payday wishlist

January 9, 2015

wish list

because it’s the first week of january – today’s wish list is all about january cliches.
also! i’m introducing a new feature to the wish lists where you can click on most items to go directly to the source. YAY. let me know if you have any issues with it.

happy friday!


01. i will always say i will keep plants alive. i will never keep plants alive. i still want a fancy watering can though.
02. i’m always searching for pretty new throw pillows, this year my resolution is to buy one or two.
03. i love collecting cookbooks, but like for real. i never cook from them. and i really want to. and i want this one.
04. i tend to be sooo bad at remembering to send thank you notes. shame on me.
05. why are electric toothbrushes sooo ugly?  all black makes almost all things look better.
06. writing things down is super helpful. i am a chronic list maker. i need pretty places to write said lists.

diy guess who

January 7, 2015


diy guess who

my brother and i have been into board games since we were little – and we still go hard with it. we do game night with friends and play games every chance we get. so i decided for his birthday last month we’d make him his own personalized guess who with all his friends and family and his longtime man crush sam rockwell.

there were A LOT of hiccups while making what seemed to be not so difficult. like one after another. but luckily, if you want to try doing it on your own, you can learn from our mistakes.

diy guess who board game | almost makes perfect

diy guess who

01. start out by choosing who you’ll include in the board. you’ll have to spend a couple hours tracking down decent photos of people from their facebook pages. in photoshop, cut out everyones heads and add a colored background if you like. make the photoshop file slightly larger than the pegs so that you can trim down once attached.

▲ i forgot to put the names on each card like in the actual game, because i admit i forgot to google what the game looked like until we had finished the whole project. oops. if you’d like to add the names, you probably should. we chose 25 people so there were 50 pieces altogether.

02. print out three copies of each face. the third is for the bag. trim down.

03. when the birch pieces showed up, i didn’t like the way they looked on the light board piece, so after trying a different couple stains, i decided to paint them all. i think it added a more fun look to the game — so if you agree, paint the back of 50 pieces.

04. attach the faces to the pegs, we were planning on using mod podge but didn’t want to risk messing up the print outs, so we used double stick tape instead. might not be the most permanent but it won’t be used everyday so i think it’s ok.

diy guess who board game | almost makes perfect

05. measure and line up all your pegs onto the board, and using an awl, make pilot holes where the hinges will go.

▲ speaking of hinges, the hinges proved to be the biggest pain in the ass of all. we didn’t have time to order them online because we came up with the idea so close to my brothers birthday, so we called about 25 stores to find them. we finally found them at my favorite craft store in studio city and bought everyone that they had in stock, but a bunch of them were wonky and stuck. i hate these hinges and hopefully will never use them again.

06. once we had screw a couple pieces in with their hinges, we noticed they didn’t line up well with the other rows, so we skipped screwing the hinges in on both sides and glued each hinge to the peg directly, then screwed each hinge into the board. it saved some time as well as our sanity.

07. cut your dowel down to four identical pieces. leaving a tiny bit of space between, glue two down to the front to hold your card.

08. once you’ve peeled the super glue off your fingers for way too long, you can personalize your muslin bag. i made a simple design that i printed on iron on transfer paper, and filled the bag with the remaining cards.

diy guess who diy guess who | almost makes perfect

and now we never have to get my brother a nice gift again because we just trumped gift giving forever.

diy guess who | almost makes perfect

hi 2015

January 6, 2015

yada yada


the holiday break was soooo nice. i’ve had a long break from my day job and i had nothing to do but just relax. we just got back from hawaii, so i’m now adjusting back to reality, but i still haven’t taken a lot of time to reflect on 2014 or resolutions. i usually skip resolutions because i don’t keep them and they feel like a waste of time when i should just focus on doing my best — but decided to lay out a couple really doable general life ones because i’m feeling motivated right now.

