August 21, 2013


if you’ve visited the blog this week, you might be wondering wtf is happening to it.


well – i’ve been having some serious tech problems over here. basically, the blog has been up and down and like many of you have noticed, monday’s blog post disappeared, but i will be reposting it asap.

i’ve spent the week on the phone with tech guys and crying and stressing and it has SUCKED. but the blog is now working properly. you may also notice it looks like crap but will be getting a facelift asap! so good will come of this nightmare.

please bear with me. and thank you for your amazing comments on the shelving post. i never realized how much i like blogging until i wasn’t able to. i like it so much! and i like you.


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payday wishlist

August 16, 2013

wish list

i can’t believe urban is selling bullet planters now. this is cray. now if only i could convince my boyfriend to stop thinking they’re hideous.

payday wishlist / 50

one . brass tray
two . bullet planter
three . blouse
four . blanket
five . malachite iphone case
six . flats

well it’s been a kind of a tough week over here! hopefully you weren’t affected but the blog had all sorts of problems yesterday and i spent the day stressed and on the phone with my hosting company. that and i haven’t slept. i go through these partial insomnia phases you could say, where for about a week i’ll get less and less sleep every night. i’ve been up since 3am today! it’s usually due to way too much in my mind. this weekend i am going to take it super easy and maybe try to drink a lot before bedtime. hope you have a great weekend!

room reality

August 14, 2013

room reality

if you saw the last room reality post i did – you’ve probably been wondering where the hell is another one? i did say it was a new feature. well it turns out it’s REALLY hard to find rooms to do. most of the room photos i love have like four items in them. blah blah here’s another one!

one . we actually have these replica wishbone chairs and i LOVE them. they were cheap and i’m really happy with the quality. $183 / chair
two . there are not many affordable versions of the PH5 pendant lamp, this one looks the best and is the cheapest. $269
three . i’ve been loving this dhurrie rug from shades of light for a while now. $299 for 5×8
four . shell chairs always look perfect at the end of a long dining table. $180 for two.
five . this modern clip lamp from land of nod would look really cute on a sideboard. $49 on sale
six . this hudson 78″ wood table is on sale big time for $565 from $945 !

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our office sucks.

August 13, 2013

interiors / wish list / workspaces

for some reason, i am always unhappy with the state of my workspace. ALWAYS. because i am a packrat. and i have crap everywhere. and the room never looks filled with plants and cute desk accessories ever. it’s full of cat hair and opened envelopes and amazon boxes.

did i mention i am really getting over the vintage shop? i was so into it when i started it up that i overlooked how much space it would take up – there is inventory everywhere and boxes and popcorn and tape and i hate it. now that i’m done with summer trips, i am going to focus on getting the room that i’m too embarrassed to even show you into better shape. starting with … getting rid of the etsy shop. i’m going to do some sort of sale to try to clear everything out and if you live in LA and would be interested in purchasing vintage home decor, let me know and i’ll plan this for real.

until then – here are some perfect workspaces.

images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

and if money were no object, i’d buy all of these items right now and be super happy.

one . the chair i will never buy but always lust after
two . these collapsable trash bins are space saving and so pretty
three . a leather hanging plant holder? so in
fourit always helps to organize in pretty containers
five . this simple white file cabinet is nice enough to not hide in the closet
six . lovely headphones for when gideon doesn’t want to listen to the dirty dancing soundtrack with me
seven . an exit sign at the door would help remind me i can leave 
eight . it gets crazy hot in our apartment and we’re always fighting over the oscillation on our little fan
nine . cords are everywhere in the office. i wish they made usb versions of these.

breaking bad “walteritas”

August 8, 2013

entertaining / happy hour / recipes

if you watch breaking bad – then you know it’s coming back on sunday. what better way to watch the premiere than with celebratory themed drinks!?

hank loves making margaritas and walt jr. vomited from drinking tequila so it seemed like the natural choice.

margarita … walter … WALTERita?! yes. it’s stupid in a good way right?

adapted from’s perfect margarita


1 1/2 ounces blanco 100% agave tequila
1/2 ounce cointreau
1 ounce freshly squeeze lime juice
kosher salt for rimming glasses
blue food coloring
blue rock candy for garnish (you can find for $1 at any candy store)


01. first make and freeze the blue crystal meth ice. fill a small baking sheet with water and stir in a few drops of your food coloring. leave in freezer for a couple of hours.

02. dye the salt by putting two drops of the food coloring into a spoon and mixing it around in your shallow bowl full of salt until you’re happy with the color.

03. using a lime or a damp paper towel, wet the rims of the glasses and dip into the salt.

04. when the ice is fully frozen, take a knife and smash it up into pieces.

05. with the glass full of ice, pour tequila, lime juice, and cointreau; and stir a few times until chilled. add more ice after pouring for the full crystal meth effect. i did NOT food color the drink, the second it was stirred it turned this blue.

06. garnish with rock candy.  i also happened to have blue straws that i cut down to fit. serve with chicken or funyons.

florida photos

me / travel

we had a really fun week in florida.

it’s SUPER HOT THERE. and i am now covered in bug bites. i mean covered. i read online that if you press a hot spoon onto the bug bite, it relieves the itch, so i spent the week pressing spoons onto my legs.

we went to the beach for about 30 minutes on our first day, until we were kicked off the beach because of thunderstorms. the ocean was HOT and shallow.

we took a ride on my uncles boat.

and of course, visited my lovely grandmother who has finally stopped dying her hair.

my grandma lives in a nursing home down there. fortunately they do a good job of keeping them active and entertained. they had an elvis impersonator during one of our visits, which was… fun for those of us who knew what was going on.

i wasn’t familiar with tarpon springs (my aunt lives there), but it’s like a little greek island because it has the highest greek population in the country. they came from greece and started a sponge diving industry so there are countless greek restaurants and shops and bakeries. it turned out to be really cool there … honestly, wasn’t expecting that but i highly recommend if you’re nearby stopping in for a day or two.

we had dinner at rusty bellies, with this amazing view of the sunset and had oysters as big as my hand and super yummy hush puppies and po’ boys.
hella’s bakery had tons of delicious greek desserts
gyros and spanakopita for lunch at dimitri’s on the water 
there were also a ton of good antique and gift shops full of sponges

we then headed to orlando for the last two days. on our way there, we went to an airboat tour around the swamps to see gators. it was amazing.

we ended up going to universal studios instead of disneyworld. they had simpsons land. we had to go see.

we drank beers and had krusty burgers at moe’s tavern. it was so peak. but spending a day at a crowded theme park standing in ridiculous lines in orlando is a little hot. like A LOT HOT. we cooled off in the steam for a while.

we also hit up a cheapo amusement park called the fun spot with zero lines. it was super fun as the name and carousel says.