diy gold fringe party hats

December 26, 2013

diy / holiday

hope everyone had a fantastic christmas! you may have seen it on instagram — but something kinda big happened to me this week, i’m now engaged!! i’ll write more on that after the new year.

speaking of new year … it’s NEW YEARS EVE in just a few short days! and who doesn’t like wearing festive hats all night?!

diy NYE fringe hat diy fringe hat materials


gold metallic tissue paper (i got mine from the party store)
fringing scissors
glue or tape (it’s up to you)

diy party hat

make your party hats using the printable i’ve provided. after download, print onto cardstock, cut out the shape and fold together!

cut two slits in either side of the hat and tie elastic through. knot on the insides.

diy fringed party hat

using your fringe scissors, start cutting your tissue paper. this certain type of metallic paper is pretty finicky, so i found that very quick cuts worked best.

attach short strips so that they can fit comfortably around the circular shape of the hat. start at the bottom of the hat and go around the hat. i attached my fringe with tape because i figured it’d be less messy – but you can definitely use craft glue also. above that first layer, attach another a layer and work your way all the way up!

there’s a LOT of room for error, so don’t worry about bad fringe or overlapping!

diy gold fringe party hat diy NYE fringe hats diy gold fringe hat

i don’t usually show my face too much around the blog — but i figured i should show you what the hat looks like on. no i don’t know why i look so sad either!


see you back here in 2014!


happy xmas and bye

December 23, 2013


it’s finally here! i hope you’re celebrating this week, and if you’re celebrating, i hope you’re as excited as i am to be celebrating. ok anyway, this year has been amazing and stressful and enlightening — and i spend almost every waking moment brainstorming and planning and making for this blog so i’m really excited to take a few days off and shut off my computer for a change.

my family is all going to be together for the entire week starting today and we’re going to HANG OUT and i can’t wait!

lucy xmas

holiday lucy says happy holidays. and omg. when i took this photo i couldn’t stop smiling.

and because i can’t let the new year start without one last DIY — come back on thursday for a fun NEW YEARS EVE DIY!

PS – don’t you dare forget about the christmas playlist!

6 DIY gifts you can make this weekend

December 20, 2013

diy / gift guide

it’s the final stretch for holiday gifting you guys! but that doesn’t mean you can’t CRAM all your shopping and making and wrapping into the next few days.

here are six of my favorite easy DIYs that would make perfect homemade (but not all homemade-y) presents and — of course, that you could make in a couple of hours!

01. the DIY wood ipad stand is perfect for the cook in your life

02. DIY bloody mary mix gift sets for the guy or girl who has everything … or just likes to drink.

03. DIY color block clock is a perfect gift for newlyweds or maybe your relative who just got a promotion and needs some stuff to decorate their fancy new office!

04. DIY gem nightlight for the niece, nephew, or any scaredy cat you know whose afraid of the dark

05. a pretty DIY statement necklace for your sister in law perhaps? (btw i wear mine constantly)

06. DIY constellation coasters for the hostess with the mostest!

smoked salmon bites

December 19, 2013

appetizer / holiday / recipes

smoked salmon bites with creme fraiche // almost makes perfect

we made these simple and delicious little hors d’oeuvres for our christmas party last year and while my boyfriend was persistent in using blinis like they usually would be served, i fought for them on my favorite toast crackers. i’m really into crunch. and the crackers give these the best crunch! CRUNCH.

also – i went with the crazy red smoked salmon because christmas. this is such an easy appetizer for your holiday — so hopefully anyone looking for a last minute idea can make these.

smoked salmon bites

petite toasts
smoked salmon
crème fraîche
fresh dill
fresh ground pepper
a lemon

it’s as easy as you think.

top each cracker with a dollop of crème fraîche, add a piece of lox, a couple tiny sprigs of dill, grind some fresh pepper on top.

before serving, squeeze a bit of lemon juice on top.

smoked salmon bites // holiday appetizer smoked salmon bites // almost makes perfect

printable holiday gift tags

December 17, 2013

downloads / graphic design / holiday

free printable holiday gift tags - almost makes perfect printable holiday gift tags - almost makes perfect

christmas is NEXT WEEK! december really flew by. i’m working this week so i’m not FULLY in christmas mode yet – but in a few days my dad and sister are coming to town and i can’t wait to veg and eat and drink and play games and eat more!

today i’m sharing some fun, simple, and i suppose snarky holiday gift tags with you! simply download the template, print horizontally onto cardstock and cut out with sharp scissors or an xacto. punch a hole on top and attach them to your gift!

free holiday gift tags - almost makes perfect free printable gift tags - almost makes perfect

diy simple triangular wreath

December 16, 2013

diy / holiday

diy triangular wreath by almost makes perfect

well, it’s pretty obvious… i’m into triangles right now! i’m part of a new blogger group called quarterly collab, every season we are going to each do a diy based on one theme : wreaths! click here to see the DIYs by the other ladies.

i’ve never made a wreath before – but as usual, i wanted it to be simple and modern! this wreath is so easy it’ll take you 10 minutes.

diy wreath

simple greens (not exactly sure what these were and neither were the women at the floral store. they’re similar to olive branches)
thick wire (i only had brass, but use green if you have!)
thin wire
scissors or secateurs

diy triangle wreath diy simple triangular wreath diy simple triangular wreath diy triangular wreath


01. double your thick wire and make a large triangular shape. to easily tighten your doubled wire, you can stick it into the chuck of a drill (that’s the part where the drill bit goes) and drill. it’ll tighten up real tight!

02. take one long branch and secure to one side of your triangle with the thin wire.  if you want yours to look a little mohawk-y on the top like mine, do this piece first.

03. secure a long branch to the next side, and then to the next.

04. cover any visible thick wire with small pieces of your greens. then trim up any parts that look too bushy or stemmy.

05. if any thin wire is too visible, gently pull leaves from under the wire to disguise.

diy simple triangular wreath by almost makes perfect

these are so easy and quick you could make a few for your hostess or guests at the same time!

i link you

December 12, 2013

i link you

hope your week is going well – i am completely flustered that there’s only one full week before xmas. i’m going to try to fill next week with a couple DIYs you can do before the holiday. also, i think i’m getting sick. ugh. i like winter and i hate winter.

i link you 14

these “dreamscapes” by korean artist jeeyoung lee are insanely beautiful and intricate (via this is colossal)

a fun gift for the holiday – homemade champagne simple syrups (via spoon fork bacon)

a simple diy christmas tree that would give my cats a full time job of trying to mess with (via hank and hunt)

love the modern look of this beaded extension cord diy (via remodelista)

i want to make this chicken thigh recipe reeeeeal bad… (via bon appetite)

i’d move into courtney kleins house and never have one complaint. seriously love every detail. (via ann street studio)