2014 was obviously a pretty important year for me. getting married really triggered the fact that i’m somewhat of a grownup now and i should at least pretend to act like it.

we have a tendency to sit around a lot watching hulu and eating in bed. this is bad i know. on our guest book advice cards at the wedding, my brother even suggested “don’t eat in bed”. we’ve agreed we’re going to try to do a weekly date night – even if it isn’t going out to dinner, but just even taking more walks or picnics or trips to the farmers market. or going to museum exhibits before we realize it’s too late and they’ve closed. another idea we’ve had is to hire a housekeeper. we’re both pretty slobby, so we realized how much happier we’d be if our apartment was just cleaned and we didn’t have to live in shambles. i think it might be really worth the money.

as i just said, i sit around and watch tv a lot. i haven’t worked out since before the wedding – sorry dad. so i’d love to even just get up and walk around our cute neighborhood more. but besides being lazy with my body – i can also be super lazy with the blog. i will get on a super kick with project brainstorming, buy supplies and then sit on them. and then sometimes i’ll see a project on another blog with the same idea as mine before i had a chance to make it. this has happened a lot actually. so when i come up with an idea, i should just do it. the same goes for focusing more energy on expanding blogzilla. and to get super shallow : i also want to do laser hair removal. anyone done it before? how much does it hurt?


for christmas, we got a cat toilet training kit. i cannot seem to muster up the courage or nose for cleaning the litterbox, so my husband does it. we are really hoping they can poop where we poop because never buying 15 lb litter tubs would be super nice for us. plus i’m sure photos will be hilar. wish us luck!

i’ve been really getting into practicing lettering, while i don’t think my technique is that good – i enjoy it which is what matters. and i’m even doing my brothers wedding invites with watercolor. i also really want to get better at photography and i’d love to learn how to weave. and i want to learn how to keep plants alive. but even if i don’t do all those things in 2015 – i’ll just know that i wanted to and that’s what really matters, right?

in 2015, i will turn 30. my husband always says 29 is harder because all you do is focus on how you’re 30 and then once you turn 30, you’re used to it. it’s a little daunting, but i’m hoping some things will happen this year that will make me feel like we’re on the right track to our future — mainly seeing if we can buy a house. also i need to be better at paying bills. that’s what adults do right?

do you make resolutions? do you feel good about them in january and then not do them?

diy washi tape gift wrapping

December 22, 2014

diy / holiday

it’s my last post of 2014 before i veg out a little for xmas – and then we’re going to hawaii next week! i’ll be back after the new year, but didn’t want to leave you guys without one last really easy idea for spicing up your simple wrapping paper.

if you have some pretty washi tape laying around, here are two patterns you can add to your presents for a pretty modern and rad looking gift. just cut and stick! duh!

diy washi tape gift wrap | almost makes perfect diy washi tape gift wrap

and don’t forget to add the printable gift tags!

diy washi tape gift wrap | almost makes perfect

i also wanted to thank all of you guys for this year, i clearly had a hard time sticking around while planning my wedding – but i came back and put all my effort back in because of the support that didn’t seem to go away. thank you for not leaving me. i don’t always have the time or memory to respond to comments, but i really wouldn’t have come back if i didn’t think there were a couple of people that really wanted me to.

getting married in 2014 made it my best year so far, but i’m looking forward to 2015 and i’m feeling super positive about everything to come. hope you guys have fun plans coming up for the holidays!!! x

almost makes mixtape ⋅ xmas 2014

December 19, 2014

almost makes mixtape / holiday

i am a total christmas loving jew. like the most. my mom and i have always LOVED getting a tree and christmas music and christmas morning, so much so that we kinda just bailed out on hanukkah about a decade ago. so i made a christmas playlist for our christmas eve and for yours too! it’s a couple of the same songs as last years xmas mix, because i still like them. so there. enjoy!

almost makes mixtape | xmas 2014

holiday gift guide / for the hostess

December 17, 2014

gift guide

it’s very sad, but although i love to entertain – i never do it. because a LOT of people we know are allergic to cats. i made todays gift guide with big dreams of my own – someday i’ll be a hostess again.

and this will be probably be my last gift guide for the holidays as you guys only have a few days left for guaranteed shipping! hurry!!

