jessie websters house

May 14, 2013

elsewhere / interiors

you know you love a house tour when you look at it four times. jessie webster of the blog sweet things house in silverlake is really pretty perfect to me. and basically exactly what i want my place to look like. ( i have a few of the same items including the midnight farm cookbook – which made me love her house even more )

take a look…

so simple and effortless while being perfectly styled. LOVE. see the rest of the tour on designsponge.

new desk chairs

May 13, 2013

the apartment / workspaces

oooo i am so excited about the new office chairs we got. they’re padded and comfy and i’ve got lumbar support and the whole thing. and they cost like nothing.

we got them half priced for $79 each at staples. now they’re up to $99, but they seem like they’re staying on sale. staples?! staples.

i can’t tell if they look way too pleathery, but for the price and the comfort and now that we FINALLY have matching office chairs – i am very content with them. they are by far the cheapest eames management chair replica i’d found.

wow look what an executive i look like now. it’s like working in an important conference room.

i like them so much, i chose it over my vintage pollock chair. weird choice maybe? if you like it so much, then why don’t YOU buy it.

want to? if you’re interested and in southern california – let me know!

remaking point break

May 12, 2013


since they’re about to remake point break, a really well done video of what it might look like by other directors.

( point break holds a special place in my heart. hence our cat being named bodhi. )