happy weekend

September 18, 2015

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palm leaf | almost makes perfect

not to be a total broken record — but i wanted to thank you guys again for filling out the reader survey. i REALLY appreciate every single piece of input. i’m going to do a follow up post asap, but for now i’m going to mostly chill this weekend. we’re seeing a few houses and getting ready for our trip to new orleans next week! (ps. anyone know where a tall lanky guy can buy cute shorts?)

⋅ how pretty are these backgrounds?
⋅ i want a backyard
⋅ i want a pool in my backyard 
⋅ i’m obsessed with this DIY. makes an empty hallway look so good
⋅ a cute simple way to make a giant wall hanging  
⋅ been eyeing this for weeks now
⋅ i usually lean towards monochrome but not in this case
⋅ this is like the best use of wedding footage
lauren is so talented, and generous! 

DIY housewarming gift box (+ free printable)

September 17, 2015

diy / downloads / holiday

diy housewarming box | almost makes perfect diy housewarming box | almost makes perfect

you may remember that i love curating beautiful gift boxes, you can make them so personal and i love watching people discover one thing after another. i made my first one for my mom when i was a kid, i got her a cute pouch and then realized i had to fill it with all sorts of cute little items and i spent way too much of my allowance but i got hooked.

so when method sent me some bottles of their gorgeous nourishing hand wash that will be sold exclusively at target through october, i immediately knew i wanted to include them in the prettiest housewarming box i could make. because as we all know, we’re house hunting. but my brother took the sibling rivalry too far and beat me to the punch of house buying, so i made this beautiful gift box for him to make him jealous. this box instead will be our own house warming gift to open when we buy our house. (ok ok, i’m making him one too. sheesh.)
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a reader survey!

September 15, 2015

yada yada

macarons | almost makes perfect

so i’ve been blogging for quite some time now, but it’s only been in the last year or so that i’ve started really taking it seriously. i’m hoping that i can eventually focus on the blog full time (meaning more DIYs and more posts in general) — so in the spirit of making this blog the best it can be, i wanted to do a survey for the first time to find out what’s working and what isn’t.

also, my girl amy did one last week and i was like oh i wanna do that too.

no pressure if you don’t want to fill it out, but all of your answers and advice are invaluable, and i REALLY REALLY appreciate if you can take the time to do it! it’s totally anonymous and you can also ask me any questions you’d like, and i’ll do a follow up post with the answers! love ya.

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our first year of marriage photo book (+ a giveaway)

September 14, 2015

giveaway / our wedding

our first year of marriage photo book | almost makes perfect our first year of marriage photo book | almost makes perfect

i think we’re all probably super guilty of keeping all our photos on our phones forever, and only reminiscing when you’re going through to delete photos or on the apple tv slideshow screensaver thing. so i was super excited when snapfish reached out to me to create a photo book, because i immediately knew i wanted to create a book of our first year as newlyweds — before it was too late. our one year anniversary is in a little over a week?! (i’m so lazy about this that i still haven’t even gotten our complimentary wedding album from our photographer made yet)

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happy weekend

September 11, 2015

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lemons | almost makes perfect

it’s been suuuuper hot in LA this week, so once again – this weekend we’re going to probably duck out in all the AC we can. i never thought i’d want to wear a jacket again so bad. also – did you watch mr. robot?! i meant to say last week that if you’ve been meaning to watch it or not meaning to — watch it. it’s so so good. and i’ve got the biggest crush on elliot.

this DIY is so so gorgeous!
this is like, my favorite video… i know i say that all the time
love this simple office 
these are rad
a super cute lamp
cats are the best
these are beautiful and i want all of them
⋅ it’s not too late right?!?!
⋅ tinder for fonts

DIY stamped pencil pouches

September 9, 2015


DIY stamped pencil pouches | almost makes perfect DIY stamped pencil pouches | almost makes perfect

is post labor day way too late for another back to school DIY? my bad. but like — anyone who actually uses pencil pouches uses them all year long, so better late than never.

as you know, i love stamping (exhibit 1 and exhibit 2) – so i used the same method i do every time, but with brand new patterns!

DIY stamped pencil pouches  |  almost makes perfect DIY stamped pencil pouches | almost makes perfect


01. double up your craft foam to make it thicker. stick one piece onto another piece. (you could even triple it up if you want)

02. cut out your desired shapes from your craft foam. stick them onto a piece of cork board and then cut the cork to suit the size of your stamp.

03. flatten out your pencil pouches, and test out your stamp(s) on some scrap paper before using on the cloth. saturate your stamp with some paint, and stamp away!

04. let it fully dry before stamping the other side.

DIY stamped pencil pouches | almost makes perfect DIY stamped pencil pouches | almost makes perfect

these could totally also double as cute little dopp kits or makeup pouches or even a little clutch if you wanna get super nuts. hope you try ’em!

dream house : the laundry room

September 8, 2015

dream house / interiors

dream house | the laundry room | almost makes perfect

todays dream house post is really gonna piss off my mom — she relishes in the fact that we come over every weekend for laundry and dinner, but we’re dreaming about having our own laundry. you laundry owners might forget what its like to stain something and have to wait until the next time you’re doing laundry to wash it, or what its like to have a pile of dirty dish rags waiting to be cleaned. omg, i can’t wait to have a washer and dryer again.

so here are some of my favorite simple and modern laundry rooms.

[image above]

dream house | laundry room | almost makes perfect

guh. so fresh and so clean. [image]

dream house | the laundry room | almost makes perfect

the copper and the sink and omg. [image]

dream house | the laundry room | almost makes perfect

proof that just a few little accents can give a lot of personality. [image]

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