shopping for coats

November 12, 2014

roundup / style

i think it might be finally cooling down in LA, and not just for a few days but maybe for the whole winter! although i really love the weather here, last winter was pretty warm the entire season – and i really miss wearing sweaters and jackets. so now it’s time to daydream about what i’ll wear, when i can believe it’s actually cold. jacket weather | almost makes perfect


diy escort cards or seating chart or whatever you call it.

November 11, 2014

diy / our wedding

diy seating chart  |  almost makes perfect diy escort cards | almost makes perfect

so my first DIY post in way too long is this really easy project we did for the wedding, that was by far our favorite. it looked exactly the way i had pictured it in my mind and i am so happy we spent the time and energy on it!

unfortunately, a LOT of the wedding DIYs we did i don’t have great photos of. we did all of our projects at my moms house without my camera and without almost any natural light, so i’ll post what i have and i’m going to make an attempt to demonstrate how we did all of the projects even if i don’t have a lot of photos. i failed.

anyway! we decided to match the rest of our semi watercolor modern – boho wedding with dip dyed escort cards, which were mounted onto a huge piece of raw plywood (which we incorporated almost everywhere in the wedding). i’ll show you how after the jump.


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ok i’m back.

November 10, 2014

our wedding

our wedding

well i guess i should come back now. adjusting back to regular life without a wedding looming is really a weird feeling. i honestly think i had post – partum post – honeymoon, but i’m feeling more normal now and i suppose i’m ready to get back to real life now.

the wedding was what everyone tells you it’s going to be, in the most overwhelming way, the best night of your life. while there was so much to do leading up to it, gideon and i kept fairly level headed and i went in with fairly low expectations. there are a couple things that didn’t happen that i wish did, a few little regrets and miscommunications, but it was the most magical, unbelievable day ever.

we were FREAKING out about the weather, the forecast said saturday would be 105 so the week of the wedding we ordered 40 parasols so that no one would die. luckily, we didn’t need them. while it was 95 degrees on friday while we set up, it suddenly cooled down in the most amazing way for us and it was like 84 and breezy. in PALM SPRINGS. by far the best weather i’ve ever experienced in the desert. the weather put everyone in the best mood and our little wedding felt so happy and full of love. i was told all night that it was the best wedding people had ever been to. and we felt super proud that we made this.

seeing everything together was really trippy, we hired coordinators for the day of, and i left it in their hands to take everything we had made and style it the way they wanted. making everything one by one and then seeing it all together with loved ones admiring it was more than i had imagined. and it made all the hard work totally pay off.

the whole day was insanely out – of – body. it’s like i was the most over stimulated i’ve ever been. i thought i would be nervous about the attention, walking down the aisle and saying my vows, our first dance — but when you realize how surrounded by love you are, all that goes away. i kind of want to walk down the aisle forever.

i no longer regret not eloping.
i do regret the train on my dress though. oh man i fucked that dress uppppp.

our wedding our wedding

i clearly had a lot of fun at the ceremony.

i’ll share more photos later on – but for now i just wanted to say hi, brag a little about how much i loved my own wedding, and tell you that i’ll start blogging again. i might slow down a little because now that the wedding is over, i’m focusing a lot of energy on some other fun things, but it’s ok, i have some ideas for DIYs again!

and there’s a wedding DIY post coming tomorrow!

our wedding our wedding


huevos rancheros by wonder thrills

October 10, 2014

guest post / recipes

huevos rancheros | almost makes perfect

hey y’all! jordan here from wonder thrills! i’m really excited to share a simple recipe with you guys today! molly has been so busy with planning her wedding that it seemed like a no brainer to come and help out with a blog post!

we share a love for eggs and anything latin. this recipe tied in well with our common obsessions, and is perfect for any season! enjoy!

huevos rancheros |  almost makes perfect

ingredients (serves 2)

- 4 eggs
- 4 corn tortillas
- 1 can black beans (or beans of choice)
- 1 tomato (diced)
- 2 limes
- 1 avocado
- salt (to flavor)
- cilantro (for garnish)


01 | in a medium frying pan, place the tortillas down and fry them on either side for 30 seconds to get warm, and a little crispy.

02 | place them on your plates, and oil the pan keeping it on a medium heat, add your eggs, and fry fry fry!

03 | in a small sauce pan, add the beans, and some diced cilantro. cook until hot. (you can also use a microwave if you please.)

04 | place the beans down on top of the tortillas, as well as 1/2 of the diced tomatoes.

05 | when the eggs are cooked to your liking, place them on top of the tomatoes and beans, and top with avocado.

06 | add salt to taste, and garnish with cilantro! (I add way too much cilantro, because it’s not just a garnish for me, haha!)

huevos rancheros | almost makes perfect


diy wood ring box

October 8, 2014

diy / our wedding

diy ring box | almost makes perfect

one last minute simple wedding DIY we made was this ring box. we wanted something minimal and a little masculine, and i had this plan of making this super rad intricate one — but with time permitted, i decided to keep it easy by using a premade box.

i purchased this acacia salt cellar and stuffed the inside with padding and voila! a custom little ring box that fits both of our rings and feels really safe and sturdy.

diy ring box | almost makes perfect


  • salt cellar
  • a few sponges
  • black velvet or fabric of your choice
  • scissors
  • fabric glue

diy ring box |  almost makes perfect


01 | fill your salt cellar with layered sponges cut into circles until you reach the height you want. i wanted mine close the top.

02 | once you have all your sponges ready to go, cut the top layer of sponge into three pieces (if you are only using for one ring, cut into half instead)

03 | cover the three individual pieces with your fabric, secure with fabric glue.

04 | glue down to the layer below. let dry overnight and stick your rings in!

diy ring box  | almost makes perfect

well how easy was that?

freeloader // downloads from type & title

October 6, 2014

downloads / guest post

turn down for what download | almost makes perfect

hello friends! it’s maggie from type & title!

i’m super excited to be here with a free download for you while molly gets married & heads out on her honeymoon (congrats girl!) i can’t wait till she’s back with all the DIY details.

so, i have to be honest. i can’t take credit. using this phrase for today’s download was molly’s brilliant idea. i’m going to go ahead and assume that means “theme of her wedding.”

get the download (for iphone & desktop) below! oh, and just in case you have no idea what we’re talking about, here’s a pretty excellent explanation.

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payday wishlist by the veda house

October 3, 2014

guest post / wish list

the veda house wish list | almost makes perfect

i am a HUGE FAN of cassie of the veda house, so i asked her to share some autumn inspired items for this weeks wish list! if you haven’t checked out her blog, go do it asap. then go see her amazing graphic design portfolio.


hi guys! while molly is off tying the knot is palm springs, i’ve been invited to share a few of my favorite products that get me in the mood for fall. i’m more of a summer kind of gal, so beautifully designed products that just scream “COZY” definitely help make the transition towards a cooler season.

as a minimalist who’s drawn to very monochromatic color palettes, the items are perfect autumn pieces my home/wardrobe. i’m loving the more aggressive materials (iron & leather) paired with the softer wool items. enjoy!

huge congrats to molly and her beau! thanks for having me molly.

01. ceramic mug
02. leather jacket
03. black & copper wall lamp
04. wood storage
05. arina sweater
06. wool blanket