diy dip dyed candlesticks

April 1, 2014

diy dip dyed candlesticks | almost makes perfect

i’ve got wedding on the brain so i’ve been brainstorming easy little projects that could work for it. i definitely want to incorporate a bunch of wood and watercolor elements — so here we are. it takes about 15 mins hands on to make these, and you’ll be happy you did — they add so much to the table. passover and easter are coming up soon, you’re welcome!

diy dip dyed candlesticks dip dyed candle sticks how to


whittling kit (available at any craft store)
drill & drill paddle bit in whatever size you’d like. we tried a few but i liked the snug fit of the 3/4″
dye (i used a combo of teal & royal blue)

dip dyed candle sticks how to

01. measure the center of your wood blocks and drill about an inch and a half down. we clamped ours to the door. sand the edges.

02. fill a non-food pan or bucket with warm water and your dye, and stir. i heavily saturated mine because i didn’t want to wait for very long. you can also add way less dye and have them marinade longer. i also decided i wanted the tallest block to have a higher dye, so i poured the remainder of dye into an empty tea can and dyed the tall one for about 7 more minutes. if you plan to do this too, think ahead unlike me and don’t dye it twice. i wasn’t planning on the dark ombre line.

03. take them out when you’re happy with them, let dry for a day.

dip dyed candle sticks how to diy dip dyed candlesticks

and that’s it. these would also be super fun in an array of colors, which if i do them for the wedding — i will most likely try some peaches and greys too.

diy dip dyed candlesticks


honeymooning — i need help!

March 31, 2014

where the f do we honeymoon // almost makes perfect

when’s a better time to do a wanderlust post than a monday!? we’re just starting to focus on just choosing a honeymoon destination and i seriously need advice. it’s just too hard to decide.

greece and paris were my top bucket list destinations and i luckily got to check them off the list with gideon, and while if i were honeymooning by myself, i’d go somewhere obvious like spain or italy. but the boy wants to do a “barefoot luxury” trip, where we don’t do a whole bunch of sightseeing and mostly focus on relaxing, swimming and eating. at first i said ugh, but then i decided i liked the idea — because we’ve done a lot of sightseeing, and we always spend all day out, and by nighttime i’m exhausted and we barely get… romantic. so i guess we should do a honeymoon where we have sex. right?

we’d love to find an amazing all-inclusive or a hotel with multiple restaurants, so we don’t have to worry about leaving and i can pig out the whole time. but we’re also pretty picky when it comes to hotels, we always prefer well designed boutique ones. finding both seems hard. we also talked about doing a week of relaxing somewhere like italy and then sightseeing for a week — but realized it’ll be a little cold for us in october.

click on the location for the image source.

bora bora // we would LOVE to stay on an overwater hut. doesn’t get more romantic than that — but it seems like all-inclusives don’t exist and prices are pretty high in tahiti

bali // while it looks amazing, i’ve spoken to two people who have spent time there and we’re not sure we want to deal with all the cons that come with traveling there – bugs, the water… have you heard of bali belly? is it worth dealing with all that?

fiji // dreams of going here bring up the memories of when i was a kid and i thought fiji water was the greatest thing on earth and i would tell my dad i was going to fiji someday. what a dork. it does seem like a more affordable version of bora bora, but we’ve had a hard time finding hotels that are actually affordable (we’ve been seeing prices like 2k/night!!) and also — they have sharks there i think. and i am afraid of sharks unfortunately. i don’t go in the ocean for the most part because of this but i wanted to on the honeymoon.

leeward islands // i’ve heard these are actually the most beautiful islands, but underrated compared to tahiti and fiji. anguilla looks amazing. anyone been!?

mexico // i’ve been to mexico a lot, so at first was against it. but it does seem like you get a lot more for your money. and we love mexican food.

costa rica // the only active things we’ve talked about doing are rafting, ziplining and snorkeling. we could do those so hard in costa rica.

thailand // of all the places we’ve chosen, thailand (and also vietnam) seem like the ones i’d be the most into sightseeing so i feel a tiny bit adamant that it would make a better trip later on. when i can GO HARD. but it does look spectacular and super romantic. i need advice on this one.

belize // i love the caves and the idea of rafting here, but have heard a lot less about it than the islands. they do have the over the water huts i love.

so, where did you honeymoon? or where did you travel that was the best ever? or which of these places sounds the best?!

we want to make a decision so we can check it off the list (just like everything else) so please advise! i’d love all the tips i can get.

(and sorry for the super long post – it seems i have a lot to say)

payday wishlist

March 28, 2014

did you know it’s friday?! i have about nothing planned for this weekend. it’s pretty nice when i don’t have to do 100 errands. hope yours is good!

payday wishlist

01. i HATE the amount of space a bedside lamp takes up. i would much rather fill it with empty glasses of water and controllers. get sconces you say? well, i haven’t. but this faceted wood bulb lamp seems pretty teeny tiny. and also amazing.
02. i just talked about only filling my closet with essentials, and that means a nice pair of nude flats.
03. i tried registering for this super lovely wood flatware set, gid say no go. GUH. pretty.
04. ez of creature comforts is selling this new pineapple print. also comes as an iphone case. almost put both on here.
05. guest towels is one of those things i always want a newer prettier version of.
06. my sunglasses hurt my head when i’m in traffic too long. seriously need a new pair.

i link you

March 27, 2014

i link you

urban outfitters is now selling this huge woven wall hanging. the perfect headboard for those cat owners that never ever want to sleep again. ugh cats.

love love this simple diy palm frond garland – totally the right vibe for the wedding. (via a fabulous fete)

we’ve determined i am very into copper right now (apparently i like trends). so goes without saying i’m a huge fan of this cute copper necklace. (via the crafted life)

i’ve been wanting to diy a little shelf for a while now – how easy and cute is this raw edge one?! (via always rooney)

smoky oyster chowder with bacon, rosemary and fennel. like get real. dream. (via food & wine)

the only room i would ever wallpaper would be the guest bathroom. and even then i think i’d get sick of it in like 4 months. but this diy stenciled wall? so rad. (via a beautiful mess)

diy printable easter treat bags

March 26, 2014

diy printable easter treat bags | almost makes perfect

easter is still a little ways away – but wanted to share an easy way to present candy for the kids or candy loving adults in your life. as i’ve said before on here, i don’t celebrate easter, yknow – being jewish and all. but i do love eggs. and any holiday that has anything to do with eggs – i’m in. well ok… just for the egg part.

anyway! here are some super simple and pastel (easter = pastel, right?) bag toppers!

free printable easter bag toppers | almost makes perfect


8.5 x 11″ cardstock
scissors or xacto
double sided tape or stapler
5.75 x 5″ cellophane bags
lots of candy, lots of fake grass

diy printable easter bags  | almost makes perfect


print out the toppers (link below) and carefully cut along the edges. fold in half.

fill your bag with treats, and cut down in height if you’d like. i did.

staple or apply your double sided tape and attach.

write your very lucky recipients name on the back.

free printable easter treat bag toppers | almost makes perfect

diy printable easter bags | almost makes perfect