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August 22, 2013

i link you

i’ve decided it’s time for me to start sharing my favorite links of the week. because the internet is FUN.

i link you 01


corey feldmans birthday party (and life) are just as awkward as you might imagine (via vice)

i’ve never had the urge to make gazpacho… but add some strawberry and i’m intrigued (via spoon fork bacon)

25 weird ways to explore los angeles. i must say i’ve done quite a few. (via timeout)

super exciting news : how bubbly can boost brain power (via forbes / image via)

an appreciation of six feet under on it’s 8th anniversary (via flavorwire)

this rope covered extension cord DIY is perfect and simple (via thevow.tumblr.com)

peter dinklage hula hooping at a gay bar (via warmingglow)


an office update

the apartment / workspaces

like i was saying last week – i’ve spent almost zero time fixing up or organizing the office since we moved in. but last weekend, i bought a bulletin board from target and it already makes a huge difference.

office snippit

i’ve been having so much fun pinning up memories and inspiration. like too much fun.


and speaking of too much, you know you’re a huge dork when you are ecstatic about your new screensaver. OMG. i love my new screensaver you guys.

new screensaver

taking criticism with lots of grains of salt

August 21, 2013

yada yada

you might remember we built these shelves for our apartment. we lack storage and have a thousand books, so we thought it was a good idea for us. well last week apartment therapy posted the shelves! oh yay!

NOT SO FAST. i noticed they’d posted and was excited for about 10 seconds until i scrolled down and read the comments. the nasty un-constructive comments saying how they’re ugly and cluttered and styled oh so badly. and then i got super upset…

left shelf

here’s my personal favorite:

tishinottawa wrote :

“Personal opinion, you ruined a beautiful clean look. Some gorgeous black and white photography on the wall would have framed that fireplace, and then perhaps some wicker baskets and interesting old boxes and trunks along the floor for odds and ends. And find somewhere else for the books.

But since you’ve gone to the effort, at least style the bookcases better. The books should be grouped by size, colour.”

… barf. i think these haters are the people who do this :

colored coded books

shudder. oh and how about this…

kraft paper books

oh hell no.

now why was i so upset? i never said i was a decorator or a stylist. i certainly don’t want to style the shelves like i’m living in country home but i also didn’t know they were styled hideously. they hold all the books in our apartment. you know, like the definition of a bookshelf : a shelf on which books can be stored. my biggest challenge with decorating is always worrying that things look decorated. maybe not apartment therapy commenters. so anyway i read these comments and was like “wtf fuck those fucks” and then i did this. OOPS.


shit. i made our apartment a disaster for the next three days because of some stupid comments. i even considered moving the shelves into the office and getting some simple white cabinets for the living room instead. but i didn’t – thank god. i reorganized the shelves a little and took the next few days to try to not give a shit about what people think. even though that’s basically impossible, i obviously need to get more used to criticism because people on the internet say mean things all the time and i need to thicken my skin.

Rebecca Black

if rebecca black can handle it i can handle it.

left shelf after copy

ignore all those cords. we setup the wii. i’m really not sure if the shelves look any better or any different, but it was actually kind of rewarding taking everything down and having it be cleaner once i finished.

right shelf after

the moral of the story is that people are as mean on the internet because they can be. and from now on – i’ll try not to read comments.

+ how do you deal with criticism?

images : colored coded books / kraft paper books

*** this has been reposted due to technical difficulties. the original comments are MIA. but thanks for them and i wish i could see them again so i could write you big thank yous.


yada yada

if you’ve visited the blog this week, you might be wondering wtf is happening to it.


well – i’ve been having some serious tech problems over here. basically, the blog has been up and down and like many of you have noticed, monday’s blog post disappeared, but i will be reposting it asap.

i’ve spent the week on the phone with tech guys and crying and stressing and it has SUCKED. but the blog is now working properly. you may also notice it looks like crap but will be getting a facelift asap! so good will come of this nightmare.

please bear with me. and thank you for your amazing comments on the shelving post. i never realized how much i like blogging until i wasn’t able to. i like it so much! and i like you.


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payday wishlist

August 16, 2013

wish list

i can’t believe urban is selling bullet planters now. this is cray. now if only i could convince my boyfriend to stop thinking they’re hideous.

payday wishlist / 50

one . brass tray
two . bullet planter
three . blouse
four . blanket
five . malachite iphone case
six . flats

well it’s been a kind of a tough week over here! hopefully you weren’t affected but the blog had all sorts of problems yesterday and i spent the day stressed and on the phone with my hosting company. that and i haven’t slept. i go through these partial insomnia phases you could say, where for about a week i’ll get less and less sleep every night. i’ve been up since 3am today! it’s usually due to way too much in my mind. this weekend i am going to take it super easy and maybe try to drink a lot before bedtime. hope you have a great weekend!