wedding planning

February 11, 2014

our wedding

so we officially got our venue!

the cree estate photo by ep love

it’s this huge estate 2 minutes outside of palm springs with 2.5 acres of lawn and 3 swimming pools. so basically it’s going to be a huge party. to make sure i relax during the weekend — we’re going to set aside a lot of time to hang out by the pool and drink margaritas and of course we’re planning on setting up some serious lawn games for the wedding.

cree pool

while i’ve spent 80% of my time finding my vendors, i’ve also been coming up with the DIYs i want to do as well as a general theme.

… desert boho anyone?

i’m thinking macrame, textiles, wildflowers, lots of wood.

and here are some of my favorite pins right now

wedding inspiration

clockwise :: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05

save the dates

i also am finishing up hand addressing all of our save the dates! wow. it’s not fun doing that. even when you’re watching netflix. my hand hates me right now. i’ll post those in more detail as soon as the guests actually receive them!

and here’s my wedding pinterest board if you want to follow along!

diy wedding binder with free printables

February 5, 2014

diy / downloads / our wedding

well – as you’d expect. i now have a wedding binder. cheesy or cliche as these may be — things are taking off with the wedding planning and because of our budget, hiring a planner is out. so my mom and i are doing it, and hiring design consultants / coordinators instead. this binder might end up being attached to me. if you planned your wedding yourself – nice job. this is hard work.

ok fine — so far it’s not that bad. but it is A TON.

diy wedding binder

so i started out with a black binder that gideon bought me. but then i went back and got a different binder. because i’m cray.

so duh. i had to make the thing look nice to look at.

diy binder

starting with the binder itself, i got some pretty sun printed paper from the art store. i roughly measured each side onto the paper, and trimmed with an xacto and ruler. once you have your three pieces, slide them into the plastic sleeves.

now if your paper is unruly (mine was on the spine of the binder because it was too soft), cut out a piece of card stock that’s thinner than your pretty paper. tape it securely to the back. this made sliding it in super easy.

diy binder

for the tabs, i bought the absolute simplest white ones i could find — and printed out the label template in a tiny font (naturally).

wedding binder tabs

but then i got really wild. because we are pretty unorganized people, i knew i had to keep track of our guest list in the most organized way possible. so i designed these guest list templates that can keep track of what we’ve sent and received from them and printed 20 of these babies out. and guess what. you can too!

FYI – the whole thing is on the right side of the page so it can be hole punched easily.

diy guest list template

and then i did the same thing to keep track of vendors. this is a two page PDF with the different vendors that we’ll be using. (for the most part) we may actually be skipping a wedding cake. hopefully this can come in handy for you if you need it too!

diy vendor list template

i like the binder a lot. but bodhi? he loves it.

wedding binder + bodhi diy wedding binder with printable templates

T E R M S /// these templates are for personal use only, and NOT for re-distribution.
if you’d like to post a link sharing them, you may not directly post the downloadable files.
please credit and link back to this post for downloading the files.

six favorite valentines diys

February 4, 2014

holiday / roundup / valentines day

while i’m not super into pink and red under normal circumstances, valentines day is the one exception i’ll make. here are six of my favorite valentines projects that are beautiful, simple & way girly.

favorite valentines diys

printable donut boxes by sugar and charm / mylar treat bags by paper & stitch
XO gift wrap by sugar & cloth / heart cake – source unknown
heart garland by 52 weeks project / conversation heart donuts by studio diy

diy valentines treat bags / with free printables

February 3, 2014

diy / downloads / holiday / valentines day

diy valentines treat bags with free printables

who doesn’t like a last minute and FREE way to give out valentines treats?! well i’ve got one for you. all it takes is a printer and maybe a little patience.

free printable valentines treat bags

it took me a few tries to print directly onto these glassine bags, but don’t worry — it’s totally doable! it’s the same method i used for printing onto the shipping tags. and you can buy a pack of glassine bags at any craft store.

