blogzilla launch + free fonts

October 7, 2013

blogzilla / graphic design

the shop is live today! if you’re looking for a new blog theme – please go check us out! 

+ AND i’m offering 10% off all themes for readers for the week! enter promo code : BLOGPERFECT (expires on friday october 11)

blogzilla is open

also – if you’re holding off to win a free theme in the giveaway, if the winner has already purchased a theme, they will receive add-on customizations for the amount of the theme price!

to celebrate the launch, i decided to round up some of my favorite free fonts … of the moment. my taste changes constantly. enjoy!

favorite free fonts - almost makes perfect

questrial / salome / museo slab / antonio / justus / montserrat / deming / varela round


payday wishlist

October 4, 2013

wish list

well not that i’ve let you forget — but blogzilla launches monday! so i’ve got a busy weekend getting everything ready for the shop.

i’m also going to the farmers market and making something very VERY delicious for the blog. it’s a secret. sorry. this wasn’t worth mentioning at all i guess.

payday wishlist // 58

one . how pretty are these nesting rings?!
two . love these booties. when will it GET COLD ALREADY DAMMIT
three . geo wire lamps are really popular nowadays yes – but this one is my current favorite.
four . such pretty and simple little flash drives from leif shop
five . i have an iphone4. and this case is just for 5. so can someone else buy it because i want it real bad.
six . i’m not a huge bar cart person because it always seems like extra furniture. i think i’d make an exception for this target one — yes target!

+ have a great weekend!!!

i link you

October 3, 2013

i link you

i link you 07

this week

grey nails are my favorite fall trend, i just bought some pretty grey polish last week … for my nails and a DIY (via cup of jo)

i have proclaimed my love for martha’s vineyard before, but when jesse webster posts photos of it, all it makes me want to do is drop everything and get on a plane (via sweet thing)

i looove these diy fringe bags for halloween. i just hate when halloween diys look all orange and black (via paper & stitch)

when i read the 20 things all women should do before getting married, i was thinking hmm ok i guess i’m ready to get married. (via huffington post / ring via)

all the things siri can actually do. i’m very good at finding out what she can’t do. (via reddit)

ps . my martha’s vineyard travel guide


favorite netflix hidden gems – pt 1

October 2, 2013


we watch a LOT of movies in our house. we don’t have cable so we barely watch tv shows — it’s netflix streaming all the time over here. i have watched so many weird random movies on netflix instant – some good, some god awful… but thought i should share my favorites since i’m always googling the best movies on there anyway.

netflix hidden gems -- pt 1

ira & abby a cute quirky romance – i love every movie jennifer westfeldt does (also watch kissing jessica stein and friends with kids)

our idiot brother this might not be hidden – but it’s a must watch. a feel good movie with a sweet message about family and unconditional love – i love love.

john dies at the end it’s kind of like memento meets ghostbusters – the movie doesn’t make a ton of sense but it’s fun to watch.

goon i didn’t expect this movie to be as funny and charming as it was. it’s really really good!

my awkward sexual adventure a guy tries to get his girlfriend back by getting better in bed. this was surprisingly entertaining.

the cabin in the woods i hope you’ve already seen this. if not, watch it today. it’s one of my all time favorite movies – whether you like horror or just kind of like it, the formula of this movie is nothing like i’ve ever seen.

see girl run just a simple movie about lackluster marriage that i found enjoyable – i’ll also watch anything with adam scott.

aftershock this is only recommended for those who like horror / disaster movies. this earthquake movie takes place in chile and stars eli roth – it was fun to watch, but really graphic.

zapped you’ve seen this? why not? an 80s spoof of carrie starring scott baio and willie eames with lots of boobs. it’s as good as it sounds.

brick a high school detective movie that’s a modern nod to film noir.

sleepwalk with me comedian mike birbiglia struggles with career and relationship problems while dealing with severe sleepwalking.

best worst movie a super funny documentary about the movie “troll 2”.

also, you’ve watched wet hot american summer (another all time favorite of mine) and orange is the new black, right?!

+ have your own favorite hidden gems on netflix instant? i’ll be posting more of these … maybe even a halloween one!

diy halloween costumes / pt 1

October 1, 2013

halloween / holiday

halloween costumes already?! YES! i love halloween! i hate slutty versions of costumes, but i looove a female version of a male costume. i don’t know why – gender issues, etc.

and i love a good movie costume. one year i went as brooke shields in the blue lagoon (i even made my own dress) and had to explain all night who i was. so these costumes are a little more recognizable. i’m going to be posting a few new costumes every week until halloween – so make sure to come back and see!

ace ventura costume

A C E   V E N T U R A  :   P E T   D E T E C T I V E
hawaiian shirt / tank / belt / red harem pants / bird / hair pomade / boots

rocky balboa training costume

R O C K Y   B A L B O A 
beanie / sweatshirt / sweatpants / chuck high tops / fingerless gloves / dog leash
+ extra points if you bring your dog

daria and jane costume
D A R I A  &  J A N E
on daria : coat / tank / skirt / boots / glasses
on jane : coat / top / shorts / boots / tights

—- stay tuned for more costumes next week!
ps . last year i featured pretty woman, jurassic park, fear & loathing in las vegas, annie hall, true romance and mommy dearest. see them here!

diy pretty shampoo bottles


diy pretty shampoo bottles via almost makes perfect

probably my simplest DIY to date — is anyone else like me and only buys products based on the packaging? well that’s a hard way to get by when you’re cheap and buy your bath products at cvs. so i decided to make refillable bottles for my stuff that i like to look at.

i bet you can guess the steps …

diy - shampoo bottles

all you need is pretty bottles, tape, and vinyl stickers. i bought these amber bottles super cheap from speciality bottle, and the stickers are 1/4″ inch helvetica. they have to be vinyl in order to be waterproof!

bath bottles diy

tape a straight line across your bottle (it’s kind of hard to eyeball but you’ll get it on your 10th try). and then just stick away! i was able to glide any letters that looked off or if the kerning wasn’t perfect – and i think i was able to make them all match pretty well.

then you just fill up the bottles with your stuff. that’s the boring part.

shampoo bottles diy

and now my shower looks prettyyyy!

diy shampoo bottles

would you bother doing a DIY like this or am i a crazy person?

payday wishlist

September 27, 2013

wish list

payday wishlist

one . i bought these booties in tan and haven’t stopped wearing them – now i want them in navy too.
two . i love these raw gemstone stud earrings, so simple and pretty.
three . these brass sconces would look amazing next to bed or sink.
four . loooove the pattern on this flannel boyfriend shirt.
five . how good is the typography on this iphone case?!
six . i hate you west elm. a wood grained toaster? how dare you make me want everything you sell.