i link you + happy long weekend!

July 3, 2014

i link you

i’m taking off early this week for the holiday – we’re heading to lake arrowhead with my cousin today to spend some time on a boat for the fourth (which is my ideal way to spend a summer day) – so excited. hope you have something fun planned!

i link you | almost makes perfect

01 | never have i ever seen a radder travel pillow (need supply)
02 | these diy palm frond cocktail stirrers are right up my alley (a fabulous fete)
03 | while i wouldn’t make a cat tower because that would be way too cat lady, i can definitely appreciate and admire (home tree atlas)
04 | as soon as you put food on a stick, i like it 10x more (style me pretty)
05 | how to make a weaving without actually weaving (kipi blog)
06 | these cherry tarts are a little gorgeous to eat (nanette for sugar & cloth)
07 | been wanting a ticking stripe apron forever – if only i sewed… (purl bee)
08 | not sharing a souvlaki recipe. sharing the best fight video ever. (and here’s the recipe)
09 | i love a functional diy you didn’t know you need like these diy geometric spools (maritza lisa)

+ have a great weekend!

printable july 4th sparkler packet labels

July 2, 2014

downloads / holiday

printable july 4th sparklers | almost makes perfect

i know i’m overwhelming you non-americans with july 4th. and i’m really truly sorry. i swear next week i’ll be back to normal, but i just love fireworks and boats and hot dogs and beer. and sparklers. and sharing printables. k i’m done now.

printable july 4th sparklers packet labels | almost makes perfect

all you have to do to make these little sparkler packets is to print the template on cardstock, cut out, and slice two little slits on top and bottom to slide your sparklers through. you can use more sparklers than two if you cut a bigger slit… like you couldn’t have guessed that. hand these out on the fourth and you’re the best person there.

printable july 4th sparklers packet labels | almost makes perfect

july 4th printable sparklers packet labels | almost makes perfect printable july 4th sparklers packet labels |  almost makes perfect

printable july 4th ice cream cup wrappers

July 1, 2014

diy / downloads / holiday

printable july 4th ice cream cup wrappers | almost makes perfect

FIRST OF ALL, HAPPY JULY! with july fourth coming up this week, i wanted to share a printable that you can use for the occasion. who doesn’t want to eat ice cream all day?! (well, i’m lactose intolerant, but i do it on special occasions) so if you’re eating ice cream – festive. it. up.

july 4 printable ice cream cups

if you’re following me on instagram, you might know i’ve been getting obsessed with hand lettering – i wouldn’t say i’m good at it, but i do think i’ve improved a lot from the first day i was sick in bed to the last. 10,000 hours you guys. so i wanted to incorporate some into the printable. plus i was stoked with how “july” came out.


printable july 4th ice cream cups  | almost makes perfect

all you have to do is print the label on standard sized 8.5 x 11″ paper, carefully cut around the edges, wrap around your cup and secure with tape or glue.

printable july 4th ice cream wrappers | almost makes perfect printable july 4th ice cream cups | almost makes perfect

see how well the labels coordinator with the watercolor napkins from last week? yeah, maybe not a total accident at all. do both projects and you can have a july 4th watercolor party!

from the weekend

June 30, 2014

blogzilla / me

flower crowns

it’s been a while since i’ve shared my weekend on the blog — but i had a really lovely one so i wanted to! my friend (and bridesmaid) had her birthday on saturday – so before her sunset picnic, she had all the girls over on friday night to make flower crowns. it was such a fun way to theme up the party, and i just can’t stop looking at this photo. i highly recommend making flower crowns for every party.

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giveaway / harts & pearls


harts and pearls giveaway

today you lucky readers can win one of two adorable headwraps from the very cute shop harts & pearls!

harts & pearls is a custom and handmade fashion forward accessory line for the modern woman, child, and baby. they have so many cute head pieces that would be amazing for your wedding or whenever — check out their cute flower crowns too if you don’t want to bother making your own!

giveaway | harts and pearls


giveaway harts and pearls

up for grabs are the soile headwrap in lavender and the marquis halo!

THE GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED – congrats to the winners caitlin and kyndra!

click through to enter this giveaway!

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diy watercolor striped napkins

June 26, 2014

diy / holiday

diy watercolor striped napkins | almost makes perfect

so if you like being festive for the fourth of july, but still have a hard time incorporating colors like deep reds and blues into your party color palette, here’s a good compromise. because i know i don’t want deep red anywhere.

these napkins were actually not the original plan, i was planning on just striped painted napkins but i hated them so i started playing around and loved the effect of the really wet brush. and because the colors aren’t so straight up july 4th – i think these napkins could work all summer long.

diy watercolor striped napkins diy watercolor striped napkins

all you’ll need is some plain white napkins, fabric paint of your choice, a brush and a lot of water.


tape down your napkins flat onto your working surface. get your brush pretty saturated but then immerse it in water until there’s practically no paint on the brush. use a test surface or scrap to get the feel of it, and then go ahead and wing it, because that’s the fun part.

all of my napkins ended up looking a little different than one another because the brush starts the change the dirtier your water gets, so if you want to avoid that, keep your brush and your water clean. but who has time for that!?

diy watercolor napkins diy watercolor striped napkins

btw – i ate two corn dogs while photographing this project. two. it was all for you guys, so you’re welcome.

diy watercolor striped napkins | almost makes perfect

gold flatware from west elm / ketchup nesting bowl c/o red envelope

a little makeover

June 25, 2014


blog makeover

well looky here! you might notice the blog looks pretty different – a huge thank you to my blogzilla partner natalie for putting up with my million requests. the blog is now a little more spacious and minimal, and i just can’t stop looking at it. hope you guys love it as much as i do!

we’ve been working on getting a bunch of new themes ready for the shop – which will all be available this summer, so if you like mine — you can get yours looking like it too!


six july 4th diys to do


july 4th diys to do  | almost makes perfect

did you realize july fourth was next week!? wow – june just flew by. i’m off of work until after the 4th so we’re considering taking a little road trip next week since all of our friends and family are out of town. woe is me. do you have plans?! if you’re hosting something, here are some projects you still have plenty of time to do!

01 | red white and blue ice cubes to make every drink look festive (brittni for momtastic)
02 | homemade firecracker ice pops are just a touch fancier than the store bought ones (martha stewart)
03 | printable matchboxes from last year will make lighting sparklers way more fun (almost makes perfect)
04 | paint an american flag blanket if you’ll be spending the day picnicing (the house that lars built)
05 | ice pops … in cake form, for those of us that get really cold teeth (studio diy)
06 | these dip dye fireworks bags are too cute, you could also fill with nips for adults right?! (oh happy day)