happy weekend

May 15, 2015

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happy friday! happy weekend! tonight i’m seeing pitch perfect 2 (!!!) and tomorrow we’re heading to santa barbara to see my new baby niece (!!!!). hope you guys have a good one!

happy weekend

⋅ well now i need to go to milan.
⋅ and also i want to make this
⋅ i remember being young and single was kind of awesome
⋅ i’m a champion at heart. what are you?
⋅ ok i am always so scared of messing up with cheesecake
⋅ omg this is a cuuuuute font.
⋅ love the relaxed boho vibe of this place
⋅ tropical normcore = my favorite

diy leaf backdrop

May 14, 2015


diy leaf backdrop | almost makes perfect diy leaf backdrop | almost makes perfect

for my last of the spring party DIY posts, i wanted to share the focal point of the party with you guys! originally, we talked about doing a big flower wall, which has obviously been done before. BUT THEN… a miracle happened. we decided on with leaves instead.

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happy weekend

May 8, 2015

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FRIDAAAAY! we don’t have a ton of plans this weekend, besides mothers day : we’re gonna make my mom some creme brulee french toast and mimosas — and i’m trying to convince myself not to get a little teeny tattoo. but i’ve been wanting one and it’s very hard to resist. (i have three that i regret already. oops) anyway – have a great weekend and say hi to your moms!

printable mothers day gift wrap | almost makes perfect

⋅ gorgeous and they sound delish, i’m in
⋅ a cute little way to spice up your fridge
⋅ in case you missed these – they are not to be missed!
⋅ if you have 10 minutes, watch the battle at kruger if you haven’t. it’s incredible
⋅ i have to try this.
⋅ obsessed with this series
⋅ don’t forget to wrap your moms gifts!
⋅ i play this EVERY mother’s day

a sunday lunch for spring

May 7, 2015


spring lunch | almost makes perfect a springtime lunch  | almost makes perfect

you know how sometimes you get married and you get lots of beautiful serving items from your registry, but then you just never use them because entertaining is such a thing? so i decided i’m going to try to entertain like 5% more than i do now. with spring here, there are lots of pretty new things in the produce section. so i made a simple and easy menu of a dope charcuterie tray, a fresh citrus salad, and for dessert : winesicles made from kendall-jackson pinot gris!

a spring party | almost makes perfect a springtime lunch party | almost makes perfect
a springtime lunch | almost makes perfect a spring lunch | almost makes perfect

i had my friend molly co-style the party with me — we kept the table pretty neutral besides the flowers and the food. we scattered airplants along the table, and i DIYed some patterned napkins and seed packet favors (which i’ll do posts on next week!) we also decided to make it very springy, so we created a real leaf backdrop as the focal point. i’ll also do a post on that!

gideon made the best looking charcuterie plate i’ve ever seen — so i will from now on be making him make that for event we host.

spring party winesicles with edible flowers | almost makes perfect winesicles with edible flowers | almost makes perfect

the winesicles were so good. i was worried they’d taste a little strong but i could seriously eat 5 of them. the vintner’s reserve pinot gris was the peeerfect taste for popsicles. and then fall asleep for the rest of the day. you can head over to the kendall-jackson blog to see the recipe!

a spring lunch | almost makes perfect a springtime lunch a springtime lunch

plates / wine glasses / cheese board / serving tray / serving bowl / vase / runner / table