diy thankful tags / free printable

November 19, 2013

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diy thankful tag printables

here’s a really easy and fun thanksgiving diy for you guys. using standard mailing tags, you can print directly onto them. then tie them around each napkin, have each guest fill theirs out, and after everyone has had a bunch of wine, they have to read them aloud.

you can obviously make these last minute and use them however you’d like. i used them as napkin rings but you could also fill a bowl with them or tape a tag to each plate.

fill a cup or jar with pencils or pens and you’re all set!

free thankful tag printables diy thankful tag printables - diy

shipping tags (the templates are designed for these #5 tags measuring 4 3/4″ x 2 3/8″)
a printer and printer paper
washi tape

step one . in order to print onto the tags directly, you need to print a guide with the size of your tags onto your paper first (i followed these instructions)

step two . once your guide is printed, remove the string from each tag and tape them over the guides. make sure you feed the paper the right direction. it actually took me a LOT of prints to get these right. so i recommend doing a bunch of test prints, but you did just buy a big box of tags so if you mess some up i think you’ll be ok.

step three . once you have all your tags printed, tie a piece of twine through and around your napkins. some leather cording would also look dope.

thankful tag printables thankful tag printables diy thankful tags - free printable from almost makes perfect

click above to download the printable. click HERE to download the guide.

if you have photoshop, you can compile the files. if you do, just make sure you don’t accidentally print with the guide layer on. i did that. too many times.

if you don’t have photoshop, just download the separate files and print one by one.

+ these tags are for personal use only, and not for re-distribution. if you’d like to post a link sharing them, you may not directly post the downloadable files. please credit and link back to this post for downloading.

holiday gift guide / stocking stuffers

November 18, 2013

gift guide / holiday

it’s time to start buying gifts! unless you’re one of those people running around the mall the week of, it’s time to start planning! i don’t know if it’s just me, but i LOOOOVE stocking gifts. maybe because it’s like 10 gifts in one and maybe because i love useless crap but stockings are THE BEST PART.

holiday gift guide 2013 - stocking stuffers

salt water taffy / keyring / 3d cat playing cards / bkr water bottle / iphone speaker / stone soap / brass bottle opener / kiehl’s hand salve / bobbi pins / iphone charger keyring / izola toothbrushes / enamel stapler / tattly temporary tattoos / donut air freshener 

payday wishlist

November 15, 2013

wish list

payday wishlist

one . it’s almost january – the time when i’m like hey i should buy a stendig calendar. but i never do. not once.
two . as always, i’m a sucker for geo shaped anything. love these melamine bowls. they’d look so good with my lucky charms. yes i am still 7.
three . this ring by a peace treaty is perfect. am i wrong? it’s perfect.
four . not sure i’d pay $63 for a paper towel holder — but if i did, it’d be this paper towel holder.
five . the ranarp lamps from ikea would look so good next to my bed and i want right now (via design*sponge)
six . love this patterned rug (and everything) from grandiflora – the new shop from erin of house of earnest

i link you

November 14, 2013

i link you

i link you 11

i’m loving these cute and simple diy metallic ornaments (via creatures of comfort)

zandi shows you how to create a unique and adorable table for like no money and it looks fantastic (via radical possiblity)

vanilla bean whipped sweet potatoes? um hell yeah. (via food and wine)

not much of a link but i’m just obsessed with this photo of larry david and you will be too. (via uproxx)

this photo series of malls in the 80s brings me back to buying barbies with my allowance every chance i got and being completely obsessed with playing mall madness — oh man i want to play that again (via gizmodo)

more diy ornaments! ashley uses gold leaf to make monogrammed ornaments and i’m in love (via sugar and cloth)


ch ch ch changes



oh WHATTTTT things look different over here. well, i sold out. craft supplies do not pay for themselves and i thought it was time for me to try to do this blog for real. so hopefully, my projects can get better and i can afford the time to do EVEN MORE DIYS.

but yeah, that means you’ll see some ads around here. i’ve signed up with federated media and i’m also going to start accepting private sponsors that i think are the right fit with the blog soon. bear with me while i try to figure out how to incorporate these sponsors into the layout to make you like it and me the most.

i love you all who take the time to read and follow and support the blog and my dream come true is to do it for a living. crossing fingers!

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diy faux marble place card holders

November 13, 2013

diy / holiday / thanksgiving

marble place card holder diy diy faux marble place cards

it’s another holiday table diy! WOO YAY!

i love anything marble — so thought it would a little marble accent would add a touch of class to even the un-classiest table.

marble place card holder materials


white polymer clay
dark grey polymer clay
a cookie cutter in the shape of your choice
a knife or clay cutting tool
clear glaze spray

marble place card holders diy

where are all the process shots?! there really aren’t any. also because i hate touching my camera when i have clay hands.


step one . condition your white clay and get it warm, then add little bits of the grey and mix in until you see a marbled pattern — then stop before it gets too warm. make as many balls are there are guests.

step two . flatten and get them to a similar height (mine are kinda all over the place). use your cookie cutter and carefully remove each piece. fix up any blemishes with a blade or a wet finger.

step three . let the pieces cool down and then cut deep slits into each.

step four . bake at 275F for 18 minutes or so. once cool, take them outside and spray with the glaze. i sprayed them about three times over the course of a few hours. just spray until they have a glossy marble-like finish.

step five. write out your guests names onto thick paper and stick em in the slots! (haha.)

diy marble place cards diy marble place card holders marble place card holders diy

and check out all the thanksgiving DIYs here.


diy gold geo napkin rings

November 11, 2013

diy / holiday / thanksgiving

diy geo napkin rings

are you ready for the cheapest and easiest holiday napkin rings of all time? i’m serious. you can make these while your turkey is in the oven for crying out loud. i had all this cardboard from the shipping boxes i had for my old vintage etsy shop that i’ve been wanting to use instead of throw away — so i covered the cardboard in gold duct tape.

cardboard + duct tape = napkin rings? sure why not.

geo napkin ring materials

scrap cardboard pieces
gold duct tape (mine was an impulse buy at the local hardware store)
t-square ruler
xacto knife
scotch tape (optional, for interior touchups)

geo napkin rings diy


step one . cut your cardboard to your desired size. i cut my pieces to 15 cm wide x 1.5 inches — just make sure your tape is larger than your cardboard

step two . mark every 3 inches with your pencil on your cardboard. score with your xacto knife

step three . bend each scored section and bring the ends together

step four . cut a piece of duct tape longer than your cardboard and lay it down sticky side up. carefully place your cardboard onto the tape, one edge at a time

step five . bend each piece again now making the tape bend with it. fold the tape over the edges, leaving one side long and unfolded. trim any excess on the other corner and fix any areas on the inside with a small piece of scotch tape

step six . fold the ends together with the tape overlapping the top, carefully trim a straight edge at the seam

+ once you do one, you can bust a bunch of these out real fast.

gold geo napkin rings diy diy gold geo napkin rings diy gold geo napkin rings