diy halloween costumes / pt 5

October 28, 2013


ok if you didn’t get a costume by now — you must be a big time procrastinator. so here are some costumes hopefully full of items that you already have in your closet.

walter white

W A L T E R  W H I T E
button down / underwear / glasses / gun / socks / shoes
+ the least sexy costume with no pants maybe ever.

wednesday addams

W E D N E S D A Y   A D D A M S
black dress / button down / tights / oxfords / lipstick / pigtail holders / nail polish
+ if you don’t have a peter pan collar black dress, wear a collared shirt underneath a black dress for the same look

steve zissou

S T E V E  Z I S S O U
shirt / jeans / beanie / aviators / headband / sneakers
+ wear a headband around your leg as a holster, and make yourself a beard by sewing or gluing cotton balls together onto an elastic or string.


payday wishlist

October 25, 2013

wish list

it’s friday!!! this week felt long. i finally decided on a costume and threw it together last minute. i look like a man in it. whoops. hope you celebrate halloween this weekend and do something SPOOOOOKY!

but i’m getting kind of sick of halloween posts, so since it’s almost november — and fall just shouts cozy dinner parties to me, today’s wish list is all about cute dream things i want for my next dinner party.

payday wishlist

brass coasters / geode glasses / rattan club chairtable runner / up tray / raw edge cutting board
(i’d use that cutting board for serving only)

i link you

October 24, 2013

i link you

i link you / 09

i am a big mushroom fan and i love roasted mushrooms with crusty bread, this recipe is really speaking to me saying “make me right now” (via cup of jo)

my old pal from art school, ashkahn is so talented and today you can download some desktop wallpapers he designed (via designlovefest)

these diy geometric hanging shapes would make such a fun holiday garland — i really want to make some. (via south by north)

ever since i became an actual cat lady, i stopped wearing all my cat apparel because it just feels too… real. but cat nails? cat nails i think i could handle. (via forever 21)

gideon and i are considering moving… i know i know, we just moved last year but they started construction building an apt building behind us and it’s a nightmare and now we want to move. we’ve been dreaming about a big loft — and this loft tour really made me dream a lot more. (via lonny)

this baby LED halloween costume is the creepiest most awesome baby costume ever. (via youtube)

diy modern color block ipad stand

October 23, 2013

diy / elsewhere

yesterday i did an easy diy for my friend gabriel of the artful desperado — he has one of my favorrrrite blogs full of inspiring art and his food photography and styling is like WHOA.

ipad stand diy for the artful desperado

this was such an easy project — i wanted to do something kitchen based since he does a lot of food posts on his blog, and now i have my new favorite kitchen accessory!

click here for the full diy tutorial and more photos! 


diy halloween costumes / pt 4

October 22, 2013

halloween / holiday

have you picked out your costume yet?! here are some more ideas for ya’ll!

harold and maude

H A R O L D  A N D  M A U D E
harold’s coat / tie / umbrella / maude’s coat / scarf / braids


heather chandler : blazer / skirt / tights
heather mcnamara : dress / tights / flower
heather duke : skirt / blazer / socks
croquet set

pee wee herman

P E E  W E E  H E R M A N
bowtie / blazer / pants / shoes / shirt

view part one / part two / part three of the diy costume posts here.

diy trick or treat bags (with free printable)

October 21, 2013

diy / downloads / halloween / holiday

diy trick or treat bags

halloween is coming up real soon — and who doesn’t want to have the best candy on the street?! here’s a very easy way to make yours stand out (and portion it fairly which i never do).

trick or treat bags


cellophane bags
thick cardstock
a printer
stapler (or double sided tape)

treat bags treat bags diy


one . print out the printables at 100% scale. make sure they’re not scaled up. these measure 5.75″ wide by 5″ tall to fit my bags, but you can size up or down.

two . fold the paper in half and cut it out. i trimmed my bags a little because i only had so much candy. fill with candy and then staple on the toppers!

diy treat bags trick-or-treat-bags diy