happy weekend

August 28, 2015

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pop up greens

phew! friday! we’re being more social this weekend than usual (usually we hang out with my mom on the weekends and that’s about it!). i’m just hoping we don’t melt — hope you have a fun one where you also don’t melt!

tetris cookies!
⋅ a really good makeout sesh
⋅ where do you live and which is your favorite emoji?
⋅ my favorite video of the week
⋅ i’m on the hunt for a cute cat bed
⋅ turn your jeans into shorts (i’ve blown this before)
⋅ been pining over one of these
⋅ this DIY bed is pretty incredible

f21 faves

August 27, 2015

f21 faves / style

f21 faves | almost makes perfect

so i guess it’s almost fall. are we buying things for fall yet? here’s a mix of the two, because i’m not ready for it to be straight up sweater buying time yet.

hat / chambray shirt / crop top / weekender / sunglasses / romper / boots / pouch

DIY recycled fabric covered notebooks

August 26, 2015


diy recycled fabric notebooks | almost makes perfectdiy recycled fabric notebooks |  almost makes perfect

i make so many to-do lists. like daily ones, weekly ones, i have them scattered all over the place and even when i barely check off anything, i find myself feeling so much less stressed when i’m writing down everything i need to do, whether i do it or not. otherwise i’ll wake up in the middle of the night worrying about calling sirius radio before the renew my subscription at the un-discounted price.

another thing i have all over the house is bags full of clothes to donate. we have one so large in our bathroom that we can barely open the door, so i decided to scour a bag and use some of the retired old t-shirts to give them new life! don’t worry, there’s still plenty to donate. so with back to school time, i thought lining some notebooks in fabric would be fun for me, and be fun for you too. win win.

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dream house : the mantle

August 24, 2015

dream house / interiors

dream house | the mantle | almost makes perfect

i love a good fireplace, i mean it obviously makes a living room versus having like, a TV as the focal point. we have a fireplace in our apartment, but it doesn’t have a mantle. so that’s why i’m focusing on mantles in this dream house post! it seems like such a small thing to easily take for granted, but i’d love to have a spot for a couple of framed photos and a plant or 12. also, my mom got me way into mantle decorating for xmas, so obviously i’ve been hoping for a place to hang stockings.


dream house | the mantle | almost makes perfect

love the clean and simple styling of this one. [image]

dream house | the mantle | almost makes perfect

the long off-center floating wood mantle, so smart and it looks so dope. [image]

dream house | the mantle | almost makes perfect

i mean, come on. [image]

dream house | the mantle | almost makes perfectdream house | the mantle | almost makes perfectdream house | the mantle | almost makes perfectdream house | the mantle | almost makes perfect

more simple styling. [images : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4]

dream house | the mantle | almost makes perfect

i couldn’t round up my favorite fireplaces without including ojai rancho inn. [image]

dream house | the mantle | almost makes perfect

and lastly, this has to be my favorite fireplace of them all. i love the simple white with the simple wood ledge mantle. GUH. [image]

you have a mantle? do you find it easy or challenging to style? and do you rearrange often?

happy weekend

August 21, 2015

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yay, friday. this one is bittersweet for me because i go back to my part time day job next week (we’ve been on hiatus for over a month). it’s probably a good thing for me because i’ve been driving myself a little insane with all the free time. well, i’ve been prank calling my dad daily, not sure if that’s insane or not. thoughts?

⋅ i’m always a sucker for these.
⋅ i told amy i’m ready to buy one of these from her stat.
⋅ ok hands down – my favorite video this month.
⋅ omg, this house. it’s tiny, but someone should definitely get it.
⋅ i feel like i want all the bags, but omg now i want this bag.
⋅ a great read on finding your own creative voice.
⋅ in case you have sirius radio … 
⋅ love the vibe of this place (and all the wall hangings)
⋅ for all you almost mommies, i loved reading this.

diy easy leather laptop case

August 20, 2015


diy easy leather laptop case | almost makes perfectdiy easy leather laptop case | almost makes perfect

i recently bit the bullet and bought myself a laptop for my birthday — and it’s the best decision i’ve ever made. while i’m probably sitting in bed way more than i should be now, it really has upped my productivity level because i’m so much more likely to stay on top of email now! YAY. so of course i realized right away i didn’t have a case for it, so i realized right away i should just make one.

i had a ton of this brown faux leather sitting around, but i thought it was a shade darker than i’d like – so i made a prototype. then i decided i didn’t feel like making another – so i’m sharing the prototype! and as you guys may know already, i’m not much of a sewer – so if you also don’t sew well, it’s all good! this was easy. my last piece of advice is to use faux leather. not only is it so much easier to sew, but it usually comes with a soft inner lining which seems nicer for your computer. and you should be nice to your computer.

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6 DIYs to do before summer ends

August 17, 2015


6 last minute summer DIYs | almost makes perfect

ugh — as soon as august 1st hits, i’m like oh there goes the summer. i know we still have a few weeks left, so here are six projects to make before it’s too late. because we all know that’s it’s so not ok to make summery DIYs once autumn hits, right?

01. potato stamped tea towels by say yes
02. diy hammock by the merrythought
03. diy modern cooler by almost makes perfect
04. diy patterned kimonos by sugar & cloth
05. diy modern wind chime by dream green diy
06. palm frond cocktail stirrers by a fabulous fete