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February 20, 2014

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i love seeing behind the scenes of other bloggers – brittni shows her photo setup and tricks which is a million times more profesh than mine (via paper & stitch)

photographer henry hargreaves recreates infamous last meals of prisoners – it’s creepy and fascinating (via buzzfeed)

when i see a recipe like this, all i can think is life is short it’s worth being fat (via bon appetite)

alexa meade is an artist that paints directly onto her subjects and creates 2D paintings from 3D life. obviously it’s crazy. (via where cool things happen)

along with my oscar ballot printable, these rosettes would make for such a fun oscar party (via house that lars built)

loving this simple copper, pine and leather magazine rack DIY - so so cute (via fall for DIY)

—- and just to be a pain, i’m going to ask one last time if you would please vote for me in the homies?! i promise to always do as many DIYs as i can and to always be here for you. ok i can’t promise that, because someday i might say F blogging. but until that day, i’m totally here for sure. please vote! i want votes! xx

diy simple wood coat rack

February 19, 2014


diy simple wood coat rack diy  simple wood coat rack

i’ve been wanting to make a new coat rack for a few months to hold our laundry bags. yes we use laundry bags. it’s only because we mostly take our laundry over to my moms house to do it. yes we do our laundry at my moms house.

using just a few items from the hardware store, this DIY only took a few hours (plus drying time!)

the hardest part was picking out my favorite coordinating poplar and dowels! i decided that i liked the natural wood, but i’m sure it would also look dope in a nice stain.

diy dowel coat rack


one long wooden dowel
one piece of poplar wood
a saw or miter box
a drill with a 3/4″ paddle bit
wood glue
painters tape

diy dowel coat rack


1. measure how long you’d like each dowel. cut them down using a saw or miter box. sand the edges. we settled on 5 dowels at about 2.5″ (there are 6 dowels in the photo. i wasn’t sure yet)

2. after sanding your poplar (and trimming if you’d like), measure out where your dowels will go using a ruler and pencil. to figure out the center of the wood, place your ruler diagonally from one corner to the other and mark. do it to the other side and mark. you’ll be left with an X in the center (art school)

3. using your paddle bit, drill into each hole, make sure they’re deep enough for the dowels to fit.

diy coat rack diy painted dowel coat rack diy dowel coat rack

4. tape off and paint your dowels. we used a piece of scrap poplar to hold my dowels for drying.

5. once dry, liberally apply wood glue to the holes in the poplar and do a light coat on the bottom of each dowel. place in the hole tightly and make sure a little glue comes out so you know you’ve used enough. wipe away excess and let dry.

6. for hanging, we used mounting hardware on the back, which unfortunately doesn’t flush with the wall. we’ve decided that we’re going to drill it straight into the wall later so that it can actually support the weight of two laundry bags belonging to people who barely do their laundry because they go to their moms house to do laundry.

diy simple wood dowel coat rack

now you have yourself a simple and modern coat rack that i would totally buy in a store!

diy simple wood coat rack diy wood coat rack

free printable oscar ballots

February 17, 2014

diy / downloads

free printable oscar ballot free printable oscar ballot

it’s still two weeks away – but if you’re prepping for an oscar party or if you’re just planning on snacks & pajamas, you can download my free printable oscar ballots now!

i could care less about any other awards show, but the oscars are FUN. and while we don’t have a working antenna, we make it a point to find a TV to watch it every year. and besides watching it every year – i refuse to not make it a game (competition). i’ve won two years in a row and am determined to make it a third!

2014 printable oscar ballots

hope you guys like ‘em! btw — just watched blue jasmine and cate blanchett was amazing in it. if you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it now!

payday wishlist

wish list

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! hope you have some fun plans that don’t involve crying or crazy expensive pre fixe menus! today’s wish list is the girliest pinkest and reddest stuff i could find that i actually like!

we’re going to see the calder exhibit this afternoon, followed by my favorite burgers, followed by bill cosby live. i’m gonna be pooped.

in other news — next week we are releasing TWO NEW BLOGZILLA THEMES! who’s excited? we are. hopefully you are too. stay tuned!

payday wishlist / valentines day

01. well, urban is now selling macrame and wall tapestries. duh. and duh — unfortunately i’m way in.
02. i only like orange scents in the kitchen, but who couldn’t use a pretty kitchen candle?!
03. this sweet little pastel planter looks so good with bright greenery.
04. i’m not one to wear sexy underwear (i buy mine in packs at h&m) — but for the right occasion…
05. this little embossed pouch in my favorite color shade would look so good with all white or all black.
06. this wild flowers phone case is girly but so pretty

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February 13, 2014

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without spending money on expensive chocolates, you can jazz up your chocolate boxes this year in so many ways. how about covering them in sequins? (via freutcake)

i am a terrible procrastinator – and also a list maniac. having pretty to-do lists everyday honestly does inspire me to check things off. so these printables will do the trick. (via ann-marie loves)

when i worked as a broadcast designer, i spent hours everyday on stock photo sites. i actually had a folder saved of the most ridiculous ones and never started a tumblr. well getty images launched a collection of stock photos that show contemporary females in roles of leadership. that makes me happy. (via buzzfeed)

100 year old best friends – need i say more (via youtube)

cats taking selfies – need i say more (via sad and useless)

when elise posted her bedroom last week – i immediately asked if we could register for this anthropologie mirror. sadly, gideon immediately said no. this room is too perfect. (via pennyweight)