i link you : mothers day edition

May 9, 2014

holiday / mother's day / roundup

i link you | mothers day DIYs

with mother’s day this sunday, it felt totally selfish to roundup things i want for myself. but if you’re still looking for gift ideas for her, check out the mom gift guide.

if you still need some inspiration, here are my favorite girly projects that you can bust out tomorrow before her big day!

01. all moms drink tea, right? that’s their thing. so this diy tea box is simple, easy and perfect. (via freutcake)
02. super lovely watercolor floral mothers day cards by yao chang that you can print right out! (via the alison show)
03. moms love breakfast in bed, but what if you made her a gorgeous crepe cake like this?! (via the house that lars built)
04. homemade milk bath for the mom who loves her bath time (via handmade mood)
05. this beautiful floral gift wrap is perfect for mothers day and printable! (via oh happy day)
06. pick up some edible flowers, throw them on top of everything — your party is made. (via studio diy)

have a happy mothers day and a great weekend!

diy stamped no-sew napkins

May 8, 2014

diy / mother's day

diy stamped napkins | almost makes perfect

as promised, i decided to use yesterdays DIY stamp to make some napkins using leftover jersey fabric! now, i’m not suggesting jersey is the best fabric for napkins – but you could use any durable fabric lying around or even stamp onto store bought cloth napkins or flour sack towels. and don’t forget, these are machine washable! YAY!

diy block print stamp

to make the stamp, follow the same instructions as yesterday’s DIY stamped scarf post.

my only tip for this project is if you’re reusing your stamp, make sure not to wash the stamp under running water. it wears down the adhesive – so the best way to reuse it is to clean with a soapy paper towel. but let’s be real – these stamps aren’t super durable for long term use. the good part is though, they’re easy as shit to make – so you can make a new one whenever!

diy stamped napkins | almost makes perfect

now wouldn’t these make the perfect mother’s day gift? oh and speaking of mother’s day… print out the gift tags i shared to wrap them in and you’ve become the favorite child!

diy stamped napkins and printable mothers day gift tag diy stamped napkins   |   almost makes perfect

or just throw your mom a brunch, use the napkins at the brunch, then say “see these napkins? they’re your gift! sorry they’re dirty.”

diy stamped napkins  |  almost makes perfect


diy no-sew stamped scarf

May 7, 2014

diy / mother's day

diy stamped scarf | almost makes perfect

i wanted to share the DIY project that i chose for the anthropologie event this past weekend : stamped scarves! these are so easy and it might be one of the most fun diys ever, actually. you know, because you get in the zone.

also, jersey knit makes for the perfect lightweight summer scarf, so i don’t have to tell you this would make a great mothers day present. do i? ok, well it would.

diy stamped scarf | almost makes perfect

making your own stamps is insanely easy, so now that i’ve “mastered” it, i’m making a new stamp for everything.

diy stamps


craft foam with adhesive backing *
wood block (we had these cut from scrap wood at the hardware store)
jersey knit fabric
fabric paint
foam brush

* to make sure the stamps were thick enough, i doubled each piece of craft foam by simply sticking one piece to another.

diy stamp

step one | trace your block onto the back of your craft foam to get an accurate size. you can also skip this step if you’re impulsive.

step two | draw out your desired shape. i went with a striped pattern so just cut out a ton of lines. they’re definitely not perfect, but i think all the imperfections add to the charm of these.

step three | remove the backing and stick your foam onto your wood block.

step four | cut out a piece of fabric that seems like a good size scarf. this one measures at about 13.5″ x 65″. because it’s jersey, the raw edge is pretty unnoticeable and the edges roll nicely.

diy stamp

step five | lay your fabric down flat on a work surface and tape down to secure.

step six | brush paint onto your stamp and stamp away!

diy stamping diy stamped scarf  |  almost makes perfect diy stamped scarf | almost makes perfect diy stamped scarf

because i was so into the block pattern this stamp made, i wanted to show you yet ANOTHER easy diy you can make with it, just in time for mother’s day. i’ll be sharing part 2 tomorrow!

