room reality

June 10, 2013

room reality

ever see a house tour or a room on pinterest and think wtf why can’t i live there? me too. CONSTANTLY. so i’m introducing a new column where i’ll take rooms and break them down in the only way i know how to – the cheapskate way. i’m going to do my best at finding the most equivalent and most affordable elements to the room.

up first – probably one of my favorite rooms ever. this silverlake living room is part of one of my favorite houses designed by commune design.

one i know it’s nowhere as cool and the wrong color, but this chair has that same 70s lounge feel and is only $205!
two rugsville’s beni rug is always on sale, right now the 5×8 is $449
three globe pendant from west elm $99
four a big black and white graphic art print by jesse draxler on society6 $145 for the largest sized framed
five benton brown mahogany end table from overstock $160
six kilim pillows on ebay will are the cheapest i’ve found, these are both under $20 (pillow 1 and pillow 2)
seven urban outfitters cantilever lamp $149
eight jcpenney tie dye throw blanket $45
nine west elm box frame coffee table $349

chalkboard kitchen wall

June 6, 2013

kitchen / the apartment

i posted about debating doing a chalkboard wall in the empty space in our kitchen. well, we did it and i love it. here is the before shot.

those damn eye sores of outlets at all heights of the wall are now a little more disguised ( we removed them and painted by hand ) and you can now see a little pop of contrast from the entrance of the apartment.

i must admit we haven’t written anything on there since we painted it. i went through all the chalk curing the thing. but when we get some chalk – oh man that wall is in for it.

+ please ignore the dying orchid. i guess heat waves and no AC is bad for orchids. fyi.

it took us a good three or four coats to get it less blotchy looking and it wasn’t until we cured it by rubbing chalk EVERYWHERE that it ended up looking right.

pretty pantry

June 5, 2013

graphic design / roundup

if you’re like me, you always choose the best looking item in the grocery store. if you’re like my boyfriend, you actually care whether its good or not. lame.

i can vouch for a couple of these well designed pantry items, and the others… well they’re from reputable stores so they’ll be just fine AND look really good in your kitchen.


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martha’s vineyard travel guide

June 4, 2013


it takes a long LONG time to get there, but once you’re on martha’s vineyard, you don’t want to leave. at least i don’t. the island has so much age and personality and just a general sense of amazing energy. hitchhiking is legal, no one locks their doors, no one dresses up, and everyone greets each other everywhere you go. not to mention you can eat seafood for every meal and hopefully see some of the best sunsets ever.

i’ve been going since i was a kid and i’ve never been on the island without fantasizing about what i would spend my days doing as a full time islander.

during my trip there, i compiled a guide to my favorite spots. (btw if you’re planning a trip, i recommend trying to avoid the peak summer weeks when it’s overrun with tourists and crowded everywhere. we always go in may or september)

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my trip to martha’s vineyard

June 3, 2013

me / travel

we’re sadly home from our vacation – feeling relaxed and reminiscent now.

it was a perfect trip (besides a lot of rain) full of R&R, sightseeing and seafood.

we look like we’re having the time of our lives in front of the east chop lighthouse.

and here i am having the time of my life on carousel. what else do you do on a carousel besides have the time of your life?

here are some snippets from our week. we met a lot of animals, saw a lot of water, ate too much, collected way too many rocks and seashells, and chilled quite a bit.

+ COME BACK TOMORROW for my travel guide to martha’s vineyard!