payday wishlist

March 28, 2014

wish list

did you know it’s friday?! i have about nothing planned for this weekend. it’s pretty nice when i don’t have to do 100 errands. hope yours is good!

payday wishlist

01. i HATE the amount of space a bedside lamp takes up. i would much rather fill it with empty glasses of water and controllers. get sconces you say? well, i haven’t. but this faceted wood bulb lamp seems pretty teeny tiny. and also amazing.
02. i just talked about only filling my closet with essentials, and that means a nice pair of nude flats.
03. i tried registering for this super lovely wood flatware set, gid say no go. GUH. pretty.
04. ez of creature comforts is selling this new pineapple print. also comes as an iphone case. almost put both on here.
05. guest towels is one of those things i always want a newer prettier version of.
06. my sunglasses hurt my head when i’m in traffic too long. seriously need a new pair.

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March 27, 2014

i link you

i link you

urban outfitters is now selling this huge woven wall hanging. the perfect headboard for those cat owners that never ever want to sleep again. ugh cats.

love love this simple diy palm frond garland – totally the right vibe for the wedding. (via a fabulous fete)

we’ve determined i am very into copper right now (apparently i like trends). so goes without saying i’m a huge fan of this cute copper necklace. (via the crafted life)

i’ve been wanting to diy a little shelf for a while now – how easy and cute is this raw edge one?! (via always rooney)

smoky oyster chowder with bacon, rosemary and fennel. like get real. dream. (via food & wine)

the only room i would ever wallpaper would be the guest bathroom. and even then i think i’d get sick of it in like 4 months. but this diy stenciled wall? so rad. (via a beautiful mess)

diy printable easter treat bags

March 26, 2014

diy / downloads / holiday

diy printable easter treat bags | almost makes perfect

easter is still a little ways away – but wanted to share an easy way to present candy for the kids or candy loving adults in your life. as i’ve said before on here, i don’t celebrate easter, yknow – being jewish and all. but i do love eggs. and any holiday that has anything to do with eggs – i’m in. well ok… just for the egg part.

anyway! here are some super simple and pastel (easter = pastel, right?) bag toppers!

free printable easter bag toppers | almost makes perfect


8.5 x 11″ cardstock
scissors or xacto
double sided tape or stapler
5.75 x 5″ cellophane bags
lots of candy, lots of fake grass

diy printable easter bags  | almost makes perfect


print out the toppers (link below) and carefully cut along the edges. fold in half.

fill your bag with treats, and cut down in height if you’d like. i did.

staple or apply your double sided tape and attach.

write your very lucky recipients name on the back.

free printable easter treat bag toppers | almost makes perfect

diy printable easter bags | almost makes perfect

just essentials

March 24, 2014

roundup / style

just essentials

bracelet | sunglasses | tote | sweater | chambray | jeans | shoes

i have this horrible habit of shopping at forever 21. i’ve been addicted since high school. but the other day when we did a load of laundry and noticed just how many clothes sitting out that weren’t dryer safe — i decided to try to call it quits. i’m an adult.

i am no longer buying stuff at forever 21 and h&m … ok that’s a lie. i will probably still buy certain things for last minute occasions. but i have another bad habit of wearing the same thing over and over. back when i was really going hard on f21 – i was in my early 20s and went out all the time and cared about having new clothes. well i’m almost 30. i no longer need disposable clothes, right?

i’ve decided to purge hard and only buy items that i truly love and that i can hopefully wear for many years. that’s the only way i can reason with myself to spend the extra money. i’ve decided that if i have a steady rotation, i really only need like :

– a half dozen nice tees
– 2 pairs of jeans
– a couple of button downs and sweaters
– a daytime bag
– a nighttime bag
– a couple of dresses (gonna just stick with black)
– a few favorite accessories that don’t turn my skin blue

btw – i bought that cuyana leather tote and am SO happy with it. i use it everyday. do you spend more on nicer items or buy disposables?

payday wishlist

March 21, 2014

wish list

YAY! it’s the first spring weekend! although that also makes me have a mini panic attack every time i think of how soon that is to the wedding – but whatever.

this weekend i’m doing some wedding stuff, i’m also having my portrait taken by kate miss! i am so excited to finally have a photo that i like of myself. get ready sidebar. you gons get updated. HOPE YOU HAVE A WARM WEEKEND!

payday wishlist

01. looove the colors of this simple little ceramic pot.
02. i kinda want a pretty portable speaker in every room of the apartment.
03. vintage fisherman sandals. GIMME.
04. measuring cups are one of those things i never end up updating. my plastic ones are shit.
05. enough with the copper already! i know. except oops — just planned two more copper DIYs. then i’ll be done.
06. love everything young frankk - these earrings are killer.

OH! and check out this monday morning with me over on mint love social club.

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March 20, 2014

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i link you

DIYing your own beaded bridal sash is a LOTTT cheaper than buying one. have you seen how expensive those things are?! (via green wedding shoes)

love this april fools prank. now if only i had children to mess with. (via oh happy day)

neil degrasse tyson is awesome, but what’s really awesome is how stoned he sounds slowed down. (via sploid)

i love me some crystals. so naturally i love crystal projects too. (via design love fest)

this mid century plant stand DIY is so so rad. i want 10. (via a beautiful mess)