happy weekend

June 5, 2015

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bob | almost makes perfect

yay. friday. i’m gearing up for a fun shoot tomorrow, which you’ll see soon. and i’m celebrating a cousins birthday on sunday. if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen i chopped most of my hair off. i’m still getting used to how short it is, but so far i’m like how low-maint it is. i just made that slang up. we like it right? have a good one!

⋅ this is just like, perfect
⋅ how delish does this sound?
⋅ i really really want this for the cats
⋅ and i’ll take one of these for me
⋅ i desperately need these tips
⋅ a super easy DIY to avoid having to buy pots
⋅ i have always liked nudes so i like this
⋅ ok so people make fun of me, but this is one of my favorite movies of all time
(also.. that joanna cassidy quote? my mom can take credit for about 80% of that (they went to the same starbucks))

dream house : the backyard

June 4, 2015

dream house / interiors

dream house ~ the backyard | almost makes perfect

even though we’re having some challenges when it comes to loans, i’m still looking like crazy at houses. and all i can do is fantasize about what it’ll be like to have our own home and all the things i’ll do to it and all the apartment neighbors we won’t have to listen to. so i decided to start a new little column while we house hunt to slightly nourish said fantasies.

the thing i’m most excited about is having an outdoor space. right now we have a tiny balcony that’s so tiny we don’t even bother going out there anymore, so i’ve been day dreaming about sitting outside drinking lemonade cocktails and foraging fresh herbs to garnish them with and hosting BBQs and sunbathing and even just sitting outside to talk on the phone. so here are some of the spaces that i’m finding suuuuper inspiring.

dream house | the backyard | almost makes perfect

a fireplace and a cozy deck for eating is like, everything i want. [image]

dream house - the backyard | almost makes perfect

and cozy lounging. [image]

dream house ~ the backyard | almost makes perfect

basically if you’re living in a botanical garden, you know you’ve made it in life. [image]

dream house ~ the backyard | almost makes perfect

more cozy lounging, more cozy dining. [image / image]

dream house ~ the backyard | almost makes perfect

oh and i want string lights everywhere and a ping pong table for when i feel super active and athletic. [image]

dream house -- the backyard | almost makes perfect

no words. [image]

do you have a backyard? and if so, do you even use it? haha, i feel like these are probably pipe dreams and i’d end up spending way less time out there than i plan to.

diy last minute greeting cards

June 3, 2015


diy last minute greeting cards | almost makes perfect diy last minute greeting cards | almost makes perfect

if i had an unlimited budget, i would have a closet full of beautiful birthday and get well and thank you cards (along with gifts) to give to people last minute when i forget. i always try to stock up when i’m at a cute store, but more times than not – i have to run out to get a last minute card on my way to a birthday party. so i decided to just make my own, because duh.

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father’s day gift guide

June 2, 2015

father's day / gift guide

fathers day gift guide 2015

if you’re having trouble coming up with something thoughtful and affordable for dad this year, i rounded up some gifts for all types of dads. and all under $50!

01. for the dad with feet, a shoe horn is a forever gift he’ll forever love.
02. for the cooking dad, inspire him to try DIYing charcuterie (and reap the benefits)
03. for the grill dad, a personalized bbq set, i mean duh.
04. for the fancy dad, a fancy (looking) brass money clip.
05. for the dad who still has his hair, a fancy (looking) brass comb.
06. for the hairy dad, the slickest looking shave set.
07. for the gardening dad, a pretty pair of scissors.
08. for the traveler or athletic dad, a handsome duffel.
09. for the dapper dad, a dad themed pocket square.
10. for the beer drinking dad, this makes beer foamy like from the tap.
11. for the game player, a fancy set of playing cards.

happy weekend

May 29, 2015

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happy weekend

it’s been soooo cloudy here for the past two weeks, so i’m looking forward to a sunny weekend! we’ve been trying to figure out our situation, and we’ve started looking at houses and gathering loan options. since we both have odd job situations, it’s looking like it’s not going to be super easy – so we’re a little bummed but hoping we can make something work. i really want a house real bad. this adulthood stuff is hard. but i have some personal good news … we’re going to paris at the end of june! ok ok enough about me. i hope you guys have a good one!

⋅ therefore, should i be buying this?
⋅ also, now that i’m approaching 30, this is on my mind a lot.
⋅ but i won’t be using any of these.
⋅ this isn’t helping my house wanting cravings.
⋅ but how cute would this be for my future kids closet?
⋅ the easiest dress to wear to every summer wedding.
⋅ i neeeever use them all up. ever.

diy faux ceramic napkin rings

May 27, 2015


diy faux ceramic napkin rings | almostmakesperfect diy faux ceramic napkin rings | almostmakesperfect

we weirdly don’t own one set of napkin rings, nor did we register for any — maybe because napkin rings are kinda out of style? are they? who knows. anyway, i decided to make some! as you guys know, i am still loving the faux ceramic look you can do with polymer clay + glaze, so i went along with it.

faux ceramic napkin rings | almostmakesperfect

faux ceramic napkin rings | almostmakesperfect faux ceramic napkin rings  | almostmakesperfect

01. condition your clay and make large clay balls (!), however many napkin rings you want to make.

02. roll out one at a time to a wider shape, as you see in the photo above (#2). then roll it out flat (#3) and wrap around your toilet paper roll to make sure it fits across. trim off the edges and roll back on.

03. gently press the overlapping edge onto the underlapping. then slowly and carefully remove from the tp roll. you can finesse the shape back to how it was once it’s off the roll.

faux ceramic napkin rings  | almostmakesperfect

04. bake according to your package directions. once baked and cooled, mix up some paint colors. you can see my napkin rings are multi-toned, this is because i was feeling very indecisive when i was painting, and kept removing and trying new colors on top of each other. i actually ended up liking the pinkish tones under the blue, so if you want that look, that’s how you get it.

05. water down your paint using actual water, and paint onto the rings. let dry.

06. using a tiny brush and black paint, carefully add the speckle pattern (or you can do it legit and actually thwap your brush at them. i’m too afraid of a mess to try that).

07. once dry, apply the gloss glaze. to avoid it sticking to the surface it’s drying on, you can continuously pick up and move them around.

diy faux ceramic napkin rings  | almostmakesperfect diy faux ceramic napkin rings  | almostmakesperfect diy faux ceramic napkin rings | almostmakesperfect

oh and hey did you see on instagram i started a hashtag for reader projects? so if you try anything out on your own, hashtag it #almostmadeperfect!

f21 faves

May 26, 2015

f21 faves / style

f21 roundup | almost makes perfect

so like, spring is here. yeah yeah i suppose it’s been here, but it seems like the time we should stock up on summer stuff, right? ok. good. i’m glad we’re all in agreement on this. and most importantly… how cute is the swimsuit? it might look horrible on my larger chest but i am buying it anyway because yolo.

swimsuit / blouse / sandals / hat / crop top / tote / cuff set / shift dress

happy weekend

May 22, 2015

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heath ceramics wallpaper | almost makes perfect

so glad it’s friday! the weather has been super cloudy everyday, so i’m really hoping it warms up for the long weekend. we’re maybe gonna see mad max (only because no one will shut up about it) and i think we’re also going to disneyland! hope you guys have a great one.

⋅ if you watch silicon valley, you’ll wanna read this.
⋅ is this not just mind blowingly cute?
⋅ and same goes for these.
⋅ these are chairs i will most likely pine over for life.
⋅ you know i love me some DIY games.
⋅ such a cute simple DIY that won’t even get your hands dirty!
⋅ really wanting to buy myself one of these.