now — to print onto the bags, download this guide. you’ll then want to print the guide onto a piece of paper. tape your bag onto the box as straight and tightly as you can, and gently feed the paper into your printer. you might be wondering why i didn’t put two bags on at once and i will now tell you. that shit don’t work. every time i tried two it jammed the paper. so the trick is to have your bag on the top side of your paper, not the bottom. otherwise it might jam right away (unless my printer is just dumber than yours).

once your paper and bag are loaded, simply print one design at a time onto your bags — and let dry! mine came out inky.

once dry, fill with cookies, chocolates or sweethearts! use a cute piece of washi tape and seal your bag. give out to all your loved ones!

diy valentines treat bags free printable valentines day treat bags

and happy almost valentines day! you guys have fun plans? we’re seeing bill cosby live! (not sure that’s the most romantic activity, but it’ll be fun.)

i link you

January 30, 2014

i link you

i link you // 16

maybe it makes me a huge dork – but i still love full house. yes i know it’s bad. but it’s the best bad. and fallon always targets my generation — it’s like he knows me. and now he got my full house boyfriends together. (for the record – joey is no boyfriend of mine)

we’ve been wanting to get surround sound for years – but it’s either crazy expensive or hideous. these diy speaker covers make me think it’s totally possible. (via a beautiful mess)

every few months, i am obsessed with a new house tour and all i want to do is live in that house. well i’ve found my new favorite. (via sfgirlbybay)

brittany has been killing it (per ushe) with valentines DIYs. this heart chain would make a perfect photo backdrop (via the house that lars built)

any no-sew DIY is exciting for me – how cute is this no-sew leather and wood clutch? (via always rooney)

peter smart redesigned the standard boarding pass using the same amount of ink, the same information, and the same paper. how much easier would it be to read your ticket at the airport?! this really shows the power of the design. (via npr)

diy leather ipad case

January 29, 2014


diy  leather ipad case // almost makes perfect

i’ve been meaning to update my ipad case forever… and on a whim a few months ago, i bought a yard of this soft white faux leather. so expect to see it used in a few more projects because i have a huge ass roll of it now.

i can barely sew — as i’ve said before, so if you’re a great sewer, this will be a cinch for you. for me, not so easy.

diy leather ipad case - materials

L E A T H E R  I P A D  C A S E

soft leather
elastic band
upholstery scissors (or a rotary cutter if you get down)
suede cord
glue (optional)

diy leather ipad case


step one . cut down your leather using your ipad as a guide. leave it long on top and bottom.

step two . cut out four strips of the elastic, making sure they’re long enough to essentially loop around the corners of the ipad.

step three . again, using your ipad as a guide, measure and mark where your elastic pieces will go to securely fit. if they’re too loose, un pin and pin again. you want to make sure they’re as tight as possible so it won’t fall out. pin the elastic down into place.

step four . sew the elastic bands into the leather. it’s ok if it looks whack — it really won’t be visible once your ipad is in place. also if your elastic is not perfectly straight like mine, as long as you have enough leather to trim off on top and bottom – you can make it straight afterwards.

* step five . now if you’re not an advanced sewer, you might notice the back looks wonky once the elastic is sewn in. mine pinched all over the place which i knew would bother me. so in order to hide this (and add more protection to the ipad) i cut out another piece of leather and glued them together.

step six . once the leathers dry, measure, mark and cut out the shape you want. you can do a much straighter line with a rotary cutter, but my scissors worked fine. i cut it long enough so there would be a flap on the right side of the ipad.

step seven . using an xacto, cut a slit onto your flap and make sure it’s wide enough for your cord to thread through. knot it on the inside, and trim it to where you can wrap the cord around the case a couple of times.

diy leather ipad case

and there you have it! a very minimal and simple ipad case that’s soft enough to cuddle with. (i cuddle my ipad a lot.)

diy leather ipad case diy leather ipad  case diy leather ipad case

i remembered right when i finished the case that i really want to swap out my ipad for an ipad mini, so i might be making another case someday.