diy washi taped decorative doors

July 29, 2013


buzzfeed asked me to contribute a DIY using washi tape last week – and coming up with something that hasn’t been done before was a little challenging. we have three huge white closet doors in our bedroom that are just … there. so i decided to tape up a decorative border on the doors to jazz ‘em up.

the regal hotel look is not really my style, so i’m back and forth on whether or not i want to keep the tape up, but they really did add a lot to the closet doors and were super easy to do.



two rolls of washi tape
an xacto with a sharp blade
measuring tape or yardstick

STEP ONE measure the first door you’ll be taping. if you have three doors like me, do the middle first so that you can base the other doors designs off of it. using painters tape or a pencil, figure out where you want the design on the door. we went with about 3.5″ from the edge.

STEP TWO start taping! because our floors aren’t even, exact measurements look wrong, so these were done by essentially eyeballing them. do your long lines first, step back and see if they look straight, then tape the corners off and step back. the washi tape was perfect for this because i was able to un-tape the lines multiple times and they kept sticking just fine. just make sure not to press down your tape hard onto the door until you’re happy with each line.

STEP THREE overlap your corner pieces, i personally liked the look of the corners overlapping in the finished project, so if you want to keep those, gently trace around the edges using the xacto blade and carefully peel off the remaining tape. if you don’t want to overlap the edges, just cut the edge above the other side.

STEP FOUR once the edges are done and you’ve triple checked that the lines look straight enough, rub all the tape down with your hand to get it really stuck to the door.

STEP FIVE do the other doors, stepping back often to make sure they’re lined up with the middle.

i can’t tell – does it look like our bedroom is a hotel now?


diy plasticware picnic bags (with free printable!)

July 25, 2013

diy / downloads

if you saw the picnic blanket diy the other day, you might have noticed these paper bags in the photos. inspired by the packaging that the wood cutlery from terrain comes in, there’s no way i’d spend more than $5 buying pretty cutlery that will just be thrown away.

so this is the perfect way to pretty up all your ugly or mismatched plasticware for your picnic.

all you need is the lunch size paper bags from the grocery store and a printer.

⋅⋅ CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD knife ⋅ fork ⋅ spoon ⋅⋅

these are sized for the bags i had at 5.11″ x 10.61″, but if your bags are slightly different sized, they should still work if you stretch or squeeze the image. just type your bag measurements in the print settings. [ these are for personal use only ]

make sure you feed the bags into your print with the thick bottom side down. the PDFS are upside down to accommodate this.

once you print out all of your bags, fill with your forks, knives and spoons and fold the top. you’re all done!

today’s my birthday.

July 23, 2013


i’m 28 today. for older people that doesn’t sound so bad, for younger people that sounds kind of old, and for me ( and others my age ) that sounds really close to 30. like reaaally close.

i’m definitely not where i want to be at 30, so i have some work to do. and i’m REALLY far from where i thought i’d be at 28 when i was a kid. for some reason i feel like the older i get, the less i’m caring about the future. that’s bad. maybe turning 28 is the time when you really start reflecting on what you’ve done, what you want to do, and what you’re going to stop talking about doing and actually start doing. which is the hard part for me. i am obsessed with fantasizing about new career paths and then moving onto something else. maybe it’s just that when i was in my early 20s, i was content. and now that i’ve aged – forever sounds intense.

career wise – when i graduated college, i thought i’d be happy doing motion graphics full time. since then, my career has organically changed and i edit and do graphic design as well. but sometimes i want to design cards. and sometimes i want to own a sandwich shop. and sometimes i want to live in france and do pottery. i am really terrible at being happy sitting at a desk in an office all day. i can do it – but that’s just not what i want for my life. hence wanting to be a housewife. staying home raising kids and fixing up the house and baking cookies and planning their birthday parties and designing the invitations. maybe i should be ashamed of that, but i’m not. and i like blogging the most. so my goal is to blog full time. it probably won’t happen anytime soon, but if i focus on making it real, hopefully it can be.

personal wise – i worry a lot less about what people think of me than i did when i was younger. and that’s a nice feeling. now i just get to worry about what i think. i’m still waiting for that point in your life when you finally accept the way i look. i’ve heard that happens… when? and generally i’d like to be less self-critical. when i turn 30, i’d like to stop gossiping and i’d like to be happy with what i have. that seems like it’s hard for a lot of people. especially now with pinterest.

shallow wise – i want the following stuff for mah birthday.


one momofuku cake (i’m attempting this myself someday, but won’t someone make me one?!)
two the madewell transport tote is basically the perfect bag.
three i’m in love with this gemz print. in LOVE.
four really wanting a white butterfly chair at the moment. and the cats would love it too.
five i’d love to collect some unique stacking rings to wear with my simple ones.

( top photo )  

+ are you over 30? under 30? do you have the same concerns… and does it get better / clearer?

diy patterned picnic blanket

July 22, 2013

diy / entertaining

i’ve been wanting to try out making a potato stamp since i love stamping and i eat potatoes! like i said, we’re throwing ourselves a little summer picnic party for our birthdays this weekend, so a big picnic blanket seemed like the perfect thing to make.


a big canvas drop cloth from any home improvement store ( mine is 6 x9 and seems huge )
a potato ( and maybe a second in case of mess-up )
a knife
acrylic paint of your choice ( you could mix it up and do different colors obviously but i kept mine simple )
a paint brush

STEP ONE cut your potato in half. careful to do this as straight down as possible. now carve your design. i love a simple triangle pattern and it seemed very easy for me to not fuck up. although i did on the first half of course.

STEP TWO using your paintbrush, put some paint on the stamp and test it on a piece of paper. when i first tried it, the surface didn’t turn out flat enough so i started over after trying to salvage it. the second half of the potato worked better, but i had to do a back to forth motion to get it to print properly. also, i recommend cutting deeper than i did off of the sides. the potato would get clumped up with paint because of the depth, so to make the process easier, just cut it deeper. test it enough to figure out your stamping pattern and how much paint looks good.

STEP THREE find a workspace and start stamping! i used a paper plate and a $1 paintbrush so i could throw them away and be done with it. i convinced my boyfriend the paint wouldn’t seep through onto the hardwood floor. i was wrong, it did. you should probably work on a surface. i sat on the drop cloth and worked my way all the way down, complaining about my back the whole time.

now take that baby out for a picnic!

all together this DIY took me about an hour. it’s certainly not perfect, and of course there’s one triangle that’s upside down. classic me move. but i love it and will use it for all future picnic-ing.


pajama chic

July 16, 2013


i have a thing for pajamas as it is. the second i get home, the first thing i do is remove my “street clothes” and put on pjs. so when i bought a pair of pajama like trousers from zara about a year ago, they quickly became my favorite clothing item, even though i would always get asked “are you wearing pajamas?

so then i go to paris, and i don’t think i saw a pair of jeans. seriously every cute parisian girl was wearing elegant pajamas. and i was like oh damn i want a million more.

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