diy copper + wood paper towel holder

March 18, 2014


diy copper & wood paper towel holder | almost makes perfect diy copper & wood paper towel holder

a paper towel holder is always an afterthought for me. case in point – i’ve been wanting to DIY one for a year now. but the other day when i deep cleaned the kitchen for the first time in months, i noticed how gross and rusty ours was – i headed out to the hardware store that day.

this project is SUPER easy to make, but you need some good tools and some arm strength or some boyfriend.

diy paper towel holder


a piece of wood (we got this birch in the precut section of the hardware store)
copper pipe
copper cap
industrial strength glue
drill spade bit (we used 7/8″)
miter box
wood conditioner (optional)

diy paper towel holder diy paper towel holder


ONE // determine your shape and size. i simply used the hexagon shape tool in photoshop and printed it onto cardstock at around 7″ wide. you can also just draw it. carefully cut out your shape and trace it onto your wood with a pencil.

TWO // saw your shape, we used a miter box which helped a lot, and if you have some sort of jigsaw you’ll have a way easier time. once your base is cut, sand the edges without rounding them, and then if you’d like to, condition the wood. i used feed-n-wax which gave it a much richer color.

THREE // measure the exact center of your base. with your spade bit attached, drill a hole into the base. go as deep as you want to for how much of the pipe you want to show on top.

FOUR // using a paper towel roll as your measurement, cut down your copper pipe with your hacksaw. cap it off.

FIVE // make sure your copper pipe fits snugly in the hole, apply glue and let dry for a few hours!

diy copper & wood paper towel holder | almost makes perfect diy copper & wood paper towel holder

i am so so happy with the final result. and it makes such a difference when i am looking at our sink now!

diy copper & wood paper towel holder

printable watercolor bookmarks

March 13, 2014

diy / downloads

printable watercolor bookmarks

i’m going to cincinnati, ohio today until sunday — so i’m saying goodbye early this week. my cousins kids are having a b’nai mitzvah so it’ll be a weekend long family reunion / party. hoping my down parka that i keep in storage will keep me warm!

here’s a confession : i never read books. ever. EVER. i took a book to hawaii last year with me and got halfway through. that was huge for me! when i was in high school i read all the time, but then i just stopped. it’s really bad. and you’ve seen my shelving. i own about 17,000 books. anyway — i’m always hopeful when i’m on an airplane that i’ll have nothing else to do but actually read so in honor of the attempt, i made myself some simple watercolor ombre bookmarks and i wanted to share with you too!

free printable watercolor bookmark

see that book right there? never read it. totally just a prop.

free printable watercolor bookmarks | almost makes perfect

anyone have suggestions on books that are so good you can’t put them down — even if you’re a non-reader?

my favorites are (were) invisible monsters by chuck palahniuk, breakfast of champions by kurt vonnegut and heartburn by nora ephron. pretty much the only books i got through in the last ten years.

registry : wanted

wish list

now that we’ve sent out our save the dates and i’m so so close to done with vendor booking – we’re starting to setup our registry! while we would love to just register for a house, i don’t think it’s very polite to ask for money. so instead, we’re gonna mostly go with stuff that can be placed in said future house.

uncommon goods is an online shop that sells a bunch of unique home decor and art prints, that i always look at when i’m holiday gift shopping, but since i’m in the registry market, they asked me to take a look at their stuff and see what i liked. well unfortunately there’s a ton. this teak root mirror immediately screamed out “buy me”. doesn’t it look just like the one in the ace hotel palm springs lobby?! also anything we can do to feel like we’re in new york is good with us, so i would love to get a couple of those porcelain coffee cups.

wanted from uncommon goods

01 i’ve always wanted salt lamps, they give off super warm mellow light just like i like.
02 teak root mirror. gimme.
03 part of being a grown up is having real art. love this city of angels double exposure print.
04 i can handle no handle (PUN) with these greek mugs
05 this minimalist teak wall shelf is the perfect size for those weird unused corners
06 you know i like wood. so naturally (PUN) i love this photography transfer wood wall art.
07 the prettiest nesting mixing bowls i would ever own for sure.

this post was sponsored by uncommon goods. all opinions are 100% my own.

freeloader // 7

March 12, 2014

downloads / graphic design

free iphone wallpaper | palm trees

not only am i sharing a new iphone background today, i’m also giving you a sneak peak of the pattern we’re working on for our wedding suite! now that spring is about here — let’s celebrate with some palm trees!

