happy weekend

March 13, 2015

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moorten botanical garden | almost makes perfect

i feel like i was a little MIA this week — not only are we launching wedding sites for blogzilla studio next week (!!) but i also became an aunt! we have a pretty free weekend which is always nice after a weekend away, so i want to eat and veg as much as i can. i downloaded this app which is amazing, but might be a little too tempting too often for me.

⋅ can’t believe how beautiful the results from a potato stamp can be
⋅ i want this book so bad
⋅ my favorite video of the week
⋅ love how relaxed this apartment feels
how to poach a dozen eggs at a time!
⋅ i’m so scared of concrete, but everyone is making such cute things
i want to stay here
⋅ you should never assume the dress will look like it does on the model
⋅ are we really still doing this? yes. please. 


wedding guest dresses

March 11, 2015


it’s wedding season! which means i start looking around obsessively at dresses, because i have a problem. once i wear a fancy dress, i don’t want to wear it ever again. this makes me sound so shallow or normal, but the time in between the time i wear a fancy dress to the next — i usually don’t really like it anymore. so i tend to buy inexpensive ones if i can.

here are some of my favorites, some casual + some more formal.

wedding guest dresses | almost makes perfect


also, i have a question for you guys. you may or may not know i have a big thing for forever 21. i tried to cut it cold turkey, but i can’t seem to. i was thinking it could be fun to round up the good finds every so often – would you be into that? let me know.


green donuts for st. patricks day

March 10, 2015


st patricks day donuts  | almost makes perfect st patricks day donuts | almost makes perfect

when i used to live in boston, st patricks day was a thing. as a kid, we were supposed to be home before it got dark, because that’s when the drunk people would get CRAY. living in la, st patricks day is way less of a thing. (fyi if you live in LA and you want to celebrate hard, go to sonny mclean’s in santa monica)

but for those of you that do want to get a little festive, i came up with an easy way to decorate donuts for you to bring into work.

this might constitute as a FAIL of a post. because green donuts aren’t exactly the most appetizing thing in the world, but i thought i’d post them anyway. because you win some / you lose some.

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maker spotlight : confetti riot

March 9, 2015

maker spotlight

maker spotlight - confetti riot | almost makes perfect

it’s a new column you guys! because of instagram and pinterest, i am so happy to be able to find amazing artisans and shop owners that totally wow me. so i decided like many before me, that it would be fun to get to know some of these talented people. blogging sometimes feels so narcissistic – so it’s nice to have posts besides ME ME ME.

first up is kathryn of confetti riot. i found her shop when i was looking for favors for my sister in laws bridal shower — we threw her a tea party so we thought cute tea towels would be the perfect gift for guests. and then i stumbled on kathryns shop and wanted EVERYTHING. she has such a good eye for pattern, and all of the prints and textiles she does are clean + modern + beautiful. she was also nice enough to do a custom order for us, we wanted her palm print on a tea towel with black ink — and now she’s added the product to the shop!

maker spotlight - confetti riot | almost makes perfect

so i asked her some hard hitting questions…

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happy weekend

March 6, 2015

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the parker palm springs | almost makes perfect

today i’m off to palm springs until sunday — i’m the best man (yes, me!) in my brothers wedding, and we’re throwing them a joint bachelor/bachelorette party. i might share some details of what i’ve planned next week. hope you all have a fun weekend!

⋅ is this dress cute? i can’t tell if it’s really cute or if the models just skinny + it looks cute on her.
⋅ i love plywood, therefore i love this house.
⋅ but i love this one too.
⋅ these are the most gorgeous moon paintings ever.
⋅ GUH. want these hash browns right this instant.
⋅ so much want this.
x-files is leaving netflix, and i wanted to watch it! dammit.
⋅ some simple tips for making your instagram better.
⋅ if you haven’t yet voted for me in the BHG blogger awards, please do! (+ if you have, you can again!)


diy triangle bookends

March 4, 2015


diy triangle bookends | almost makes perfect diy triangle bookends  |  almost makes perfect

as you know, i love cardboard + contact paper DIYS. because you can make dope things and they don’t cost money.

this project requires a little patience and some cutting skills, but the cardboard is pretty forgiving, so you really can’t tell if the shapes are wonky.

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BHG blogger awards

March 3, 2015

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moon wall

i am so happy and honored to announce that i’ve been nominated in the best DIY blog category in the better homes and gardens blogger awards! i’m nominated among some incredible [+ big-time] bloggers that i totally admire, so i feel really great just to be included.

as you know, i don’t post photos of myself often, but i thought reminding you that i’m just a dork, who can’t seem to stand up straight or pose like a human, who really appreciates votes, might urge you to vote for me.

i wouldn’t continue with this blog if it weren’t for the amazingly positive vibes and feedback i get from you guys, and you always encourage me to try harder on my next DIY — because inspiring you guys to be creative is the only reason i do this. whenever i do a good DIY that gets a lot of love, i always worry i can’t top it and i peaked out. this happens all the time. but i can honestly say the more often you use your creative juices the stronger they get. so thanks for continually inspiring me to inspire you.