hi. i’m molly.

i spend my days working freelance as a designer and editor, and DIYing the hell out of my apartment in echo park, ca that i share with my husband gideon and our two cats, bodhi and lucy. he’s a big invisible part of this blog.

i grew up in newton, massachusetts but moved to los angeles as a teenager. i love martha stewart, oysters, 80s sexy comedies, poached eggs (but really all eggs), horror movies and the celtics.

if i could have my proverbial hypothetical dinner with a celebrity, i would eat with john lennon & howard stern & andy cohen & larry david (ugh i can’t choose). and we would eat fish tacos and margaritas.

+ i named this blog because i could never do anything perfectly. EVER. it’s always been frustrating but i’ve learned to accept it. i’m too impatient to prime or let the paint dry all the way. i TRY to be super good at crafting. cooking. decorating. try being the operative word. i mess stuff up. you’ll see. but if you scroll way back to the beginning of the blog, i am clear proof that if you get your 10,000 hours in – you will get better.

there’s no fun in making things if you take yourself too seriously, so be ok with messing up, ok?


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