palm tree iphone background

this wallpaper is for personal use only, and NOT for re-distribution.
if you’d like to post a link sharing them, you may not directly post the downloadable files.
please credit and link back to this post for downloading the wallpaper.

diy metallic sacks

March 11, 2014


diy metallic sacks | almost makes perfect

after doing those paper bag picnic printables, i had a whole ton of bags leftover. and after a year of seeing these foiled coated sacks, i thought to make them for easy office storage. now you could make these a lot more metallic and foil-y with silver leaf, but you can also do it the cheap and easy way which is this way.

metallic sack diy

paper bags (these are the lunch size from the grocery store, you can also buy big ones online)
silver spray paint


01 SPRAY PAINT unfold your bags and take them outside to spray. i held each one up with a bottle puppeting inside. spray paint the bottom and sides. let dry

02 TRIM DOWN cut about 2 – 4 inches from the top of the bag once dry.

03 DOUBLE BAG IT for extra support and to have a cleaner inside, i double bagged all of them, place a clean bag inside and trim to about the same length

04 FOLD FOLD FOLD wrap the inside bag over the outside bag and roll down until you’re happy with the height. you can redo as much as you like, and go pretty rough. just make sure you’re not too rough or you’ll rip the hell out of it.

diy metallic sack | almost makes perfect

i have a fancy hotel shampoo hoarding problem. the problem is now solved. i’ll just throw them in this sack and display em all pretty in the bathroom!

diy metallic storage sacks

i also have craft supplies everywhere. like i mean everywhere. the kitchen, the dining room, the couch. another problem SOLVED.

diy metallic sacks diy metallic sacks | almost makes perfect

six diy wedding favors

March 10, 2014

inspiration / our wedding

6 best DIY wedding favors | almost makes perfect

01020304 | 05 | 06

because i’m now a wedding monster — all i want to do is stop this boring planning stuff and move onto the fun stuff! the design and look of the thing. now that i have almost all of my vendors booked, i can start brainstorming. YAY. i’m definitely DIYing some sort of favors – and right now i’m thinking of custom tote bags full of goodies.

but my big question is : if the guests are getting tote bags in their hotel rooms, do they still need a small favor at the wedding itself? help!

payday wishlist

March 7, 2014

wish list

happy friday! today is an especially happy friday for me — because we’re driving out to the desert to see hall & oates perform! at a casino. my favorite type of concert because they’re always small and intimate and awkward and filled with old drunk people. i have seen h&o live maybe 6 times before — and i won’t stop. i love em so much.

hope you have a fun weekend too! if you aren’t, because you’re going through a breakup, here’s my favorite hall & oates breakup song. i’m always here to help.

payday wishlist

01. another woven tapestry from urban that i want?! ugh.
02. love this little round cutting board so much. shall i register for it?
03. always want a new weekender bag because i have a soft spot for cute weekenders.
04. a lovely throw i could wrap myself in all day when i refuse to get dressed.
05. i’m not into placemats, but these fringed ones are so far from rigid like most placements seem to me. placements = rigid?
06. as always, i want baskets i can throw junk into. it’s a real fetish of mine.

diy faux gem wine stoppers

March 6, 2014


diy faux gem wine stoppers | almost makes perfect

i love crystals and gemstones and all minerals really — but when i found this “translucent” clay, i was like HEY i can make crystals. well turns out the clay doesn’t look as translucent when it’s not a thin sheet. but it does have a nice gem like finish. they’re not crystal clear like i planned for, but i still like them.

i tried this project twice. i used fimo translucent clay which was supposed to be less translucent than premo, but the premo came out orange for some reason. so fimo is the one i recommend.

diy geo wine stoppers


fimo translucent clay (i used two packages cut into halves to make four wine stoppers)
a sharp blade
glue (i used e6000 industrial glue)

diy faux gem wine stoppers

no brainer directions

condition and soften your clay, but not to the point where it’s warm. make your shape and place it over your cork to make sure it fits the size properly.

start cutting edges, basically just create planes everywhere. trim off one side of the surface to create a flat bottom.

bake according to the directions on the package.

once dry, glue onto your corks. let dry.

diy | faux gem wine stoppers

it’s of my personal opinion that these would make fantastic cheap, easy wedding favors or gifts.

diy faux gem wine stoppers |  almost makes perfect diy faux gem wine stoppers diy faux gem wine stoppers | almost makes perfect