f21 faves

March 23, 2015

f21 faves / style

f21 roundup | almost makes perfect

as promised, i’m going to start doing semi regular roundups of my favorite items at forever 21!

i want to start this column by saying i am not associated with the store, i just have an addiction. i also want to say that i am aware that there are many options for shopping small, sustainably + ethically. but i enjoy F21 and that’s about it. this blog is about fun + pretty things. and not much more than that. real talk!

muscle tank
/ sandals / sunglasses / denim shirt / overalls / boots / linen button down / maxi dress

happy weekend

March 20, 2015

i link you

happy weekend

happy friday! we just started watching the jinx so i want to finish it before everyones done talking about it. i’m also on a mission to switch mobile providers and get a new iphone. (!!) hope you guys have fun this weekend!

⋅ this is like, the prettiest thing i’ve ever seen.
love this for an easter table setting
⋅ apparently mark ruffalo was always cute
⋅ i could really go for one of these today
⋅ had no idea tarantino rewrote it’s pat (must be why i loved it)
⋅ definitely going to be doing this
⋅ this is the entryway of my dreams
⋅ have you seen this guys videos? my dad sent this to me with the subject line “AMAZING!”

blogzilla studio wedding themes

March 19, 2015

blogzilla / our wedding

wedding sites by blogzilla studio

if you follow me on instagram or if you follow blogzilla studio, you already know that we launched wedding themes this week!

i am soooo excited about this — we’ve been working like maniacs on every little details of these themes for months now, and we’re so happy we can finally get our lives back to normal.

i came up with the idea of doing wedding websites when i was getting married and needed a website. i was looking around at my options, but i just really wasn’t a fan of what was out there. so we created my wedding website (which is now sadly expired because i didn’t want to pay to keep it up). after that, we worked forever to get it to the point that would work for all clientele and i think we accomplished that!

our three themes are clean + modern one page designs that include custom domains, custom splash pages, online RSVP + way more.

wedding websites by blogzilla studio

we really love these themes, and we hope you do too! if you’re engaged, come check us outtttt.

wedding websites | blogzilla studio

happy weekend

March 13, 2015

i link you

moorten botanical garden | almost makes perfect

i feel like i was a little MIA this week — not only are we launching wedding sites for blogzilla studio next week (!!) but i also became an aunt! we have a pretty free weekend which is always nice after a weekend away, so i want to eat and veg as much as i can. i downloaded this app which is amazing, but might be a little too tempting too often for me.

⋅ can’t believe how beautiful the results from a potato stamp can be
⋅ i want this book so bad
⋅ my favorite video of the week
⋅ love how relaxed this apartment feels
how to poach a dozen eggs at a time!
⋅ i’m so scared of concrete, but everyone is making such cute things
i want to stay here
⋅ you should never assume the dress will look like it does on the model
⋅ are we really still doing this? yes. please. 


wedding guest dresses

March 11, 2015


it’s wedding season! which means i start looking around obsessively at dresses, because i have a problem. once i wear a fancy dress, i don’t want to wear it ever again. this makes me sound so shallow or normal, but the time in between the time i wear a fancy dress to the next — i usually don’t really like it anymore. so i tend to buy inexpensive ones if i can.

here are some of my favorites, some casual + some more formal.

wedding guest dresses | almost makes perfect


also, i have a question for you guys. you may or may not know i have a big thing for forever 21. i tried to cut it cold turkey, but i can’t seem to. i was thinking it could be fun to round up the good finds every so often – would you be into that? let me know.