our guestbook table

April 15, 2015

our wedding

the guestbook table | almost makes perfectthe guestbook table | almost makes perfect

for our guest book table at the wedding, we decided to make advice cards vs having an actual book. this way, we thought we could avoid the typical “thanks for having us, love blank & blank” and get some real talk from our guests.

we went with three categories : advice for us, date ideas, and fond memories.

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how we did our own wedding florals

April 14, 2015

our wedding

how we did our own wedding florals | almost makes perfecthow we did our own wedding florals

i want to preface this post by saying i am not a florist. that is a given, i just know that i like really organic floral arrangements and the quotes from the local florists we got were just way too high. so we ended up doing it ourselves because we had already committed to destroying our year with wedding planning anyway, what’s one more thing?!

when we ran out of flowers for our arrangements, the bouquets ended up being a lot more greenery and filler than we’d planned, but i think we totally pulled it off!

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diy wood wedding signs

April 13, 2015

diy / our wedding

painting signs

now that the wedding has been posted on green wedding shoes, i’ve been getting emails from you guys asking how i did a few things. so although i don’t have a ton of process shots due to doing 400 DIYs at once, i’m going to do some posts on some of the projects we did for the wedding this week! it also seemed fitting, because i’m out of town this week on my way to my brothers wedding this weekend!

first up is how we did our wedding signs! if you saw the wedding photos, then you know there were a shit ton of them. honestly, these weren’t easy. gideon did the painting and i did the tracing because he has a much steadier hand than i do, and when i did the painting they looked way less perfect. so obviously, he wasn’t happy when i came up with long sayings for each sign. but i wanted to inject our personalities into everything!

here’s how we did ’em!

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happy weekend

April 10, 2015

i link you

happy weekend

this week has been all about prepping for next week for me. my brother’s getting married next weekend and i’ve been getting my best man toast together, while kind of packing because i leave tuesday! my dad, stepmom and i are driving up to his wedding in wine country — we’re gonna stop to visit hearst castle and go to big sur for two nights. anyone have any recommendations?! let me know!

don’t worry though, i’ve changed and i was planning on taking a week off from the blog, but then i decided last minute to just setup a post for every day. next week is wedding week. i’m going to post all of the DIYs i did. all of them. get ready.

8 tips for a better looking blog
⋅ eva is aaaamazing.
⋅ can’t believe this is ikea. and i love ikea. and i still find it a big deal.
⋅ these would be perfect for a GNO
⋅ … or for this DIY
⋅ just in case you didn’t see this
⋅ someday i’ll have the space to make something like this
⋅ free this week and perfect for mockups!
⋅ obsessed with these.

tom collins

April 9, 2015

happy hour

tom collins | almost makes perfecttom collins | almost makes perfect

a few weeks ago, i tried my first tom collins. and then i was like omg what took me so long!? i’ve decided it’s now my go-to drink for the summer – because it’s sooo refreshing and simple.

tom collins | almost makes perfect

fill a cocktail shaker with ice. pour in the gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and a dash of bitters. cover and shake until the outside of the container is frosty, about 15 seconds. strain into a highball glass full of ice. top off with club soda and garnish with lemon slice and rosemary sprig.


tom collins | almost makes perfect

iphone cases

April 8, 2015


iphone cases | almost makes perfect

you know that totally blissful feeling when you have a clean + sparkly new phone? before you’ve dropped it or scratched it and you feel on top of the world? i feel like that right now. i switched providers and got a new iphone 6 and i just am obsessed. so naturally… GIMME ALL THE PRETTY IPHONE CASES.


diy leather luggage tags (2.0)

April 7, 2015


diy leather luggage tag | almost makes perfectdiy leather luggage tag | almost makes perfect

you may remember i’ve already made a leather luggage tag here on the blog — but i decided to revamp. in fact, i’m considering revamping a few older DIYs because honestly — sometimes i run out of ideas, and i never really love old posts.

anyway! i saw these tags months ago on pinterest (they seem to not exist for sale anymore) and i’ve been wanting to create luggage tags in the same style forever. so i finally buckled down and made them! also – now that i’m in the mindset that i’m going to be changing my last name – i decided to incorporate my new name onto the tags as well. yes, my new name will be BOOMER. MOLLY BOOMER. is it crazy sounding?

btw – anyone know how to officially change your last name? it seems like suuuuch a thing.

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our wedding on green wedding shoes

April 6, 2015

our wedding

stylish handmade desert wedding

so excited to finally share the rest of our wedding with you guys (better late than never), today it’s up on green wedding shoes!

our weddingour wedding

i feel like i’ve told you a decent amount about the day and what we made, but in case you need a refresher : we made the chuppah (with a lot of help from my step dad), escort cards, menus, table numbers, programs, wood signs, hanging plant stands, raw edged linen napkins, the boutonnières, photo booth background (which we sadly don’t have photos of) a custom croquet set, and we hand painted 300 rocks and votive candles for the tables. we also did all the florals and had an assembly line of my moms friends and sisters in the kitchen the day prior assembling the arrangements.

killing ourselves with the amount of work we put into the wedding was so worth it in the end, but it was so incredibly overwhelming. we literally made wedding things everyday the month of. but hearing from our guests that our wedding was the “best wedding” they’d ever been to really made it that much more amazing for us, and we both agree it was maybe our biggest accomplishment, especially because we did it all, together.

our weddingour weddingour wedding

the wedding goes by in the blink of an eye, i even remember thinking when cocktail hour was ending that it was going by too fast — but i will always remember this day so fondly and so vividly. by far my favorite day of all time.

our wedding

so head over to GWS for lots more photos and a bunch of personal advice, and if you have any questions – i would love to answer them!

ps. if you’re engaged, don’t forget we now sell wedding website themes!