winter coats

November 12, 2013

it’s in the 80s this week in la — but i know i’m going to need a winter coat (or maybe an autumn coat) at SOME point… here are some of my favorites. oh and they’re all under $200. of course.

winter coats -- almost makes perfect

O N E     /     T W O     /     T H R E E     /     F O U R     /     F I V E


diy gold geo napkin rings

November 11, 2013

diy geo napkin rings

are you ready for the cheapest and easiest holiday napkin rings of all time? i’m serious. you can make these while your turkey is in the oven for crying out loud. i had all this cardboard from the shipping boxes i had for my old vintage etsy shop that i’ve been wanting to use instead of throw away — so i covered the cardboard in gold duct tape.

cardboard + duct tape = napkin rings? sure why not.

geo napkin ring materials

scrap cardboard pieces
gold duct tape (mine was an impulse buy at the local hardware store)
t-square ruler
xacto knife
scotch tape (optional, for interior touchups)

geo napkin rings diy


step one . cut your cardboard to your desired size. i cut my pieces to 15 cm wide x 1.5 inches — just make sure your tape is larger than your cardboard

step two . mark every 3 inches with your pencil on your cardboard. score with your xacto knife

step three . bend each scored section and bring the ends together

step four . cut a piece of duct tape longer than your cardboard and lay it down sticky side up. carefully place your cardboard onto the tape, one edge at a time

step five . bend each piece again now making the tape bend with it. fold the tape over the edges, leaving one side long and unfolded. trim any excess on the other corner and fix any areas on the inside with a small piece of scotch tape

step six . fold the ends together with the tape overlapping the top, carefully trim a straight edge at the seam

+ once you do one, you can bust a bunch of these out real fast.

gold geo napkin rings diy diy gold geo napkin rings diy gold geo napkin rings

payday wishlist

the holidays are here! while i am actually jewish, i am in loooove with christmas. there’s something about pajamas and lots of food and the smell of the tree and wrapped presents. omg i love it.

after i begged gideon not to, he bought grand theft auto 5. and now as i predicted, all i want to do is play it. this is causing my blog posts to go up late every day this week, and i’m way behind on DIYs. so this weekend i am determined to play MORE of it so i can become less obsessed. because that’s possible right? it’s really bad. all i want to do is take a week off and sit in bed playing it eating hamburgers. hope you have way more productive weekend plans!

holiday wishlist

one . i’m determined to make some ornaments this year, and these geometric gold leaf ornaments are very inspiring
two . the holidays definitely bring out the glitter side in everyone right? normally these placemats would be too girly for me, but not 2 months a year.
three . shanna murray did some dishes for west elm, and my favorite is definitely this pumpkin pie dish
four . i find most stockings hideous, but these ones make me think of christmas in the beverly hills hotel
five . obsessed with the smell of the tree, so candles that smell like christmas trees are OK WITH ME.
six . target has a huge array of cheap and modern stag heads that i’m loving

i link you

November 7, 2013

i link you 10

you may have seen it already, but if you haven’t — watch the weirdest video ever late for meeting (via youtube)

i loved this post about whether or not you should go to design school. personally, i did go and i think i learned more than just design, but real career skills too. i don’t think that it’s necessarily crucial, but it can only make you a more well rounded designer (via the house that lars built)

with thanksgiving a few weeks away, i am now looking at all my pie and dessert options that i want to try. this maple custard pie with candied bacon looks insane (via raspberri cupcakes)

i love this simple leather personalized keychain that will take you 20 minutes to make by the very talented rachel (via 52 weeks project)

using tools you have around the house, you can make these artful diy wrapping paper designs yourself. your gift getters would probably avoid opening their actual gifts. (via oh happy day)

it might be old — but this tumblr page of cats wearing tights makes me so happy. and laughy. look how long their legs are. so good. (via meowtfit)