eating this : homemade big macs

February 21, 2013


don’t judge me. i love big macs. so much. they’re perfect.

so now doesn’t a big mac sound even more perfect with much much fresher ingredients? we thought so.

(for two)

1 lb hamburger meat
2 slices mild cheddar
romaine lettuce
sesame seed buns
extra minced white onion from sauce
(we skipped the pickle)


1/2 cup mayo
2 tb french dressing
4 tsp sweet pickle relish
1 tb minced white onion
1 tsp white vinegar
1 tsp sugar
1/8 tsp salt

combine all ingredients in a bowl and refrigerate. we ended up futzing with the sauce a little to get it just right for us by adding some more mayo, salt, and vinegar.

mold four thin patties from your meat. slice up the lettuce into thin shreds and carefully cut two hamburger buns into half pieces.

while grilling the patties (two with cheese, two without), butter and cook the buns face down on a pan.

once the burgers are medium rare, let rest for 5 minutes while compiling the rest of your burger.

from the top down
top bun
non cheese burger
special sauce
middle bun
special sauce
bottom bun

you might want to eat these on the early side of the day so your body will forgive you a little before you go to sleep.

roundup : bedside lighting ⋅ under $100

February 20, 2013

bedrooms / internet shopping / roundup

now that we have nice matching nightstands, i’ve been searching for nice matching lighting! i love the idea of sconces because i love all the space it leaves on the nightstand, but i’m thinking we need lamps to kind of… ground the nightstands? or something? i have no idea what i’m talking about. anyway, i did a roundup of bedroom lighting – and everything is under $100! (don’t be mad, some are $99. sorry.)


ROW ONE land of nod isosceles table lamp / ikea tisdag sconce / target gourd shaped lamp
ROW TWO home depot chrome accordian swing arm lamp / lampsplus possini gold leaf obelisk table lamp / cb2 ada white lamp
ROW THREE west elm orb table lamp / urban outfitters industrial sconce / target owl perch lamp

what’s been up

February 19, 2013


did you have a good valentines day? yeah, i know it was many days ago now, but mine was fantastic. we saw boyz ii men perform at morongo casino. it was ridiculous and amazing. we had ceviche and margaritas at one of our favorites, red o. we went to the lacma for the stanley kubrick exhibit (which in my opinion was underwhelming… tim burtons was way better). gideon skipped the flowers this year and got me a vintage leather wallet which i LOVE and russian nesting dolls. he’s good at presents. so i made him the girliest cutiest breakfast i could. i found this midcentury bench ON SALE at a thrift store and knew the cats would claim it for themselves. they love it. they also love this $10 tapestry art i found which so seems like it would be hanging in a hotel room in a howard johnsons in the 70s. we also went to the atwater farmers market and can’t seem to ever stop eating tacos now.

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