payday wishlist

March 15, 2013

outdoors / wish list

it’s getting warm in la… making me really want to just sit on our balcony all the time (mostly because we don’t have central air). here’s some stuff to pretty up that outdoor area.


ONE puremodern fuoco tabletop gel firepit // TWO allmodern acapulco chair // THREE a+r stainless watering can // FOUR zen deluxe natural fringed umbrella // FIVE ikea morkt lantern // SIX anthropologie wooden plant markers

eating this : challah french toast

March 14, 2013

brunch / recipes

passover is coming up. you know what that means? grocery stores are stocked with good challah. not just challah, but good challah!

(for two)

1 loaf challah (four pieces)
3 large eggs
3/4 cup milk
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon grated lemon zest

to serve :
maple syrup
blueberries (or any berry)

whisk together the egg mixture in a shallow bowl. slice the challah into pieces that are about 3/4 inches thick and soak them in the mixture for 2-3 minutes on each side.

heat 1 tb butter on a pan over medium heat. cook each piece of bread for 2.5 minutes on each side or so.

roundup : iphone speakers

March 11, 2013


i’ve found it really hard to find attractive speakers. but i guess when you start looking hard, you can find some gems. as of now, i don’t have speakers that work with my current iphone so i’ve just been blowing out the phone speaker for a year. it’s awesome. i think it might be time to invest in a good one, and a bunch of these are bluetooth and portable.

(click through for sources)

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making this: rub ‘n buff gold lamps

March 7, 2013

bedrooms / diy / home

the other day when i did this bedside lamps under $100 post, i realized that buying TWO lamps is expensive. i really was thinking of sconces, but i figured some cheap lamps would be much easier. the next day i happened to be shopping at target and found these $20 lamps. they’re kind of a cute color, but i have a hard time living with bright colors, so i bought them with the intention of changing the color since they were sooo cheap. (i also skipped that heinous lampshade and got the white ones)

instead of spray painting them, i bought some rub ‘n buff to give it more of a bronzed finish.

i don’t have many process shots, but it took about two hours and tons of strength and energy. and i used my bare hands, so they looked like this.

basically, you need to apply very thinly. NO. even thinner than that. use all your wrist power to buff and spread it all over to try to get it as even as you can. which is pretty hard, especially when you’re working with a glossy finish like the lamp. it’s blotchier than i hoped in some spots, but i’m pretty happy with the finish.

if you do it thicker than you like, gently sand down thick spots and try to fix with thin coats.

here’s what it looks like up close:

nice texture!

they work WAY better in our room than the teal. and i think i love them a lot.

(nightstand is vintage, clock is vintage for sale in the shop here, diamond blanket from joinery nyc)

some new bulbs

March 5, 2013

home / inspiration / internet shopping

if you’ve stayed at the ace hotel in palm springs (and maybe the other locations), you may have noticed / fallen in lust with their super simple huge light bulb fixtures in the rooms. so naturally, i had to find out exactly what type of bulb it was and the staff was super helpful about it.

the bulbs are a 60 watt g40 clear bulb, i found them on clearance for $1.98 on lamps plus and bought ten and have put them everywhere. i love these!