happy weekend

November 6, 2015

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doorbell | almost makes perfect

so how was your week?! i know i’ve been in and out – but i’m coming back for real, soon. now that we’ve moved in, i see how quickly you can spend money on monotonous little details, like we needed a new doorbell – so i spent hours looking at doorbells. and obviously found the best one ever. i’ve spent so much time researching squeegees, window shades, ceiling fans, mailboxes, all these super fun things that make me realize i’m like, a boring grownup now.

the house is almost unpacked, well the living room and kitchen and our bedroom — but the other two bedrooms are basically just filled with boxes. hoping we make some progress this weekend in between a friendsgiving dinner and a whole bunch of house errands. i’m also gonna do a house tour for you asap even though it’s filled with things now. and i’ll start showing you our plans too! hooray! have a great weekend guys!

well this guy must get a lot chicks
for sure worth being fat for
cute handwritten canisters
love this cozy little house tour
adorable little dummies
just bought this and now i swear by it for quick zit removal
at least they were both super nice about this
want this right now, and also on thanksgiving

dream house : bathroom vanity

November 4, 2015

dream house

dream house | bathroom vanity | almost makes perfect

now that we’re settling into the new house, i’m already looking around and obsessing about the things i want to change. we have two bathrooms and they’re both in need of facelifts, but luckily they’re both pretty large in size and could easily accommodate double sinks (which is something i’ve always fantasized about… i don’t have to get annoyed when i see husband beard hair and husband toothpaste remnants).

i’ve already been researching tiles, sconces, sinks, vanities — and i’ve noticed how insanely expensive sink vanities are, and even more importantly, how few are really that pretty like the ones i see on pinterest, maybe because the best ones are custom made (i do really love the price and look of this ikea sink cabinet though). anyway, here are my favorites.


dream house | sink vanity | almost makes perfect dream house | sink vanity | almost makes perfect dream house | sink vanity | almost makes perfect keep reading

DIY mudcloth napkins

November 2, 2015


diy mudcloth napkins | almost makes perfect diy mud cloth napkins | almost makes perfect

i think you guys are fully aware how much i love mud cloth. i finally scored an authentic mudcloth tapestry at a flea market in paris, but now that the holidays are around the corner, i’ve been wanting to incorporate some into our holiday table because they add so much character to some otherwise plain napkins. keep reading

happy weekend

October 30, 2015

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new studio | almost makes perfect

FRIDAY! we all made it. sorry for the sporadic posting as of late, but i’ve been so nuts trying to pack everything up and plan all the things and well — we move tomorrow! i am soooo ready. i shared this photo on instagram of my future studio! it’s a shed in the backyard that is in need of some updating (insulating, drywall, new floors, and i want to install a skylight and an AC unit) but i’m gonna focus on it first to get it all ready to be a proper place to work. i am so stoked. i’m going to share a house tour asap with you guys!

and lastly, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

flat logos are the thing
how effing cute is this costume?
cute little DIY place card idea
a week too late, but disturbing BTTF things you never noticed
a hard habit to break, but it’s worth breaking
this made me laugh a lot
how to properly cut a cake
this looks DELISH

all things pretty : office supplies

October 28, 2015

all things pretty

office supplies | all things pretty

you may have seen a tiny little glimpse of my future studio in the new house on instagram. there is a ton to do before being able to actually work in there — i have to insulate half of it, dry wall, redo the floors, and i’m considering adding a skylight and an additional window for more light. it might be a bit of a process but i’m hoping to focus on it first so we can get it ready asap.

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DIY speckled nesting bowls

October 27, 2015


DIY speckled nesting bowls | almost makes perfect DIY speckled nesting bowls | almost makes perfect

maybe it’s just me – but i can’t enough little bowls. i use them for corralling jewelry, i use a couple as pinch bowls in the kitchen, i use them for sage smudging, i use them basically.

so i wanted to make a set of “ceramic” bowls for rings and bracelets — and it’s super easy. keep reading

dream house : marble counters

October 20, 2015

dream house

dream house | marble countertops | almost makes perfect dream house | marble counters | almost makes perfect

like probably everyone else in the world, i loooove marble kitchen countertops — i’ve always kind of hoped my future dream kitchen would have them. now that we’re talking about what we want to do to our real future kitchen, we’re thinking marble is not the way to go — as we’re pretty rough in the kitchen and we just don’t think they’ll be durable enough for us. so instead i’m rounding them up to just swoon over what won’t be.

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dream house | marble counters | almost makes perfect

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