payday wishlist

June 12, 2014

wish list

i’m heading off early this week because my dad and stepmom are in town for my bridal shower this weekend! we’re doing a little sightseeing while they’re here – along with some costco time for the shower… did i mention gideon is catering it?! he will be assisted by my brother and dad as his sous chefs in the kitchen. so excited!

hope you all have a lovely weekend — today’s wish list is all about house updates that will make a big difference during spring cleaning.

payday wishlist | almost makes perfect

01 | i want a jungle in my apartment, filled with cactus in planters. but my cats won’t let me.
02 | loving these handpainted pillows from abc home by shanan campanaro.
03 | h&m now has marble patterned things. EEEEE!!!!
04 | i’m not usually a fan of glass coffee tables – but i’d make an exception for this one.
05 | i am all about the tea towels. ALL about them.
06 | when i clean, i put things in things - pretty baskets are key for that.

diy geo cufflinks

June 10, 2014

diy / father's day / holiday

diy geo cufflinks  |  almost makes perfect

father’s day is fast approaching — and even though cufflinks are pretty passé, they’re an easy little gift you can make for your dad or baby daddy this year. they must have ONE shirt that needs ‘em right?! these little babies are so easy to make that i’m posting a whole other cufflink DIY tomorrow!

geo clay cufflinks


tacky glue
polymer clay
xacto knife
gold cufflinks

diy geo cufflinks


01 | preheat oven to 275°. cut your clay into small squares or circles and hold up to your cufflinks to make sure they’re a little bigger than the cufflink surface to make sure you can trim down.

02 | keep your clay cold, so try not to condition it or rub your hands on it too much. as long as it’s cold – you can use your xacto blade to make small slices all around in every direction to create an organic geo shape.

03 | bake for about 10 – 15 minutes and let cool. once cooled, glue onto your cufflinks and let dry for a few hours!

diy geo cufflinks

and come back tomorrow for one more DIY cufflink project!


hey we went to ojai

June 9, 2014


ojai rancho inn | almost makes perfect

i realized i never shared my trip to ojai! so better late than never — two weeks ago gideon and i got away from wedding planning stress for two days and chilled real hard in ojai.

in high school, i went there for my senior retreat where we spent a week camping, cooking only vegetarian for ourselves, doing a lot of heart to hearts by the campfire and sweat lodges and a whole lot of sage smushing. it was clearly a hippie high school — but this trip changed my life and made me snap out of my bad kid ways, so i’ve always had a soft spot for ojai. anyway — ojai is a tiny town about an hour and a half away from LA and it feels faaar away. we mostly went because i’ve been wanting to go to ojai rancho inn from the first moment i saw a picture on instagram.

ojai rancho inn | almost makes perfect

and it was as pretty as i thought it would be. we got a really good price because it was during the week, fyi – this place is not a boutique hotel, but feels more like you’re back at sleep away camp. if you went to sleep away camp, i did. it was also really empty, we forgot to bring our tripod which i was planning on doing – but there was barely anyone around the whole trip so we never got a photo of us. : (

we spent the majority of our two days at the pool playing cards.

ojai rancho inn | almost makes perfect ojai rancho inn | almost makes perfect

on our second day we took the hotel bikes out to the town and walked around a little – before coming back and sitting at the pool once again.

osteria monte grappa | almost makes perfect

we were told right away by the hotel staff that the food in ojai isn’t much to write home about. they were mostly true, but we enjoyed most of our meals!

knead baking co. was where everyone had mentioned for breakfast, i had a breakfast sandwich that was good but the place was a little pricey.

osteria monte grappa was a really pleasant place for dinner because the weather was perfect on the back patio where we ate. totally recommend the pâté if you eat pâté, and we had a delicious pappardelle with duck. apparently we eat meat!

sea fresh was a seafood restaurant we had for lunch, i enjoyed the tuna tartare and the hush puppies. well, i always like hush puppies.

azu was a tapas restaurant that was decent — the honey baked brie was really good, the gambas shrimp – not so much. we also heard about the bison burger being amazing but didn’t try.

knead baking co | almost makes perfect

the town of ojai is SUPER small but there are a couple reaaally cute shops.

shop summer camp an old auto garage turned into a boutique full of camp themed goods and so much i wanted to buy. we may have gone twice in two days. and i may have bought things both times.

gravel and gold was a tiny little nook in the hotel office.

modern folk a shop right behind the main stretch of town full of perfect ojai themed gifts and some really cute clothes i couldn’t afford.

fig was a cute little shop with home decor and outdoor stuff – i bought the best wooden tongs ever.

where to shop in ojai | almost makes perfect

but like i said – we were mostly super lazy and we played a lot of cards. and got a whole lot of R&R to come back and not kill each other over wedding planning.

ojai rancho inn | almost makes perfect

and i highly recommend the ojai rancho inn!

ojai rancho inn | almost makes perfect

i link you : national donut day edition

June 6, 2014

i link you

although i don’t usually get on national ____ day holidays  — if you watch last week with john oliver, you may have seen that compilation of the INSANE made up holidays such as :

national biscuit day, national nylon stockings day, national odometer day, national third shift workers day, piercing day, hepatitis testing day, international museum day, pack rat day, national ride your bike to work day, wear your life jacket to work day, chronic fatigue syndrome day, dance like a chicken day, national limerick day, apple pie day, national hummus day, national pizza party day and national chocolate chip cookie day.

but i like donuts. so why not. happy national donut day!

donut project roundup

01 | donut printables by oh happy day
02 | diy donut balloons by studio diy

03 | glazed donut cupcakes by almost makes perfect
04 | a printable donut gift box by mini eco
05 | diy donut hole wedding favors from ruffled

06 | watermelon donut diy by paper & stitch

mexico, it is

June 5, 2014

our wedding / travel

tulum | a house in the hills

photo by a house in the hills

well, after our HUGE list of places we wanted to go for our honeymoon, we finally decided on the yucutan peninsula in mexico. it turns out october is a really challenging month for travel : southeast asia has monsoon season, europe just isn’t warm enough for us, a lot of places in the caribbean are closed for their hurricane season, costa rica is in rainy season… et cetera. we tried for south america for a good couple of weeks but couldn’t find the right trip for us. oh and remember i said i want to go to fiji? yeah that shit is ‘spensive.

so while my mom suggested we just postpone on the honeymoon for a couple of months, we’ve decided going to mexico will be not only amazing and something we’ve been wanting to do — but it’ll be easy, good weather and low key. we don’t have to plan a whole itinerary before we get there which is the last thing we want to worry about doing right now. and since everyone and their mother is going to tulum right now, it must be for a reason right?

BUT – we are trying to figure out hotels and portioning out the trip. right now we’re thinking for a 11 day trip, we’d stay in riviera maya for half the time and tulum the other half. we’re not sure about what hotel in tulum, there are so many cute ones, but we definitely want one that includes breakfast. (we love be tulum, but they’re having a wedding the same week… ahau is so pretty but they don’t include breakfast, the beach hotel does, papaya playa sounds like it’s a little too rustic, i know coqui coqui is supposed to be unreal but i might prefer just a spa day there)

we also want to do a lot of activities and excursions : xcaret, the cenotes, the monkey sanctuary, maybe some boating/snorkeling trips. we also want to eat lots of good food and i am so buying a hammock.

so if anyone has stayed in both, or just one, or anything — we’re desperately trying to figure out what’s more convenient and if we should stay in one place longer than the other?! or if anyone has any great tips in general — please share, i would love to hear!