holiday gift guide | for the hostess

01. the most beautiful bottle openers of all time by fort standard
02. a scented candle is the perfect no fuss gift
03. a copper cocktail shaker will enhance everyones bar
04. everyone loves beautiful handmade bowls. everyone
05. wood napkin rings to add an organic feel to the table
06. a gorgeous handmade hexagonal trivet for making her counter that much cooler
07. also – everyone loves beautiful linen napkins. duh
08. these gold & teak cheese servers scream give me to a lucky hostess
09. and so do a set of beautiful wine stoppers
10. a super modern fruit bowl that i want for my kitchen counter
11. cake stands tend to look reeeally girly, for the non girly girl – here’s the perfect alternative
12. a unique and awesome mexican wine cover along with a nice bottle
13. a gorgeous terra cotta dish & dome for burning papers and incense

diy eye ornaments

December 16, 2014

diy / holiday

diy eye ornaments  | almost makes perfect

i will totally admit that i get super into trends — and i want lots of things with eyes on them, for now. so i made these super easy ornaments to make our tree that much trendier. guess what else. they take like no time at all.

diy easy eye ornaments | almost makes perfect


  • polymer clay
  • a small rolling pin or something to flatten the clay
  • a black marker or two
  • something round to make the iris (i used the end of a paint marker)
  • toothpicks
  • twine

diy clay eye ornaments | almost makes perfect

01. preheat the oven according to your clays directions. soften some balls of clay in your hands, and then roll them out into ovals.

02. indent the iris with something small and round.

03. carve out the shape of your eye with a toothpick, if you hate it – roll it up and start over. if it looks a little wonky, tell yourself that’s the style you’re going for.

diy eye ornaments | almost makes perfect

04. poke a hole through the top with your toothpick, make sure you go through both sides.

05. bake and let cool. color in your carving.

06. tie a piece of twine and hang on your tree!

diy clay eye ornaments  | almost makes perfect

now you can say things like : eye wish you a merry christmas. or also not.

diy eye ornaments  | almost makes perfect

diy holiday gift boxes

December 15, 2014

diy / holiday

diy gift boxes | almost makes perfect

you may have someone in your life that’s hard to buy for – especially when they don’t just send out a list of what they want. i have a strong love for making gift boxes, so i decided to gift a few relatives (that don’t read the blog) with some this year. if they cook or bake, here are some ideas for how to make your own gift box for that lucky person.

i did all of the shopping in three stores : two small local boutiques with dope pantry sections, and the rest at world market.

diy holiday gift boxes | almost makes perfect diy gift boxes |  almost makes perfect

for the cook i’m gifting, i focused on staples that i know he uses in the kitchen and then added in a few novelty items to make it fun.

maldon sea salt flakes (this stuff makes EVERYTHING better, including sweets)
mustard powder
italian rice (good for risottos)
hawaiian sea salt
a pretty new whisk

umami paste
lobster pâté
yuzu pao sauce
fancy pickles

diy edible holiday gift boxes | almost makes perfect diy holiday gift boxes | almost makes perfect

the boxes were bought at joanns and the shredded paper filler is from world market.

diy holiday gift boxes | almost makes perfect diy baking holiday gift box | almost makes perfect

for the baker, we tried to fill with baking staples that we know she’ll end up using – and just added a couple fun things to spice it up.

raw honey
vanilla extract
baking soda
baking powder
caster sugar

some pretty mast brothers chocolate
lemon curd
cupcake liners
cookie cutters

diy gift boxes | almost makes perfect

and then i was so into the gift box idea — that i made one for my husband too (he promised not to look at the blog today). he is obsessed with incense and getting rid of the cat litter smell, so i made him his own little scent gift box.

diy scent gift box | almost makes perfect


palo santo sticks
a couple of sage bundles
vintage matchbooks
our favorite PF candle

i put all of the items into a vintage cigar box.

soooo anyway – if you’re stuck on what to gift someone this year, you can probably tell i suggest making them a gift box. if you’re shopping in person, you can throw one together in a few hours. and if the recipient tucks it away in a closet, then you can periodically go in and steal items back one at a time and still win!