oscar party

February 28, 2014


oscar party

better late than two days prior. i’m just going to my moms house for the oscars this year (she totally has cable), but if i do throw an oscar party NEXT year (which i won’t because we refuse to pay for cable) here is what i’d host that shit with.

everyone loves alphabet balloons. they’re cheap and you can spell out anything. here are some examples : BEST PICTURE. BEST PARTY. CHIWITEL. (i just like his name)

don’t forget to print out the oscar ballots i shared last week! put money on it. or dares.

gold paper straws will make any drink look festive.

i’m all about the retro popcorn boxes — and they’re available at most restaurant supply stores.

you could use this DIY to gold dip all of your glasses, or if you’re not into that – how about paper cups?!

we love playing the leonard maltin game, and having the book around is the perfect commercial past time.

these gold block-printed napkins are oscars festive, but definitely cute enough to use all the time.

i link you

February 27, 2014

i link you

i link you 19

kate arends’ apartment tour is so laid back and so well done (via the everygirl)

a photo series that embraces potholes and makes them a lot more fun (via indulgy)

i am loving these diy cement centerpieces. love the juxtaposition of the rawness of the cement with flowers. yeah totally just said that. meh. (via green wedding shoes)

i couldn’t love seth rogen much more than i do now — if you love him a lot too, you know already that his mother in law got alzheimers in her mid 50s. watch his testimony to the senate appropriations subcommittee about it. (via brobible)

this diy copper pencil holder is such a cute simple way to incorporate copper onto your desk. and of course with my wedding mind — all i can see is the perfect pen holder for the guest book. (via a fabulous fete)

wedding stuff : floral crowns

February 26, 2014

our wedding / roundup / style

wedding floral crowns roundup // almost makes perfect

i’ve got some BIG WEDDING NEWS! i’ve bought my dress! it only took three stores and about 30 dresses – but i found one that i love and decided to just go for it rather than prolong this process that i hate.

did / do most people hate wedding dress shopping? my first trip was with my mom and all my bridesmaids and i thought it would be this exciting fun experience, but it was mostly 5 different opinions. so i went again just with my mom and found something right away. it makes me feel like a pretty bride, but is also unique enough to make me feel like it’s me.

i did mention the theme is desert boho – and it’s not the most bohemian or laid back dress i’ve seen (it’s actually pretty “bridal” for me) so i’ve decided i’m just going to style it up (down) with some simple accessories and i’m really thinking of floral crowns. i definitely don’t want a HUGE bouquet on my head so as usual — i’d probably veer on the side of simpler.

i’d want my bridesmaids and the flower girls in them too – could make for fun DIYing!?

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the homies 2014

February 25, 2014


almost makes perfect DIYs

i know i know – it’s time for me to shut up about the apartment therapy homies awards. but i can’t! todays the last day of voting.

so in my final plea, i wanted to share some of the good times we’ve had here. remember those shelves? those were fun. you guys liked those. how about the campaign rast hack? that was my first big DIY ever!

over the last two+ years of blogging, i’ve felt like the blog and i have grown so much. i started it because i thought i was different for having good ideas but terrible technique. well i still mess projects up, but i mess them up a lot less. and i used to spend all my time being inspired, but now hopefully i can inspire people too. the blog has done a ton for me. and even though it isn’t my day job yet, i am happy with how much it’s grown. so just being in the finals makes me feel like i’ve done ok. and that’s saying a lot because i spend the majority of my time beating myself up for every minute detail. don’t worry – i’ll start therapy soon.

and if i get some votes (because i’m definitely not assuming i have a chance of winning) i’ll make cookies for you guys ok? COOKIES.

so if you have a free minute, please VOTE FOR ME.

(if you can’t find where to vote, just scroll down to the survey, that’s where you vote!)

the homies

diy copper salad servers


diy copper contact paper salad servers

well – here’s the simplest DIY i’ve done in a while! i have to say… it was pretty fun to be done with a project in a couple of minutes. we’ve been going hard watching bob’s burgers so more time for that is good.

i bought this copper contact paper on amazon a month ago for no good reason, and have been trying to think of something to do with it. now that i’m trying to eat more salads (because girls getting married should eat salad right?) i noticed how many crappy old salad servers i’ve hoarded.

it’s not like i’m going to throw them away. i can just make them look less old. normal right?

copper contact paper salad servers

all you need is some old serving utensils, metallic contact paper and some scissors!

diy salad server makeover

here are the directions, but i really think you probably don’t need them.

cut out pieces that will be long and tall enough to cover the handles. apply the front first and make sure to remove all air bubbles. then wrap the sides and make sure they overlap evenly. when they don’t, because they probably won’t, you can add a tiny piece in the middle and you won’t be able to see it after.

to wrap the bottom, cut each corner and overlap each side. just like wrapping a christmas present! smooth out all air bubbles and you’re done!

diy copper salad servers

and if you’re throwing an oscar party, go ahead and wrap ALL your utensils in gold contact paper. go right ahead.

diy copper salad servers diy  copper contact paper salad servers


diy pipe + leather wine rack

February 20, 2014

diy / elsewhere

diy pipe + leather wine rack

i am so excited to say that i am now a DIY contributor for design*sponge! my first DIY project for them is this pipe + leather wine rack. this thing turned out to be a complete pain in the ass – but i’m pretty happy with how it turned out. kinda ace hotel meets the addams family.

HEADS UP : you might be thinking why didn’t you make it with copper or brass or gold piping?! i tried man, i tried. finding the correct piping corner pieces is not as easy as you’d think. it was impossible to do with anything but plastic PVC piping unfortunately. because i’m no welder. so stop judging me!

diy pipe + leather wine rack pipe + leather wine rack

go see the full tutorial design*sponge here!

i link you

i link you

i link you 18

i love seeing behind the scenes of other bloggers – brittni shows her photo setup and tricks which is a million times more profesh than mine (via paper & stitch)

photographer henry hargreaves recreates infamous last meals of prisoners – it’s creepy and fascinating (via buzzfeed)

when i see a recipe like this, all i can think is life is short it’s worth being fat (via bon appetite)

alexa meade is an artist that paints directly onto her subjects and creates 2D paintings from 3D life. obviously it’s crazy. (via where cool things happen)

along with my oscar ballot printable, these rosettes would make for such a fun oscar party (via house that lars built)

loving this simple copper, pine and leather magazine rack DIY - so so cute (via fall for DIY)

—- and just to be a pain, i’m going to ask one last time if you would please vote for me in the homies?! i promise to always do as many DIYs as i can and to always be here for you. ok i can’t promise that, because someday i might say F blogging. but until that day, i’m totally here for sure. please vote! i want votes! xx