlist

June 12, 2014

wish list

i’m heading off early this week because my dad and stepmom are in town for my bridal shower this weekend! we’re doing a little sightseeing while they’re here – along with some costco time for the shower… did i mention gideon is catering it?! he will be assisted by my brother and dad as his sous chefs in the kitchen. so excited!

hope you all have a lovely weekend — today’s wish list is all about house updates that will make a big difference during spring cleaning.

payday wishlist | almost makes perfect

01 | i want a jungle in my apartment, filled with cactus in planters. but my cats won’t let me.
02 | loving these handpainted pillows from abc home by shanan campanaro.
03 | h&m now has marble patterned things. EEEEE!!!!
04 | i’m not usually a fan of glass coffee tables – but i’d make an exception for this one.
05 | i am all about the tea towels. ALL about them.
06 | when i clean, i put things in things - pretty baskets are key for that.

long weekend wish list

May 23, 2014

wish list

happy friday and happy memorial day weekend! i don’t have many plans this weekend, since i kinda just realized it was a long one. but i have next week off from work so we decided to go on a little two day getaway to get away from all the stress that is wedding planning! i hope you have a great long weekend!

since everyone spends this weekend BBQing and swimming, today’s wish list is all things summer.

payday wishlist

01 | these plates scream outdoor entertaining to me. i can just picture the grilled salmon & corn.
02 | in love with this wild fern clutch, i never use clutches because i find them… fussy. but i’d make an exception.
03 | what better way to visualize than summer to like… literally visualize it. such a cute print by julia kostreva.
04 | every may we attempt to start planting a little, it’s almost june and we haven’t – but hey look how cute this plant holder is.
05 | the perfect pair of sunglasses will get you in the summer mood, it works for me.
06 | and there is no better motivation to go outside than to know you can lay down when you get there. (yes i’m a hermit.)

payday wishlist

May 2, 2014

wish list

payday wishlist

this week has been a bit stressful, and it being 95 degrees out everyday hasn’t helped! but i’ve been running around getting all the supplies for the anthropologie event on sunday, which i hope you’re coming to! if you aren’t and you want to, there might still be a chance to RSVP! i’ll be spending the weekend preparing for that while trying to stay cool in the meantime.

we’re also STILL doing honeymoon research (we’re so lost on where to go) and working on the wedding invites (i think i FINALLY figured out the design) i hope you have a great weekend!

01. these little patterned dip bowls would look so cute at a summer party filled with guacamole and dips.
02. the perfect sandal because they don’t require a pedicure. couldn’t believe how few women i saw in france not wearing them.
03. a gorgeous horn tape measure? like come on. when am i winning a lottery to buy all these lovely things i don’t need?
04. i love stretchy jewelry, so when i saw this bracelet i was like that looks like something i would have worn when i was 11, but pretty.
05. i looove these striped shorts and i bet you might too.
06. i’m clearly into triangles and clearly into coasters.


payday wishlist

April 18, 2014

wish list

friday came fast this week WHOA. i’m trying to go to this place tonight, but i never end up going to places that don’t reservations. but i’m going to attempt to! we’re also trying to pretty ourselves up because we’re doing our engagement photos next week! we’re both really bad at having our picture taken but apparently this is great practice for the big day. and i’m going to make these fantastic and easy cookies to share with you guys. hope you have a great weekend and for those of you celebrating, happy easter!

oh also — have you watched silicon valley on hbo? it might seem too nerdy for some people, but totally my new favorite show.

payday wishlist

01. i really want to fill the apartment with plants. as soon as i’m actually focusing on the apartment i’m buying like 20 succulents and 20 airplants. and maybe this hanging planter.
02. sadly, i’ve lost my watch. maybe it’s somewhere in the apartment or in a jewelry travel case somewhere? or it’s been stolen. going to assume it’s been stolen. very sad. i guess i need a new one.
03. i cannot get enough of indigo and nude leather combos like this amazing tote. sooo pretty.
04. i’m sure you’ve seen herbivore botanical products everywhere because they’re designed so so well. our bathtub has been filled with stuff we want to sell for about 6 months now. after a trip to israel when i was 10 i was hooked on dead sea masks. and now i really want to take a bath with these salts.
05. the perfect simple leather sandals that you can wear at all times. i bought them last night in black, but i want them in brown too.
06. this beach towel makes me want to actually drive an hour to go the beach. it’s the best.

payday wishlist

April 11, 2014

wish list

i finished my taxes yesterday, so i’m feeling very very ready for the weekend. i’m assuming everyone else did theirs like… weeks and months ago?! well good work. we’re sttttill working on the wedding invitations and the website, so i’m going to try to spend as much time actually finishing those this weekend as i can. it is SO hard to design for yourself, but it’s especially hard when it’s your wedding and nothing feels perfect enough, for our vibe and personalities and all that we have to consider. but we did lock down how they’ll be printed! hope you have a lovely weekend!

payday wishlist

01. i was obsessed with birkenstocks when i was a kid. everyone at camp was replacing their adidas sandals with them, and i had to have some. so i subscribed to the catalog and would daydream about my own pair. i finally got some and never took them off. when birks started coming back a few years ago i was like “BLEGH” but i’ve now seen them on enough cute people that i want some again. this is how it works right? very easily brainwashed.
02. denim + triangles. i mean. so naturally i want this throw blanket.
03. the perfect beach / farmers market / summer / vacation bag ever.
04. i want every hanging planter i see, but especially love the color blocked yarn accents on this one.
05. who doesn’t need a pretty new notebook? well, probably me, but still i can want them.

wanting / home items

April 7, 2014

interiors / wish list

wanting / home items

i ALWAYS want new stuff for the house, i don’t think there will ever be a point in my life where i wouldn’t be totally willing to purge everything and have a shopping spree at west elm. but right now with the wedding looming, it seems wrong to buy anything new for the apartment. but i want to so badly. here’s everything that i think about pretty regularly.

01. as comfortable as our office chairs are, i really hate that they’re black for the most part. it was my bad. the office would look so much cleaner with white shell chairs (or these if i’m feeling nice to our butts). and when i say cleaner, i mean cleaner because there is crap everywhere.

02. i reeeally want a new rug for the bedroom. right now we have a cowhide that doesn’t reach our feet, i’d love for the room to feel a little warmer with a big chunky simple rug.

03. i’ve been saying we need lamps/sconces for a while now. still haven’t done it.  and every time these onefortythree sconces come back in stock, i debate it until they sell back out. maybe i need to just DIY, right?

04. we have a docksta table, which i am ok with, but it barely fits four peoples plates. i’d love a big dining table for sprawling out my craft projects – because honestly that’s all i use the dining table for.

05. i’ve always wanted a butterfly chair, and i’ve never gotten a butterfly chair. not sure why. just one of those things.

06. you’ve seen our shelving unit, but you don’t know that it’s a pretty big eye sore at this point. i mean, i still like it, but i do kinda miss the bare walls. we want to move after the wedding, so it’s not worth taking down probably, although i mean, we’ll have to take it down at some point anyway, right? would be so nice to just see a simple cabinet with the tv at this point.