birthday cats

April 25, 2013

me / pets

say what you will. i’m totally obsessed with these cats that live in my house and it was a year ago that i watched them being born. maybe witnessing that has something to do with this whole maternal thing i feel for them? well today is their birthday! they really look nothing like this now, but looking at photos of when we first took them home makes my eyes and heart and hands swell up. oh man. oh mannn.

jean cocteau is right. i’ve never even had a cat before and they have changed my life and house and heart, too. when i have kids, this will all change i’m sure, but they’re the closest thing i have to babies and i treat them like it.

* happy birthday lucy and bodhi!

what’s been up

April 24, 2013

instagram / la / me

spring has totally sprung. it’s been super warm out and the flowers are pretty and the produce tastes good. we went to this really strange glow in the dark mini golf course on the westside a few weeks ago. it’s weird but totally peak if you live in la. also, the brioche donuts at lamill. now that it’s warm out, we’ve been frequenting our nearby taco truck even more than we were before. it’s totally unhealthy. and did you see the old herbal essences came back? i picked these up immediately when i heard. not really sure, but i think it’s making my hair feel even thicker – i don’t care. it smells just like it used to. and did i mention we’re going to france in june!? we’ve been using this app duolingo to learn a little french before the trip, it actually makes it pretty fun and competitive. also, been spending the last few nights watching breaking bad. we’re now on season three and i think it should be called breaking bald. how many bald actors can be on one show?


the balcony

April 23, 2013

outdoors / the apartment

after a looooot of debating with myself, i finally switched out the little patio set i’ve had forever for two big ol’ acapulco chairs!

i bought these chairs about five years ago, and while the set is cute and very french bistro, we sit outside too much to be sitting on iron.

our balcony is kind of tiny, so i wasn’t sure the acapulco chairs would fit, essentially being humungous. so we went outside, taped out the areas, i made this diagram to size and we decided they were too big for the space. so we bought them!

all we use the balcony for is the two of us to sit outside and talk and drink, so now it has totally become our little oasis.

they are so good looking and they are SO comfortable! if you live in southern california, the guy who made them sells them for $120 and delivers!

while we’re outside, here is the herb garden we planted about a month ago. the planter box was a handmade gift from my stepdad, secured to the railing with a ton of zip ties. we made a ton of pesto so the basil looks a little dull now.

the little stool was about $20 in the ikea summer tent and is the perfect tiny table that somehow fits two plates of tacos.

so excited to spend our summer out here. now we just need to find the perfect margarita recipe.

payday wishlist

April 19, 2013

wish list

throw pillow : i could spend hours browsing on society6,  this pillow really catches my eye / sandals : i wear all my sandals to death, it’s time for a fresh pair like these slingback boardwalk sandals from madewell /  ring : one of those simple statement rings that i could totally wear everyday. i’m thinking of telling my boyfriend i want this emerald oval ring for my next present / speaker : i still want a big iphone dock speaker, but i want this one too! the vers 1q portable speaker is the perfect size for my shower singalongs / backpack : i like carrying a backpack when i’m traveling so i can fit everything inside and get horrible tan lines – this striped one is really just too cute.

roundup : rolling suitcases

April 18, 2013

roundup / travel

it’s now been about 10 years since i’ve bought a new suitcase. i have two upcoming trips this spring/summer and i really need new luggage. almost every zipper is broken on both the bags i have! yes i said two trips. we’re going to martha’s vineyard in may and france in june!!! it’s all i can think about really.


bric’s x-travel trolley $199 / jessica simpson snake suitcase $160 / dvf private jet ii spinner $160 / burton drifter roller bag $165 / tommy hilfiger scout rolling spinner $149 / amerileather expandable upright $144 / oleg cassini upright $140 / herschel parcel $240 / muji hard carry travel case $189.50


eyes + ears // 17

April 17, 2013

eyes + ears

(image via)

i grew up in boston for 16 years, and every year, going to the marathon was a big exciting day. we never missed it. hopefully – this event in the future, that should be filled with so much joy and strength, won’t be tarnished by such a terrible act.

also, patton oswalt had a really sweet statement about the tragedy. read it here.

eating this : the best bruschetta ever

April 16, 2013

appetizer / recipes / vegetable / vegetarian

i’m all for some bruschetta on baguette, but the jumbo version on a big thick piece of bread kills it.

now that pretty heirlooms are showing up at the grocery store, it’s time to take advantage.

on a warm afternoon, i love making this for us to sit outside and nosh on with drinks.

get GOOD THICK BREAD. i got a thick rosemary garlic loaf that was baked that day.

makes four pieces

3 heirloom tomatoes, thickly chopped
one loaf fresh bread (sliced into 3/4″ thick)
a bunch of fresh basil
olive oil
kosher salt
3 cloves garlic
herbs de provence
red chili flakes
cracked pepper

chop the tomatoes and mix together in a large bowl with enough olive oil to thickly coat. add two minced cloves of garlic with all the spices to taste. let it marinate for about an hour, mixing occasionally.

slice up your bread and heat a pan with oil. make sure each side of the bread is covered with oil and fry each side for about 2 minutes or until browned. cut the head off a clove of garlic. as soon as it’s removed from the heat, rub the garlic clove onto the top side of of each piece of bread.

spoon the tomato mixture on top of each slice and add the chopped basil and season more.

have the most delicious heart burn ever.