happy weekend

August 7, 2015

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whoaaaa this week flew by. we have very little planned for this weekend which i’m stoked for – gonna run some errands and see some houses and that’s about it.

oh and i got some very out of the blue exciting news! i’m nominated for best DIY blog in the bloglovin’ awards! i’m nominated along with some of the biggest DIY blogs ever and i’m kinda not sure what i’m doing on there… but wanna vote for me? love ya.

⋅ my new fave youtube video
⋅ a super useful chrome extension for us hoarders
⋅ ok, this is so weird. and so good.
⋅ been eyeing this dress for months, it’s way on sale right now.
⋅ i’m such a sucker for pretty cleaning products
⋅ is it weird to be attracted to paintings of men? because i am.
⋅ always need a new pretty excuse to be organized.
⋅ this is my newest bff, and she makes some dooope looking food.
⋅ loving this new print for the summer!

malibu staycation

August 6, 2015

travel / yada yada

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as you know, this past weekend we went on a little getaway to malibu. it was a perfect little refresher, and a chance to finally go to the beach for the first time all summer. we stayed in a yurt, which was kind of a new experience (i stayed in a similar dome thingie on my high school senior retreat in ojai). i’m a little claustrophobic so we ended up sleeping on the pullout instead of the bed near the ceiling, and fyi there are roosters living on the farm. pack your sleeping pills.

it was also a really good little bonding sesh for my brother, sister in law, gideon and me. with both our weddings taking place over the span of 7 months — it was really nice for the four of us to just hang out stress free for the first time in a while. we brought a lot of rosé and a bunch of games and mostly just hung around relaxing.

habana cafe for fish tacos and margaritas
malibu seafood for fish and chips but way too long a line
neptune’s net for more fried fish and a biker scene
malibu farm for breakfast and a view

the yurt (and you can have your friends stay in the other two properties)

el matador has been my favorite beach for a decade, it’s a lot more crowded than it used to be, but it’s gorgeous and still fairly secluded. (be ready for a steep walk down)

DIY copper patterned iphone case

August 5, 2015


diy copper patterned phone case | almost makes perfect diy copper patterned phone case | almost makes perfect

you know what the best kind of DIY projects are? the ones you can do in bed. goes without saying they’re the easy ones too. i’ve been wanting to make myself a new phone case for a while, and i’m stoked on how this turned out!

diy copper patterned phone case | almost makes perfect


if you’re super observant, you’ll notice that the pattern in the photo above is different from the finished case. i ended up scrapping the first design because i had continued the patterns off to the sides, which ended up feeling annoying on my fingers and i figured they would start to peel.

01. cut out your shapes using the grid on the back of the contact paper as a guide for keeping your sizes consistent (or as you can see in mine, fairly consistent)

02. lay out the shapes on your case and figure out the pattern. *

03. using your tweezers, peel off the backing and stick to your case — continue this for like ever. if you mess up, you can remove the shape with your tweezers but you might want to cut out another shape if it looks janky after removing.

04. once you’re done, you can seal the case with a thin layer of mod podge or whatever sealer you want to use – this will prevent the inevitable peeling.

* my contact paper has a metallic grain, i ignored this on the first round and noticed that the shine wasn’t consistent throughout. if your contact paper also has a grain, make sure you keep the grain going the same direction on every shape for the best look.

diy copper patterned phone case | almost makes perfect diy copper patterned phone case | almost makes perfect diy copper patterned phone case | almost makes perfect

easy right?! let me know if you try it!

dream house : vaulted ceilings

August 3, 2015

dream house / interiors

dream house - vaulted ceilings | almost makes perfect

still looking for our house, and learning the things that are really important to look for. the biggest thing i’ve noticed is that while i do fall for a cute flipped house, most of the time there are still things i’d want to change — and if it’s not priced for that, it’s no go. so instead, we’ve been focusing on good bones – and i’ve noticed the thing i’m looking for the most is vaulted ceilings. we’ve seen some amaaazing ceilings in houses that aren’t in the right locations or in the right price range for us, so i’m trying not to have my heart set on them, but oh man. i want me some vaulted ceilings.


dream house - vaulted ceilings | almost makes perfect dream house - vaulted ceilings | almost makes perfect

light woods, white. looks dope both ways. [image top / image bottom]

dream house - vaulted ceilings | almost makes perfect

i’d also settle for vaulted bedroom ceiling. [image]

vaulted ceilings | almost makes perfect dream house - vaulted ceilings | almost makes perfect vaulted ceilings | almost makes perfect

but i am obsessed with a huge kitchen/dining/living combo with it. [image / image / image]

vaulted ceilings | almost makes perfect dream house - vaulted ceilings | almost makes perfect

[image top / image bottom]

is it just me or does a high vaulted ceiling make a room look like a million bucks?! do you have vaulted ceilings? you do? oh ok i hate you. jk. i don’t. i’m just super jeal.

happy weekend

July 31, 2015

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daniel wellington | almost makes perfect

struggled a little this week — i’m on a summer hiatus from my day job, which happens every year and i always think oh man i’m gonna be so productive when i’m not working those two days a week! but it doesn’t usually end up happening, and with a few DIY fails in a row, i’m having a little lack of inspiration. i go through lulls like this and snap out of them, so hopefully leaving this weekend will help inspire me.

as i said yesterday — gid, my brother, sister-in-law and i are heading to malibu for the weekend for a little getaway, and some much needed beach time. we’re staying in the raddest airbnb which i’ll show you guys on instagram if you’re following along! hope you all have a lovely weekend!

how to eat sushi like a pro sushi eater
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⋅ so i’ve watched 7+ of these shows, eek i’m really wasting my life.
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⋅ come check out fran’s amazing new venture
⋅ i know i’m addicted to bubbly water, had no idea everyone else was too!
⋅ in case you missed it, you can get 15% off daniel wellington watches until august 15 with code “makesperfect”

DIY wood cake stand

July 29, 2015


diy wood cake stand | almost makes perfect diy wood cake stand | almost makes perfect

ok you guys — this might be my easiest DIY to date. and it might be one of my favorites. i love simple wood cake stands, so i decided to make this by essentially just gluing wood together. does it still count as a DIY?!

cake stands are one of those things i like to have to feel like a real grownup, but i’m not usually playing hostess while serving various cakes. for those few rare occasions when i do throw a little party, pretty cake stands make everything look cute, you know – like donuts. or toast. whatever.

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my favorite daily makeup essentials

July 28, 2015


my favorite daily makeup essentials | almost makes perfect

when i got married, i decided to skip booking a makeup artist and instead have my maid of honor do my makeup for the wedding (didn’t hurt that she used to do makeup professionally). because i had her do it, i bought some fancy makeup which i never did ever, and got to keep it! buying a few fancy items really taught me how fancy items are actually pretty nice to have around — and i’ve really started figuring out which products are worth splurging on and which ones aren’t.

btw — i know this is a different type of post than normal. i always find reading about other womens beauty regimens super fun, so i thought you might too. if you guys like this type of post, i have more where this came from (how about favorite skin care products, hair products, nail polishes!?)

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