2016 goals

January 12, 2016

yada yada

happy new year! i’m finaaaally back. i’ve been back from mexico for a week, but needed one more week off so i could really step away and take a break (and my day job has also been a bit nuts getting back.) but i’m happy to be back in the swing of things, and ready to get back into a normal routine where i’m not a little stress ball at all times.

even though i don’t really make resolutions on new years, i try to evaluate the good and bad of the year, and things i could definitely improve on — because even just noticing is maybe a step in the right direction. so here are my goals for this year. keep reading

merry xmas and the best of 2015

December 22, 2015

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modern wall hanging christmas tree | almost makes perfect

this is the last post for the year — it’s time to celebrate the holiday and finally take a big much needed break. we’re taking it easy for xmas and do a low key celebration with pajamas and movies — and i’m going to attempt to make my first annual bread pudding (and then if i do well, i want to make it every year). then we’re going to cabo with my in-laws until january — i am so excited to get away and have a break from everything.

2015 feels like it just flew by — there were some big changes and this year was really the first time i felt like a real grownup, although i just yesterday didn’t answer the front door for a stranger by saying my mommy and daddy weren’t home.

first – i wanted to roundup some of my favorite posts from this year.

favorite projects of 2015 | almost makes perfect

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happy weekend

December 18, 2015

i link you

diy washi tape gift wrap | almost makes perfect

hope you’ve gotten all your shopping done so you can do some vegging this weekend — we have one last holiday party and we’re seeing star wars (much to my dismay). besides that i’d like to chill in my pajamas for the majority of the weekend. hope you have a great one!

⋅ netflix has socks that will pause when you fall asleep
a real cute wreath
gorgeous natural gift toppers
if you live in la… this closes on sunday and is awesome
perfect party nails
obsessing over this coat
love this calligraphy font
don’t forget to print your tags!
and don’t forget about this washi tape gift wrap diy!
if you’re planning on rewatching love actually – read this, it’s amazing

almost makes mixtape ⋅ xmas 2015

December 17, 2015

almost makes mixtape / xmas

almost makes mixtape | xmas 2015
as i’ve said many many times, i’m so freaking into christmas — just the fun stuff like the presents and the music and the decorating and the eating (i mean, i’m still jewish). i’ve made an annual christmas mixtape but this year, i’ve made it longer. this one is over an hour so will for sure last well through present opening or christmas dinner. i skipped some of my favorites that i’ve already included because i like to mix things up.

DIY mini hand ornaments

December 16, 2015

diy / holiday / xmas

diy mini hand ornaments | almost makes perfectdiy mini hand ornaments | almost makes perfect

before it’s too late, i wanted to share an easy christmas ornament project that you can do this weekend! i love making ornaments for xmas because you can keep one and give the rest to your relatives or friends so you all have matching ones, which is super sweet when you really think about it.

i loooove ceramic hands and sadly only have three in my house, so i decided the tree needed some too. these are super easy to make, because once you’ve made one, you can make a bunch more using the first as a template.

DIY mini hand ornaments | almost makes perfect

01. condition your clay to get it nice and soft. form a ball and then use your rolling pin to roll it out flat.

02. cut your shape, like pictured above. once you’ve cut out the hand, use your blade to basically just score the finger creases.

03. once you’re happy with the first one, do the same for the rest of the ornaments by just placing it on top of more clay and tracing the shape with your blade.

04. poke a hole through the hand with a toothpick and make sure it’s large enough that it’ll fit a piece of string.

05. bake according to package directions. let cool.

06. once dry, you can paint if you’d like — i debated how to paint them for quite some time so i decided to leave them simple. apply a layer of gloss glaze.

07. tie string, hang on your tree!

diy mini hand ornaments | almost makes perfectdiy mini hand ornaments | almost makes perfectdiy mini hand ornaments | almost makes perfect

holiday gift guide : for the worker bee

December 15, 2015

gift guide

gift guide for the worker bee | almost makes perfect
we’re getting waaay close to christmas now, stop procrastinating and get your shopping done! do you have someone in your life who is basically glued to their desk chair? i do. so here are some simple, practical and beautiful gifts for the work obsessed friends or relative.

01. i’d be stoked to receive this handsome leather backpack
02. if you’re going to extend your cords, extend them pretty with this
03. the prettiest space heater i ever did see
04. planners and notebooks are the easiest gifts since you can never have too many
05. hourglass timers are stylish, useful and timeless (pun intended)
06. and in the same vein, a cute little wood desktop clock
07. another gift i personally can’t have too many of, portable speakers (i want one for every room)
08. an inspiring book, and here’s another option
09. the fanciest measuring tape ever, another easy gift
10. a cute little desk caddy to keep them organized
11. fancy brass scissors would also make dope stocking stuffers

happy weekend

December 11, 2015

i link you

studio in progress

hope you guys have lots of fun holiday parties and/or holiday chilling planned. we have a bunch of parties this weekend, and every weekend until christmas. jeez — it’s so hard to be anti social when you have to be social. the studio is coming along as you can see – can’t wait to share the updates soon. this weekend we’re also going to try to start getting some plants to plant in our [currently just dirt covered] front yard and i’m co-hosting an event at lou & grey this sunday if you want to come by! have a great one.

want this top real bad
cute personalized ornament DIY
simple + lovely xmas wall decoration
is this your husband? it’s my husband. ugh sorry husband.
i hate daylight savings
don’t be a jerk.
cute printable xmas wrap
⋅ confused travolta
i wanna make one of these