happy early weekend

September 24, 2015

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i’m taking off early this week because we’re heading to new orleans today for our anniversary celebration! so excited. i’ll be back monday but you can follow with our trip on instagram!

and speaking of instagram — i wanted to share the news with you that you i shared there, we bought a house! we did the inspection this week, and as long as everything from this point on goes smoothly, we’ll be getting our keys in less than a month. we are ecstatic! there are so many things i want to do to it, so lets all get mentally prepared for some major makeovers coming this way.

⋅ obsessed with these garlands, i wanna put them everywhere
⋅ this is pretty damn cute 
⋅ if you’ve got a cat and flower, do this right now
⋅ cute way to pretty up old picture frames
⋅ this is my husband, but with a lot less swearing
⋅ cute little DIY bumpkin leggings
⋅ i’m kinda scared to check mine
⋅ our new backyard is all dirt, been scouring the internet for inspiration

diy marble & wood serving platter

September 23, 2015

diy / entertaining

diy marble and wood serving platter | almost makes perfect diy marble and wood serving platter | almost makes perfect

so i think we’re all in agreement that the best DIYs are ones that look like something fancy that we can’t afford and it’s cheaper to just make right? ok perfect, that’s totally what todays DIY is. i’ve been wanting a wood and marble serving tray for a while — and i’ve had this large marble tile laying around waiting to be used, so i was stoked when i finally found a piece of wood that was the right size!

diy marble and wood serving platter | almost makes perfect diy marble and wood serving platter | almost makes perfect diy marble and wood serving platter | almost makes perfect


diy marble and wood serving platter | almost makes perfect

01. if necessary, trim down your wood. we were lucky enough to find the perfect size piece at michaels, we just had to saw 1/8″ off one end — just bring your marble tile to the craft or wood store and you can eye out the best piece of wood.

02. sand down your wood to get the smoothest texture you can, then tape off the end you want to glue to the marble. this prevents any damage from glue spillage.

03. for the strongest bond, add a light coat of glue to both ends of the marble and of the wood. let dry before gluing to one other. once those are dry, glue again and attach. make sure you clean any excess glue immediately.

04. use clamps to keep it tight while drying — if your clamps don’t keep the boards tight enough, you can also push the board towards a wall with heavy books or weights pushing it on the other side. let dry overnight.

05. apply mineral oil to get the wood food safe, attach the bumpers to the bottom so it’s easier to move around on your counter.

diy marble and wood serving platter | almost makes perfect

how pretty is the board?! i love the way the grain of the wood kind of echoes the grain of the marble. i’m using this for serving everything from now on, and are you wondering about the dope looking appetizer? well i’ll tell you it’s like, my favorite crostini i’ve ever made — hop over to the kendall-jackson blog for my recipe for the bacon, fig and brie crostini.

diy marble and wood serving platter | almost makes perfect



free printable anniversary card

September 22, 2015


printable anniversary card | almost makes perfect free printable anniversary card | almost makes perfect

while i want you guys to think i’m totally generous and giving… you can think that today. i’m giving you permission! gid and i are celebrating our one year anniversary this weekend (no idea how that came so quickly), so i was feeling all lovey and anniversary-y — and i made this little card for all of us!

i was brainstorming what to do for the card, and was thinking about how this year has flown by, and it’s been so easy. no kids, no mortgage, no “real” stress yet. so while i’m so thankful for this first year — we’re a little anxious to get stressed out with a house and a baby and start the next chapter. so … the best is yet to come.

i ended up sizing up the printable a little after i photographed these cards, apparently i kind of have no idea what is the standard size for cards, but if you want to cut it down smaller to fit your smaller envelope, i made the design itself small enough that you can do that!

printable anniversary card | almost makes perfect free printable anniversary card | almost makes perfect

this card could also be perfect for like, graduates? engagements? you know, whatever you want!

happy weekend

September 18, 2015

i link you

palm leaf | almost makes perfect

not to be a total broken record — but i wanted to thank you guys again for filling out the reader survey. i REALLY appreciate every single piece of input. i’m going to do a follow up post asap, but for now i’m going to mostly chill this weekend. we’re seeing a few houses and getting ready for our trip to new orleans next week! (ps. anyone know where a tall lanky guy can buy cute shorts?)

⋅ how pretty are these backgrounds?
⋅ i want a backyard
⋅ i want a pool in my backyard 
⋅ i’m obsessed with this DIY. makes an empty hallway look so good
⋅ a cute simple way to make a giant wall hanging  
⋅ been eyeing this for weeks now
⋅ i usually lean towards monochrome but not in this case
⋅ this is like the best use of wedding footage
lauren is so talented, and generous! 

DIY housewarming gift box (+ free printable)

September 17, 2015

diy / downloads / holiday

diy housewarming box | almost makes perfect diy housewarming box | almost makes perfect

you may remember that i love curating beautiful gift boxes, you can make them so personal and i love watching people discover one thing after another. i made my first one for my mom when i was a kid, i got her a cute pouch and then realized i had to fill it with all sorts of cute little items and i spent way too much of my allowance but i got hooked.

so when method sent me some bottles of their gorgeous nourishing hand wash that will be sold exclusively at target through october, i immediately knew i wanted to include them in the prettiest housewarming box i could make. because as we all know, we’re house hunting. but my brother took the sibling rivalry too far and beat me to the punch of house buying, so i made this beautiful gift box for him to make him jealous. this box instead will be our own house warming gift to open when we buy our house. (ok ok, i’m making him one too. sheesh.)
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a reader survey!

September 15, 2015

yada yada

macarons | almost makes perfect

so i’ve been blogging for quite some time now, but it’s only been in the last year or so that i’ve started really taking it seriously. i’m hoping that i can eventually focus on the blog full time (meaning more DIYs and more posts in general) — so in the spirit of making this blog the best it can be, i wanted to do a survey for the first time to find out what’s working and what isn’t.

also, my girl amy did one last week and i was like oh i wanna do that too.

no pressure if you don’t want to fill it out, but all of your answers and advice are invaluable, and i REALLY REALLY appreciate if you can take the time to do it! it’s totally anonymous and you can also ask me any questions you’d like, and i’ll do a follow up post with the answers! love ya.

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