diy gold dipped pear placecards

November 4, 2013

diy / holiday / thanksgiving

diy gold dipped pear placecards diy

it’s november now! so this month i’m going to do a lot of table setting DIYs. yay for pretty tables and stuffing!

also… i promise this is my last color blocked / paint dipped project for a while ok? promise.

gold dipped pears materials

pears (use fake ones if you want to reuse these next year — also, it felt kind of wrong to spray paint fruit)
white spray paint
gold acrylic paint
blank labels
elastic, string, or twine

not pictured:
a plastic tub
alphabet stamps or a pen
matte medium or fixative spray
a paint brush (if you’d like to fix spots)

gold dipped pears how to


step one : spray your pears with fixative to prep them for paint.

step two : spray paint the pears and let them full dry outside.

step three : pour your paint into a plastic tub and prepare a clean drying surface (i used paper plates). dip each pear in by gently holding the stem and spinning the pear while keeping the tub tipped to one side.

step four : let the pears dry and fix any weird spots with a brush if you’d like. in order to not have the pears dry onto the plates, i picked them up and moved them every 20 minutes or so.

step five : stamp or handwrite your name cards, attach to elastic and knot onto the pear stems. i’ve had these tiny alphabet stamps from china for months and finally got to use them.

diy gold dipped pears gold dipped pear placecards

payday wishlist

November 1, 2013

wish list

hope you had a fun halloween! i’ll be posting my costume later, which believe it or not — was not part of my many weeks of costume ideas. (or you can just see it on my instagram)

more importantly… i’m cold!! now that it’s gotten just a little colder in la — our apartment is freezing so i’ve been bundled up for weeks. today’s wish list is all about cozy.

payday wishlist // 62

one . i’ve been wanting these giselle pajamas forever. maybe i should take the plunge this year.
two . from september to april, if i’m at home, i’m wearing big thick ragg socks. i took a lot of my dads.
three . these linen slippers are so handsome – i’d probably leave the house wearing them.
four . i’m very into the three wick candles, that’s like 300% more candle. and i love the black tin.
five . i’ve always wanted a chemex coffee maker. it’s the most fancy way to make coffee ever, right?
six . loving the simple pattern on this peach linen throw. i want to bundle up in it and not move.

what to watch for halloween on netflix

October 31, 2013

halloween / movies

happy halloween! if you’re staying in and watching a movie — i’ve collected some of my favorites that are streaming on netflix instant. get some candy and do a movie marathon why doncha.

movies to watch on halloween on netflix

tucker and dale vs evil a really good horror comedy hybrid — if you like shaun of the dead you’ll like this.

let the right one in a swedish horror / romance about a young vampire

the stuff one of my favorite bad 80s horror movies, if you like campy ones — it’s a great one.

severance a british slasher / comedy about a company retreat getting attacked by killers

dead snow yet ANOTHER horror comedy – this is a norwegian movie about zombie nazis.

slither one of my favorites, it’s about these alien slugs that turn people into zombies. and it stars nathan fillion who i really like looking at.

the langoliers a lot less scary than most of these, and a lot weirder — this was a stephen king miniseries so it’s 3 hours and it has the weirdest diction and sayings you’ll ever hear. watch with subtitles and try to accept the worst CGI monsters for what they are. awesome.

american mary it’s about a girl trying to get through med school by becoming an underground plastic surgeon doing weird illegal procedures

the possession apparently people didn’t like this, but we did. like most exorcism movies but it’s the first one i’ve seen with jews instead of priests. and matisyahu.

the hole i recommend this one for the timid people who don’t like slashers, it’s about kids who find a hole in their basement that contains their deepest fears.

return to horror high another one of my favorite 80s b-movies, and it’s got maureen mccormick and a young george clooney!

hansel & gretel get baked i was turned off by the name of this, but it was actually pretty entertaining. post tons of surgery lara flynn boyle plays the witch, which is fun / uncomfortable to watch.

freeloader // 3

October 30, 2013

downloads / graphic design

free iphone wallpaper from almost makes perfect

ok i’m ready for a wallpaper change so maybe you are too! also, i’m going to let you just download these ones because the pay for a tweet doesn’t seem to actually work for facebook. sorry about that for anyone who tried!

free iphone wallpaper from almost makes perfect

these are for personal use only.
if you share, please do not share the wallpaper directly, but rather share a link back to here.

diy color block clock

October 29, 2013


color block clock diy

the other day i picked up one of these wood clock faces at the craft store with no idea of what to do with it. so then i got inspired by these clocks by theo theo. it took me an hour to recreate the look and now my office wall has a little color! i’d mention the functionality of having a clock nearby too — but who am i kidding, i’ll never look at it for the time.

color block clock diy materials

a clock kit (i bought this one, but it’s pretty cheap and crappy and protrudes a lot in the back)
wood clock base
acrylic paint of your choice
painters tape

not pictured
a small paint brush
a pencil
sand paper
anything with a circular shape to trace around

color-block-clock diy


step one : sand your clock to get a smooth texture. then tape off half the wood with your painters tape and burnish it by smoothing with your nails.

step two : using anything that has a round shape and is smaller than your clock, trace around the shape for a semi – circle (i used an old trash bin that was sized just right)

step three : mix your paint with a bunch of water so it’s more of a wash rather than a thick layer of paint. i would have preferred my paint to look thinner than it does actually.

step four : paint the center and then carefully free hand around your circular shape. make sure you dont have much paint on the brush when you do the edges or it’ll bleed.

step five : once your paint is dry, slowly remove the tape and assemble your clock kit as instructed.

color block clock by almost makes perfect diy color block clock

wouldn’t these make great holiday gifts?!

diy halloween costumes / pt 5

October 28, 2013


ok if you didn’t get a costume by now — you must be a big time procrastinator. so here are some costumes hopefully full of items that you already have in your closet.

walter white

W A L T E R  W H I T E
button down / underwear / glasses / gun / socks / shoes
+ the least sexy costume with no pants maybe ever.

wednesday addams

W E D N E S D A Y   A D D A M S
black dress / button down / tights / oxfords / lipstick / pigtail holders / nail polish
+ if you don’t have a peter pan collar black dress, wear a collared shirt underneath a black dress for the same look

steve zissou

S T E V E  Z I S S O U
shirt / jeans / beanie / aviators / headband / sneakers
+ wear a headband around your leg as a holster, and make yourself a beard by sewing or gluing cotton balls together onto an elastic or string.


payday wishlist

October 25, 2013

wish list

it’s friday!!! this week felt long. i finally decided on a costume and threw it together last minute. i look like a man in it. whoops. hope you celebrate halloween this weekend and do something SPOOOOOKY!

but i’m getting kind of sick of halloween posts, so since it’s almost november — and fall just shouts cozy dinner parties to me, today’s wish list is all about cute dream things i want for my next dinner party.

payday wishlist

brass coasters / geode glasses / rattan club chairtable runner / up tray / raw edge cutting board
(i’d use that cutting board for serving only)