diy stamped scarf

mother’s day gift guide

May 6, 2014

gift guide / holiday / mother's day

mother’s day is this sunday — and in case you forgot to get her a little something something, here are some easy ideas [mostly all] under $100

mothers day gift guide | almost makes perfect

01. you can never have too many pretty serving spoons, which is why i put them on every mom gift guide!
02. a fancy overnight face mask is something my mom would never buy for herself.
03. my mom is obsessed with celebrity biographies & memoirs, i”m going to assume all moms are the same way.
04. a fantastic cookbook always goes over well, my mom and i both love the AOC one.
05. a comfy set of pjs is always a go-to. this set is perfect for warm summer nights. i also want it for myself.
06. what woman wouldn’t want a gorgeous umbrella?
07. fill out this “what i love about mom” book and she’ll be thrilled to get a custom gift that’s all about her.
08. a little leather tassel keychain in her favorite color
09. a pretty rose gold watch for the mom who needs a little help keeping time
10. a little more expensive, but i had to include this footed bowl because my mom would looove it. go halfsies with your sibling.
11. the perfect summer bag for errands and farmers markets and general mom tasks.
12. a beautiful wood cutting board to spruce up her kitchen countertop.
13. a cute iphone case is always my go-to.

payday wishlist

May 2, 2014

wish list

payday wishlist

this week has been a bit stressful, and it being 95 degrees out everyday hasn’t helped! but i’ve been running around getting all the supplies for the anthropologie event on sunday, which i hope you’re coming to! if you aren’t and you want to, there might still be a chance to RSVP! i’ll be spending the weekend preparing for that while trying to stay cool in the meantime.

we’re also STILL doing honeymoon research (we’re so lost on where to go) and working on the wedding invites (i think i FINALLY figured out the design) i hope you have a great weekend!

01. these little patterned dip bowls would look so cute at a summer party filled with guacamole and dips.
02. the perfect sandal because they don’t require a pedicure. couldn’t believe how few women i saw in france not wearing them.
03. a gorgeous horn tape measure? like come on. when am i winning a lottery to buy all these lovely things i don’t need?
04. i love stretchy jewelry, so when i saw this bracelet i was like that looks like something i would have worn when i was 11, but pretty.
05. i looove these striped shorts and i bet you might too.
06. i’m clearly into triangles and clearly into coasters.


diy printable mothers day wreath gift cards

April 30, 2014

diy / downloads / mother's day

printable mother's day gift tags | almost makes perfect

in my big extended family, there are a lot of moms. i have my mom, but also a step mom and a future mother-in-law and a future step mother-in-law. and every year, i’ve had a hard time finding cards for anything but MOM. not that i don’t just usually buy my stepmom a regular mother’s day card, but i thought everyone ought to be included in the holiday! alternative titles and all.

printable mothers day gift tags | almost makes perfect

these tags were a collaboration with the fiance gideon, who i should get to illustrate for the blog way more than i do now. (he is drawing our amazing map for our wedding invites and favors) aren’t the wreaths pretty?! thanks boo.

to use, all you have to do is print the tags onto standard 8.5 x 11″ cardstock, cut them out, and if you’d like, punch a hole in the top to tie it to a gift or bouquet. the back is blank so you can write a personalized message there.

printable mothers day tags | almost makes perfect printable mothers day gift tags | almost makes perfect

jumbo white chocolate chip cookies

April 29, 2014

dessert / recipes

jumbo white chocolate chip cookies | almost makes perfect

no question – my favorite cookie ever is a white chocolate macadamia nut, but while it’s my favorite, the thing i like most about it is just the white chocolate chips. so i decided to forgo the nuts and just make this super rich, super buttery, super chocolately and super sized cookie because gideon is trying to gain weight for the wedding so why not eat 60 cookies?

i used my favorite cookie recipe, which has a crispy edge but really gooey inside (i mean… perfect cookie right?) and it’s also an EASY one.

jumbo white chocolate chip cookies

jumbo white chocolate chip cookies
(adapted from all recipes)

1 cup butter, softened
1 cup white sugar
1 cup packed brown sugar
2 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
3 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
2 teaspoons hot water
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 cups white chocolate chips

preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

cream together the butter, white sugar, and brown sugar until smooth. beat in the eggs one at a time, then stir in the vanilla. dissolve baking soda in hot water. add to batter along with salt. stir in flour, chocolate chips, and nuts. drop by extra large spoonfuls onto ungreased pans.

bake for about 10 minutes in the preheated oven, or until edges are nicely browned.

jumbo white chocolate chip cookies  |  almost makes perfect jumbo white chocolate chip cookies