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payday wishlist

January 16, 2015

wish list

it’s friday! after about two years of working freelance at home, my husband recently got a new job – which makes me very happy. but i’m also now reminiscing about us working from home together and i definitely have not appreciated the weekend as much as i do now. we’re going on a dinner date and i really want to see big eyes – but we never end up seeing movies in theaters, so how about i just say that i want to see it. i also want to see top five. hope you guys have a lovely weekend!

wishlist | 82

01. would this not make the best fruit bowl ever? plus it’s for a good cause.
02. i’m in love with these uncomfortable ikea chairs. DIY cushions?
03. we light a lot of incense due to a lot of cat poop, this beauty would replace our tea can holder.
04. jewelry storage is one of those things i’ll never be good at. the few things i wear are always scattered everywhere.
05. such a pretty bag. a girl can dream. also she can maybe DIY it.
06. remember when i said a girl can dream? she will dream about the scrambled egg spoon fo life.
07. last week we all agreed we couldn’t afford that copper watering can. well how about this mister instead?!
08. i eat a lot of toast. A LOT. is that enough of a reason? probably not.
09. usually i shy away from colors in our apartment, but i am sooo into this [very affordable] rug.

payday wishlist

January 9, 2015

wish list

because it’s the first week of january – today’s wish list is all about january cliches.
also! i’m introducing a new feature to the wish lists where you can click on most items to go directly to the source. YAY. let me know if you have any issues with it.

happy friday!


01. i will always say i will keep plants alive. i will never keep plants alive. i still want a fancy watering can though.
02. i’m always searching for pretty new throw pillows, this year my resolution is to buy one or two.
03. i love collecting cookbooks, but like for real. i never cook from them. and i really want to. and i want this one.
04. i tend to be sooo bad at remembering to send thank you notes. shame on me.
05. why are electric toothbrushes sooo ugly?  all black makes almost all things look better.
06. writing things down is super helpful. i am a chronic list maker. i need pretty places to write said lists.

payday wishlist by the veda house

October 3, 2014

guest post / wish list

the veda house wish list | almost makes perfect

i am a HUGE FAN of cassie of the veda house, so i asked her to share some autumn inspired items for this weeks wish list! if you haven’t checked out her blog, go do it asap. then go see her amazing graphic design portfolio.


hi guys! while molly is off tying the knot is palm springs, i’ve been invited to share a few of my favorite products that get me in the mood for fall. i’m more of a summer kind of gal, so beautifully designed products that just scream “COZY” definitely help make the transition towards a cooler season.

as a minimalist who’s drawn to very monochromatic color palettes, the items are perfect autumn pieces my home/wardrobe. i’m loving the more aggressive materials (iron & leather) paired with the softer wool items. enjoy!

huge congrats to molly and her beau! thanks for having me molly.

01. ceramic mug
02. leather jacket
03. black & copper wall lamp
04. wood storage
05. arina sweater
06. wool blanket


tulum honeymoon

September 26, 2014

style / wish list

while the wedding is TOMORROW — a lot of my excitement is building up for the honeymoon. in a few days, we’ll be sitting on the beach drinking margaritas and i cannot wait! the biggest problem with planning our trip is that i should have shopped for beach wear before the fall season started. i’ve been looking for a swimsuit in stores and it feels impossible.

we’re staying at two hotels and i’ll be instagramming away i’m sure. so follow me there and i’ll be back with a travel post when i’m home!

tulum honeymoon  | almost makes perfect



payday [ + bday ] wishlist

July 18, 2014

wish list

my birthday is next week, so while every wish list is things i want – this one’s different because it’s like more real. or something.

this weekend, i’m going to try and finally tackle down at least one wedding DIY and hopefully address all of our wedding envelopes if they actually arrive in the mail! hope you have a great weekend!

payday [& bday] wishlist

01 | anyone have a problem with gold watches fading?! i need a replacement that doesn’t wear so hard.
02 | i have no need for more stuff unless it’s super good looking like this lamp. (that’s a good rule, right?)
03 | obsessed with this cactus print by polly rowan
04 | is this not the perfect casual summertime daytime dress ?!
05 | my headphones broke, and while i really want a fancy pair, i’m not spending $$. these would do.
06 | i need a new wallet, and i’m thinking a zipper pouch is the best way to make me actually throw away receipts and dentist appointment reminder cards

payday wishlist

June 12, 2014

wish list

i’m heading off early this week because my dad and stepmom are in town for my bridal shower this weekend! we’re doing a little sightseeing while they’re here – along with some costco time for the shower… did i mention gideon is catering it?! he will be assisted by my brother and dad as his sous chefs in the kitchen. so excited!

hope you all have a lovely weekend — today’s wish list is all about house updates that will make a big difference during spring cleaning.

payday wishlist | almost makes perfect

01 | i want a jungle in my apartment, filled with cactus in planters. but my cats won’t let me.
02 | loving these handpainted pillows from abc home by shanan campanaro.
03 | h&m now has marble patterned things. EEEEE!!!!
04 | i’m not usually a fan of glass coffee tables – but i’d make an exception for this one.
05 | i am all about the tea towels. ALL about them.
06 | when i clean, i put things in things – pretty baskets are key for that.

long weekend wish list

May 23, 2014

wish list

happy friday and happy memorial day weekend! i don’t have many plans this weekend, since i kinda just realized it was a long one. but i have next week off from work so we decided to go on a little two day getaway to get away from all the stress that is wedding planning! i hope you have a great long weekend!

since everyone spends this weekend BBQing and swimming, today’s wish list is all things summer.

payday wishlist

01 | these plates scream outdoor entertaining to me. i can just picture the grilled salmon & corn.
02 | in love with this wild fern clutch, i never use clutches because i find them… fussy. but i’d make an exception.
03 | what better way to visualize than summer to like… literally visualize it. such a cute print by julia kostreva.
04 | every may we attempt to start planting a little, it’s almost june and we haven’t – but hey look how cute this plant holder is.
05 | the perfect pair of sunglasses will get you in the summer mood, it works for me.
06 | and there is no better motivation to go outside than to know you can lay down when you get there. (yes i’m a hermit.)

payday wishlist

May 2, 2014

wish list

payday wishlist

this week has been a bit stressful, and it being 95 degrees out everyday hasn’t helped! but i’ve been running around getting all the supplies for the anthropologie event on sunday, which i hope you’re coming to! if you aren’t and you want to, there might still be a chance to RSVP! i’ll be spending the weekend preparing for that while trying to stay cool in the meantime.

we’re also STILL doing honeymoon research (we’re so lost on where to go) and working on the wedding invites (i think i FINALLY figured out the design) i hope you have a great weekend!

01. these little patterned dip bowls would look so cute at a summer party filled with guacamole and dips.
02. the perfect sandal because they don’t require a pedicure. couldn’t believe how few women i saw in france not wearing them.
03. a gorgeous horn tape measure? like come on. when am i winning a lottery to buy all these lovely things i don’t need?
04. i love stretchy jewelry, so when i saw this bracelet i was like that looks like something i would have worn when i was 11, but pretty.
05. i looove these striped shorts and i bet you might too.
06. i’m clearly into triangles and clearly into coasters.