diy watercolor striped napkins

June 26, 2014

diy / holiday

diy watercolor striped napkins | almost makes perfect

so if you like being festive for the fourth of july, but still have a hard time incorporating colors like deep reds and blues into your party color palette, here’s a good compromise. because i know i don’t want deep red anywhere.

these napkins were actually not the original plan, i was planning on just striped painted napkins but i hated them so i started playing around and loved the effect of the really wet brush. and because the colors aren’t so straight up july 4th – i think these napkins could work all summer long.

diy watercolor striped napkins diy watercolor striped napkins

all you’ll need is some plain white napkins, fabric paint of your choice, a brush and a lot of water.


tape down your napkins flat onto your working surface. get your brush pretty saturated but then immerse it in water until there’s practically no paint on the brush. use a test surface or scrap to get the feel of it, and then go ahead and wing it, because that’s the fun part.

all of my napkins ended up looking a little different than one another because the brush starts the change the dirtier your water gets, so if you want to avoid that, keep your brush and your water clean. but who has time for that!?

diy watercolor napkins diy watercolor striped napkins

btw – i ate two corn dogs while photographing this project. two. it was all for you guys, so you’re welcome.

diy watercolor striped napkins | almost makes perfect

gold flatware from west elm / ketchup nesting bowl c/o red envelope

a little makeover

June 25, 2014


blog makeover

well looky here! you might notice the blog looks pretty different – a huge thank you to my blogzilla partner natalie for putting up with my million requests. the blog is now a little more spacious and minimal, and i just can’t stop looking at it. hope you guys love it as much as i do!

we’ve been working on getting a bunch of new themes ready for the shop – which will all be available this summer, so if you like mine — you can get yours looking like it too!


six july 4th diys to do


july 4th diys to do  | almost makes perfect

did you realize july fourth was next week!? wow – june just flew by. i’m off of work until after the 4th so we’re considering taking a little road trip next week since all of our friends and family are out of town. woe is me. do you have plans?! if you’re hosting something, here are some projects you still have plenty of time to do!

01 | red white and blue ice cubes to make every drink look festive (brittni for momtastic)
02 | homemade firecracker ice pops are just a touch fancier than the store bought ones (martha stewart)
03 | printable matchboxes from last year will make lighting sparklers way more fun (almost makes perfect)
04 | paint an american flag blanket if you’ll be spending the day picnicing (the house that lars built)
05 | ice pops … in cake form, for those of us that get really cold teeth (studio diy)
06 | these dip dye fireworks bags are too cute, you could also fill with nips for adults right?! (oh happy day)

diy macrame plant hangers

June 24, 2014


while i’ve been seeing macrame plant hangings for quite a while around the internet now — i’ve been wanting to make some but looking at all those tying tutorials seems so daunting. until i realized beads could replace knots. which is what these hangings are totally based on.

macrame plant hanging | almost makes perfect

these super simple plant hangers only require THREE KNOTS. just THREE KNOTS (plus a little tie off on the top and bottom) and you’re done. how easy is that?!

cotton filler cord 6/32″
wood beads
gold key ring
a cute plant
a drill *

diy macrame plant hangers  | almost makes perfect


01 | depending on your desired length, cut your cord into six pieces. my longer hanging had pieces around 4.5 feet long, the shorter one was about 2. line up your pieces, and tie an additional piece of cord around to secure them and make a tight knot.

02 | separate your pieces into pairs, and tie a knot at the same height on each pair.

03 * | if your bead holes are too small to fit onto the cord, drill larger holes in each bead. then thread the cord into three beads, dividing each pair. so that the two pieces on the ends are now beaded together. is that worded correctly?

04 | place your plant into the cradle of the hanging, and if all is well, line up your pieces over your key ring. use an additional piece of cord to tie it in place, snip off the ends.

diy macrame plant hangers  | almost makes perfect

and that’s it! make 10 and hang them all over your house.

diy macrame plant hangers | almost makes perfect macrame plant hanging   | almost makes perfect

and good news for all you cat parents who love cacti — hang it and you can have cacti in your house!

diy macrame plant hangers | almost makes perfect

a summer dinner party

June 23, 2014

entertaining / roundup

it’s officially summer now! hope you had a warm weekend outside — i spent almost all of last week being sick and working, but i’m feeling better now and a tiny bit ready to get back into the swing of things.

we had a yard sale on saturday and our apartment feels so much emptier. i’ve been a hoarder for about 10 years now so i’ve been really trying to be better and only buy things i really love, but it would be so much easier to just start over. every closet and corner is stuffed to the brim with things. but the yard sale helped! and we’re putting the money we made towards the honeymoon.

with our tiny patio, all i can do is daydream about al fresco dinner parties, which i do every summer.

a summer dinner party

01 | these diy gold leaf terracotta pots would look amazing scattered around the table
02 | my all time favorite modern beverage dispenser, who doesn’t want a big vat of spiked punch
03 | a rad serving tray that every food i’m currently thinking of would look amazing on
04 | a pineapple citronella candle? i mean. these would totally double duty as decor and skin savers
05 | someday when i have room, i’m buying a couple of these chairs
06 | cute patterned throws for when it cools down
07 | plastic cups that don’t look plastic, so in.
08 | i’m obsessed with these bamboo plates – we used them for the shower and they are amazing quality and amazing looking for disposables, i’m now never not going to use them.

payday wishlist

June 12, 2014

wish list

i’m heading off early this week because my dad and stepmom are in town for my bridal shower this weekend! we’re doing a little sightseeing while they’re here – along with some costco time for the shower… did i mention gideon is catering it?! he will be assisted by my brother and dad as his sous chefs in the kitchen. so excited!

hope you all have a lovely weekend — today’s wish list is all about house updates that will make a big difference during spring cleaning.

payday wishlist | almost makes perfect

01 | i want a jungle in my apartment, filled with cactus in planters. but my cats won’t let me.
02 | loving these handpainted pillows from abc home by shanan campanaro.
03 | h&m now has marble patterned things. EEEEE!!!!
04 | i’m not usually a fan of glass coffee tables – but i’d make an exception for this one.
05 | i am all about the tea towels. ALL about them.
06 | when i clean, i put things in things - pretty baskets are key for that.